Citizenship of the United States through marriage.

Citizenship of the United States through marriage.
World events.
Shortly before the end of this period, you must prove that your marriage is factual and you live together as a husband and wife. If you can not prove it, you lose Green Card.
Marriage fraud threatens serious punishment for you and a US citizen.
A foreign citizen is deported with possible deprivation of the right to enter the United States. And if you later want to marry for love, you will be suspected of one more attempt to deceive the immigration service. The waiting time for Green Cards on the basis of marriage with a US resident is several years.
Marry an American – a guarantee of immigration to the United States?
It should be noted that there is a whole range of cases of entry into the country through marriage or marriage, each of which has its own characteristics. In addition, marriages with foreigners are considered by officers of the Migration Service as fictitious for the purpose of entering a permanent residence, which means that to obtain permanent resident status it will be necessary to prove that your union is ” present.
It is for these reasons that we recommend that you initially get advice and support from an experienced lawyer at each stage.
Citizenship of the United States through marriage.
With us, he talked a little with the impact. We were not bred in the rooms, and very few questions were asked.
I was afraid that they would ask me why I came to F-1, if we already knew each other. We decided that we would say that we did not know that we would get married. I was frightened that if you are driving a non-immigrant visa, and then you change, then there may be problems.
Absolutely nothing to me on this account was not told.
How to become a US citizen.
The rules sometimes change, which means that the experience of other people may turn out to be outdated. Do not use the services offering immigration advice, getting a green card, and the like.
Wrong advice can only hurt!
Marriage to an American: useful advice from the US Migration Service.
Usually it is from 8 to 12 months. If you marry or marry a man with US citizenship, there are several possibilities for you to obtain K1, K3 visas or immigration visas.
You need to carefully study all the options and choose the one that suits you best. Before entering into marriage, it is necessary to clarify the legal status of a person residing in the US and ask for his evidence (an American citizen’s passport, a green card or a nonimmigrant visa stamp).
Visa to the United States.
filing an application, 2) interviewing, 3) oath of allegiance to the United States.
The processing time depends on the number of applicants in different immigration offices.
Currently, in most cities, the whole process takes at least one year.
You must go to the region where you live.
You have the right to grant citizenship five years after being in the status of permanent resident (resident) of the United States.
In which countries it is easier to obtain citizenship through marriage.
Each European country, as well as some states of the Western Hemisphere, also had additional components necessary for compliance, if a person wants to belong to another state. Such legislative precautions were considered necessary by a number of states in view of the complicated international situation. Many people leave their homeland in search of a better share, earnings, other living conditions or because of ideological differences with the currently existing state system.
Benefits of obtaining US citizenship in 2018.
This document allows foreign citizens to permanently reside, study and work in the United States.
A person who owns a Green Card has the right to stay in the country as long as he wishes, as well as to enjoy all the benefits of a citizen along with other members of society, except the right to take part in elections.
Pursuing the goal of increasing migration to the country, the US government conducts a Green Card draw in the lottery.
How to obtain US citizenship: 4 simple ways of interesting facts about life in America, about which very few people know!
Based on this certificate, no resident can obtain a passport of a US citizen. If the foreigner “failed” the exam and the result of the interview did not satisfy the commission – a request for re-holding such inspections may be filed again.
And another interesting nuance: Americans allow a person who receives US citizenship not to give up their own, already available. Therefore, anyone wishing to become citizens of America can not worry about losing their old citizenship.

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