Cargo transportation to Kazakhstan.

Cargo transportation to Kazakhstan.
How to deliver cargo to Kazakhstan.
Do you need to deliver cargo from Kazakhstan or to transport cargo to Kazakhstan? KIY AVIA CARGO will carry out this work for you in the shortest time and without the slightest problems, because our company has been operating in the international cargo transportation market for more than 10 years!
How exactly can you perform cargo transportation from / to Kazakhstan?
The fastest (but at the same time the most expensive) way to deliver cargo from / to Kazakhstan is air transportation. The second place in terms of speed and cost is divided among themselves by road transport and transportation by rail. On the third place there are sea transportations & # 8211; they are the most inexpensive, but the delivery time for them can be calculated in weeks.
Want to know the cost of shipping or do you have other questions? Please contact our specialists and they will be happy to help you!
Prices for transportation of goods to Kazakhstan.
The cost of delivering goods from Ukraine to Kazakhstan depends on many factors, for example, the destination, the type of transport, the urgency, the name of the cargo, the volume and weight of the cargo, the invoice value and the period of transportation, the method of sending. the consignment will be shipped separately or will be part of the combined cargo.
The cost of transportation is influenced by the chosen route – through transit through the Russian Federation or combined way through the port of Aktau, and further – across the country: Almaty, Astana, Aktobe, Pavlodar, Kustanai, Aktobe.
Many years of experience in the international transport market, the presence of an extensive network of representative offices, well-established cooperation with customs authorities allows us to offer the delivery of cargo to Kazakhstan at the most competitive price in the market.
Useful information about Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan is the world’s largest inland country. It occupies the ninth place in the world in terms of area. On economic indicators, Kazakhstan occupies leading positions in Central Asia.
International cargo transportation from Kazakhstan.
The country has colossal reserves of oil, minerals and metals. In Kazakhstan, agriculture is developed: both livestock and crop production. The development of industry is aimed at processing all available natural resources, as well as in machine building: construction equipment, tractors, agricultural machinery and military vehicles.
Kazakhstan exports machine-building equipment, products of the metallurgical industry, agricultural products, woodworking and petrochemical industry products from Ukraine.
Most of the goods in the transport of goods from Kazakhstan to Ukraine are frozen fish, cigarettes, sulfur, asbestos, bituminous coal, coke, oil, propane, butane, sulfates, phosphates, uranium, fertilizers, cotton, ferroalloys, scrap and ferrous scrap, flat rolled carbon steel, aluminum, zinc, bearings.
The main transport hubs of Kazakhstan.
The country has 15 international airports that serve international air freight from Kazakhstan. The largest airports are located in Almaty, Astana and Shykment.
International Airport Astana.
Kazakhstan has no access to the world’s oceans, but it has several seaports built on the coast of the Caspian Sea. To reach the Azov and Black Seas, river routes of Russia can be used. The largest seaports are Atyrau, Aktau, Bautino and Kuryk.
Kazakhstan has a great transit potential – through its territory there are 72 air, 6 automobile and 6 railway international corridors. After joining the “Silk Road” project, Kazakhstan dramatically increased the transit of goods from China to Europe, and after the lifting of sanctions – in the direction of Iran. In the system of the transport and communication complex, two nodes are particularly worth highlighting, which are located on international transport corridors:
Dostyk & # 8211; a railway junction located on the border with China, in the east of the country on the transcontinental route connecting the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, the sea trading port of Aktau, the western sea gate of the country, is located on the southeastern coast of the Caspian Sea. The main directions of transportation: Baku and northern bays of Iran, as well as the ferry “Alat-Aktau-port” as part of the international project “Silk Road”. Cargoes received by sea, by road and by rail are transported further to China, the countries of Southeast Asia, to Siberia.
Route of cargo transportation to Kazakhstan.
Terms of delivery of goods to Kazakhstan.
Thanks to well-established logistics and extensive experience in international transportation, we transport all groups of goods and goods on the best routes for the shortest possible time. The term of delivery of goods to Kazakhstan by air transport is 1-3 days, automobile, depending on the season – 10-14 days, railway – 20-30 days.
International shipping.
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