Cash benefits and benefits to refugees.

Cash benefits and benefits to refugees.
Cash benefits and benefits to refugees.
Applicants for refugee status have the right to receive cash benefits, as well as other social benefits.
State aid can be provided both in money terms and in such benefits as free accommodation, free meals, medical care, free language courses, and naturally the right to work (you are not only given the right to work, but also your desire is highly welcomed go to work and support yourself and your family on your own.) After all, refugees are people who have been forced into such a situation and are in no way a parasite.
We will consider several examples of obtaining social assistance from our customers.
A family from Russia who applied for refugee status in Germany was admitted to the territory of Germany, she was granted the right to reside while her cases were examined and verified by the German immigration authorities. At the time of consideration, this family had the right of free movement around Germany. She was provided with a free apartment for her family in one of the centers for the reception of refugees near Munich, this center provided free three meals a day and had a free medical aid station. Also, they were provided with medical insurance from the state, which covered all possible risks associated with health. The children were identified in the school. Education for children in Germany is compulsory and your children will be required to go to school, whether you want it or not. While children are attending school, parents were invited to attend free German courses. Having all of the above free of charge, they were supposed to have extra pocket money of just over 100 euros per month per person.
Why do you ask so little? Precisely because all that is necessary for human life was offered to them for free.
After 3 months they got the right to work. Head of the family Boris found a job as a driver and successfully started to work. At the time when he began to receive his salary from his salary they began to deduct for the living and food that he received in the center, but these deductions were much less than if Boris rented a house on his own and bought food in the supermarket.
What injustice you say. The man has just started working, and he already deducts the money. But we want to remind you that the refugee is in no way a parasite and he came to Germany not for free gifts, but to live peacefully and safely and earn imagine yourself.
A year later, Boris and his family received refugee status in Germany and one of the factors that was taken into account is that Boris not only worked to keep himself and his family on his own, but also paid taxes on them to other refugees who by that time had not could boast of the same achievements as Boris and continued to receive benefits from the state.
The second example that we would like to consider is the Said family from Tajikistan. Said arrived in Holland with his wife, and three children.
He was admitted to the territory of the Netherlands and his case began to be examined in standard order. He was given a hostel, but he was not provided with free meals. Together with free meals, he was provided with cash assistance of 2000 euros for his family. He was also provided with medical insurance and was given the opportunity to study the language free of charge (which he never used to justify his refusal to learn the language with his age). His children at that time had not yet reached school age, so they were not identified in school.
Said was given the right to work and even offered a job as a painter with a salary of 2000 euros. But it was noted that at that moment as Said starts to work and earn 2000 euros, then the allowance will be taken from him. To our great regret, Said, having thought it over decided for himself that getting 2000 euros without working is much more interesting than 2000 working from morning till night and refused the proposed work. Simultaneously, Said found a “black” job, where he received money in cash without telling the social services about it.
Thus Said had 2000 euros from social services and 1,500 from his “black” work. On one of the working days, Said was caught by the immigration authorities at his workplace. The fact of deception of social services was revealed, which resulted in a denial of status and, as a result, deportation back to Tajikistan. The further fate of Said is unknown to us. But with high probability we assume that Said does not receive social benefits in Tajikistan and earns 100 euros a month working as a painter in Dushanbe. The result of his story is sad.
And precisely because Said did not want to accept the fact that the refugee is not a parasite, we did not try to convince him of this, besides, he was deceiving the state. This industrious person only due to circumstances got a difficult situation that forced him to apply for refugee status in Europe.
Therefore, we strongly recommend that when choosing a country, first of all, do not consider it as a way of obtaining all possible benefits without applying any effort, but as a country where you could live peacefully, learn the language, get used to the society, work for the benefit of your family and society, pay taxes, raise children and after long years of work have a calm and protected old age by getting from the state a pension that you earned with your sweat and blood.
After arriving in the country you will be provided with: Free accommodation Free meals Free language courses Free schooling for children in school Free medical insurance from the state (Or cash benefit of up to 1000 euros per person depending on the country so you can get yourself the above benefits in if they are not given to you for free)
And of course: Provo to work so that you work and provide yourself.
Paterton Office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Client from Kiev whom we helped with immigration to Germany.

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