Citizens of Georgia immigration to Ireland

Citizens of Georgia immigration to Ireland h1>
I was married to an EU citizen, but the marriage did not work out and I divorced. After that, I did not extend the status in Ireland and already illegally live here for many years. Recently, I had a daughter, she has an Irish passport. the father of the child has Irish citizenship. We do not live with the father of the child, but he pays alimony, and take care of his daughter. Can I legitimize my position, since my daughter is a citizen of Ireland?
Change in citizenship and naturalization in Ireland.
I am a Moldovan citizen, but I also have a passport of Romania. The passport of Romania was issued to me on the grounds that I had distant relatives from this country. The Romanian passport was handled by a lawyer in Romania. In Ireland, I came first on the passport of Moldova, but I had no immigration status. Then I drove through a new passport. Now I applied for the citizenship of Ireland and the department asks me when I moved in, on what passport and on what basis the passport of Romania. What should I do? Help me please. I’m here alone with three children and can not leave and lose my job.
Irish visas for students.
I have a question about student visas in Ireland? The fact is that although I have no problems with the documents, there is a small problem with online registration for October in INIS office. Since there is relatively little time left, I’m looking for information about spare options, in order to understand how to act.
Work permit in Ireland.
Who can obtain a work permit in Ireland under the General Employment Permit scheme?
Violation of the immigration regime and visa to Ireland.
A few years ago I was in Ireland on a tourist visa. After the expiration of the visa, I did not leave the country, but stayed for several months to earn some money. Now I live in Russia, I met on the Internet with a person with whom I want to start a family and live in Ireland. Can I have problems due to the fact that I did not leave the country in the proper time last time? Help me please.
The court allowed the parents of the little Europeans to stay.
Last week, the European Court delivered its decision, which may further positively affect the rights of our compatriots. First of all, we are talking about those compatriots who do not have immigration status in the country or the status is interrupted.
Naturalization without a passport.
I live in Ireland for more than 5 years and applied for naturalization. I had all the documents, except for the passport. I came to Ireland without a passport, and reported this. Now they tell me that they can refuse naturalization if I do not provide a passport. I need a passport to travel with children. One of them will soon have an operation in Spain, and I must go. What should I do?
Business immigration to Ireland. The program of the investor’s visa 2018.
The program “Immigrant investor & raquo; (Immigrant Investor Program (IIP)) is open to non-EU citizens investing in the economy of Ireland.
Immigration program “Technological Start-up in Ireland” (STEP) 2018.
This immigration program was launched in Ireland in 2012 and aims to attract high-tech companies with high growth potential to the Irish market.
How to bring a mother to Ireland, not a citizen of the EU?
I have lived in Ireland for 17 years with my family. Children were born here and all citizens of Ireland. For several years I have been trying to invite my mother from Georgia to her permanent residence. She is already retired, and she has no one in Georgia. Several times I was refused a visa, I applied for all kinds of visas. I want to file a complaint with the court. A local lawyer said it was useless and very expensive. What should I do?

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