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Attention: since February, 2017 changes in the program of sponsoring the husband-wife have come into force.
We continue updating the Site, the Guide and the Forum. If you need help in preparing the documents, please contact us – by the contacts at the end of the menu.
Passage of medicine.
1. General information on the passage of medical fees for a wife’s visa.
To pass medicine for the process of the visa of the wife and to receive certificates from police-militia is desirable at the very last turn, because the certificates and medicine have a validity period is one year. If your check passes for this year, you will need to order repeated references, and undergo a second medicine. And repeat medicine means adding to your wife’s visa and your long-awaited appointment about four months from the time you receive special forms for repeat medicine. Repeated medicine is only passed at the request of the embassy after they send the medical forms, they differ slightly from the forms for the first medicine. References from the police are much faster.
In a nutshell. The first medicine for sponsorship is all independently –
1) call and appoint a doctor,
2) passport (foreign, if not, internal),
3) pictures (three – five, passport size – check with the doctor),
4) money for payment (how much, the doctor will say, about $ 200 per person),
and forward to the hospital. No permits, forms or instructions from the embassy are needed. By your name, date of birth and the name of the embassy, they then in this embassy will find to which file the medicine belongs and will attach.
Note: Previously, you had to bring the completed Appendix C application form to your doctor. Since the summer of 2013, this form was abolished.
Attention: the hospital will issue a certificate that you underwent a medical examination – this certificate (the original) should be sent along with the entire package of documents to the Mississauga (Vegrevil).
Note that you belong to the “family category” and go through a “preliminary” medical examination – that is, you do not need to receive a direction at the embassy, as other categories (there it is written).
Passport – internal (according to the instruction) or foreign (we advise – that the spelling of the surname coincide) or any other document with a photo (this is the instructions – the link above). Some doctors ask you to bring a passport – check with your doctor when you schedule an appointment.
Photographs – three pieces of passport size (ie as a passport), you can color, you can black and white. Requirements vary, they need two photos, then four – it is better to check with the doctor when you agree on the date of passage.
Medicine can be held at least in the homeland, though in Canada, wherever it is – it is important that only an authorized doctor.
List of authorized doctors.
A comprehensive list of all doctors (English) can be found here:
Just from the list choose your country and get the addresses and phone numbers of your doctors.
So, when you call the doctor –
1) appoint time at the doctor’s office by phone,
2) how much is the medical examination and what kind of money to bring (rubles-dollars-hryvnia), whether it is necessary to take money “just in case”,
3) what passport to bring (for themselves and for the child),
4) how many photos (color or black and white).
The procedure is the same everywhere: you call the doctor in advance and assign a day and time (the doctor can appoint to “two weeks later”), do not forget the pictures, passport and forward. In the hospital, the Doctor fills the form, pass the doctors, rengen, tests and everything. In the end you will be given a form about the passage of the medical commission.
After the physical examination. If there are problems, then within three days you will be called and prescribe either a re-appointment, or additional tests. Well, if you did not call, it’s all right, consider the medicine you passed. Although the final decision is made by the department in London.
Attention: the hospital will issue a certificate that you have passed a medical examination – this certificate must be sent along with all the documents to the Mississauga (Vegrevil).
When passing the medicine, one general advice: if you did not ask about a sore specifically – then be silent. If you ask, then tell me honestly. If you did not ask, then your silence is not a violation of the rules.
For example, two of my friends (both now in Canada for a long time) were ill with childhood Hepatitis “B” (jaundice, Botkin), neither one nor the other at the medical examination about Hepatitis was not asked (“they say, did Hepatitis hurt?”), Respectively one did not say anything, and the second decided to “be honest” and told the doctor himself. As a result, the first one went to medicine immediately (because tests for Hepatitis do not check), and the second one for three to four months passed additional tests (tt-t, it was successful).
It is clear and money spent (because some – only in Moscow do) and a lot of nerves on these additional. surveys. Some medical institutions are ready to find a “deadly” disease on an equal footing. That guy found Hepatitis DNA in an amount of 10,000 units, as he later found out – this is at the level of inaccuracy from an untreated test tube (for a real illness you need at least 60,000,000 units). And in that hospital, he was hardly put in a hospital because of 10 000. Specialists x ** are new.
2. Passage of the medical commission in Kiev for the visa of the wife.
1) Thank you Cherry:
Instructions of Kiev are here.
2) 11/22/2010, Thanks to Tanulka:
Medicine costs 160 dollars in Kiev (autumn 2010). Perhaps it is better to take more and additional bills, and maybe have to redo it. But the woman was reworked X-ray, so nothing was taken, she had a pacemaker, and there was something that could not be seen with the postings, she was remade, and everything was fine, they asked in line if she paid anything. said that no.
Call them better than 10 hours, I got to call. Sign up. It is better to record hours at 11, later, then there are no queues, less people, and everything can be passed calmly. When you come, you will be summoned to 102 offices, they will decorate papers, stick photos and tell you where to go, you will write down the cabinets. Then go to take tests. Some hurry to undergo an X-ray, there, as a rule, the biggest line, since patients come from the cardiology department, and they go out of turn. And we in Canada, in general, were asked to skip all those to other countries, so I realized that they need to take the results, so we could wait, but they did not. But already there was no queue, after 13 hours. The pictures will be taken to the therapist immediately, and then she will call. I took a medical card, for the first time, and in the second, but no one even asked her. The doctor asked about surgery, fractures, etc. At me them, fie-fie, was not, therefore my answer was negative. And the doctor writes everything from words, does not even look at you, prints something along the way. Then he will look at the veins on his feet, feel the lymph nodes, chest, stomach, measure pressure and that’s it. If there were operations – I do not know, maybe they will ask for a card. We, by the way, have a card in our hands, I keep it at home. I just in case took a medical book, I work in the school, and every September I go through the medical board. But it was not needed either.
Well, good for you passage of medicine, good luck.
3. Passage of the medical commission in Moscow for the visa of the wife.
1) on 29/07/2010, Thanks to yankOOu:
Maybe it’s someone who will come in handy. That’s how I went through medical examination.
Today was a medical examination! I came to the IOM to 9-00 (as was appointed). She brought her passport, 4 photos, filled with medical form. At the same time 6 more people came to see me and everyone was on medical examination. According to the family class, there was only me and another girl, the rest of the documents were drawn up for study.
We were all registered first. The girl looked at the passport, then at me. I filled this greenest form. And the other forms for blood donation and X-rays. I gave it to the main doctor, she set the seal. A copy was given to me (send to my husband), the rest will then be sent to London. Has paid in cash desk 200 cu for this upcoming inspection. Then they were taken to give blood and make a chest X-ray to the hospital. Blood has handed over on spid, a lues and still something (they mark or celebrate on what to hand over).
On retngene got some nervous granny (she took a picture). I was very indignant that everyone was walking so slowly and that I had to tie my hair, because if at least one hair would get caught and make me retake. I was indignant that everyone was going somewhere, who was going to Australia, who was going to Canada, and she had to stay here all her life. I wanted to say that someone has a destiny. but she did not. Then she put a painting in the leaf and handed the picture and a sheet to me, said that I did not touch the picture with my hands. I brought it to another study, where the head of the X-ray was sitting. He is such a kind uncle (more such doctors). He studied the picture, wrote the conclusion, put on the painting and wished happiness and healthy children (the air, he says, is clean in Canada) and said why such beautiful girls are leaving? /> vobshchem my mood rose after him, the atom was worried because of med.osmotra.
Then we went back to the IOM. There again to that doctor, she is apparently a therapist. Home. Which general conclusion does the final. First we measured height and weight. They asked me a list of questions about the diseases, whether I was sick like that. I was in the hospital when I was still. Did I do the surgery. Whether I accept what nibud preparations / tablets. Received negative answers. And why did I ask who I am by profession and will I work in Canada for this profession? (She was typing it in the computer). Then she measured the pressure. Then she asked to undress to the waist and listened to the listener in front and behind. I examined my hands and dug my chest. I bruised my shoulders and neck for some reason. Then she asked to take off her pants, but stay in the panties. I just looked at my feet. She said to dress. I asked about vision. But did not check. I said that I do not know what, I do not wear glasses.
In the end I asked to pass urine. They gave me a glass and pointed to the door to the toilet. I did everything. (Then her assistant came there and what she did there I do not know.) I conducted experiments on my glass). She also looked at the results of the X-ray and said that the next day there will be a blood test known and on Friday they send everything to London.
And the fact that half of the doctors in MOM, and half in another hospital, they said that the temporary inconvenience .. I do not remember in this connection. After August 9, everything will be in one place.
4. Passage of the medical commission in St. Petersburg for the visa of the wife.
Same as in the previous ones. I will only add that from the three doctors in St. Petersburg – at Perevalova pass much easier and easier and faster – she does not check as carefully as Rudinsky.
At the same time, Rudinsky, in the clinic, has no one at all, the attitude is very good, in general everything is fine too.
Well, Samokhvalov in MEDEM – meticulously digs all.
Payment in October 2010 was 5500 rubles per person plus 2,000 rubles for sending from Perevalova. At Rudinsky – 6000 r. with people. and 1700 per shipment. That is, if together with the child, then for the shipment they take one time.
The list of licensed doctors is changing. Check the link at the beginning of the article.

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