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Residence permit in Germany for the purpose of training.
It is generally accepted that Germany is a model of stability. This country is at the root of the creation of the European Union and constantly attracts migrants from other countries of the world. The methods of immigration to Germany can be different, as discussed here. A great option for “soft immigration & # 187; is a residence permit in Germany for the purpose of training. Let’s talk about its features in this article.
A residence permit in Germany for the purpose of training can be issued to foreigners if they are admitted to public or private educational institutions of comparable status. However, learning & # 8212; not the only opportunity. The residence permit can also be issued for the purpose of conducting studies, language courses or for a preparatory course before starting a university course.
The basis for issuing a residence permit is enrollment in an educational institution or for language courses. From the future student does not require knowledge of the German language, if the knowledge of foreign is sufficient for the university to decide on its enrollment. Also, the confirmation of the presence of a certain level of knowledge of the language is not required and in courses where the specified language will be taught.
Validity of residence permit for the purpose of training is at least one, but not more than two years from the date of first receipt and with further extensions. The residence permit may also be extended in cases where the purpose of the training is “# 8212; the receipt of a diploma or other similar document was not achieved, but one is achievable within a reasonable period of time.
The residence permit can also be issued for the purpose of passing exams and applying for admission to the university or courses, but the maximum period of stay in Germany on such grounds is set at a rate of up to 9 months.
A residence permit in Germany for the purpose of training entitles you to work a total of no more than 120 days a year, or 240 days with half the day of employment. Students can be recruited also during the holidays.
This norm does not apply to students who are in the preparatory year (the right to work only during university holidays), as well as in the case of a stay in Germany in preparation for entering the university (9 months, described above).
After the successful graduation from the university, the graduate has the right to obtain a residence permit in order to find a job that can last up to 18 months in the case of a search in his qualification. During this period, the graduate does not have the right to work until she finds it. Moreover, he also does not have the right to do his own business (to be an entrepreneur). Thus, according to the German authorities, this residence permit should encourage young professionals to be as active as possible in their search for work.
There is also the possibility of obtaining a residence permit by attending language courses that are not aimed at preparing a person for training, but simply to improve language skills. Another way & # 8212; take part in the exchange of students (meaning school education). In this case, the general terms remain unchanged & # 8212; up to 9 months in Germany. If such a student arrived on an exchange during a vacation in order to obtain a qualification in Germany, he / she can receive the right to work for 10 hours a week. At the same time, such work should not be related to the qualification received, which is logical, since qualification training is not yet completed. After graduation and qualification, the right to obtain a residence permit is obtained in order to find work on the newly acquired specialty. The validity of such residence permit is up to one year.
Also consider the situation in which an alien is issued a residence permit for the purpose of education in another member state of the EU (and is covered by Council Directive 2004/114 / EC of December 13, 2004). In this case, he can apply for a residence permit in Germany for the purpose of training, but for this, the following conditions must be met:
conducts part of the research at an educational institution in the federal territory of Germany, as this is required by the conditions of this study; continues in Germany the conduct of a study initiated in another Member State of the EU, while participating in an exchange program between EU Member States or another Union program; was accepted into the research process and involved in it in another member state of the EU over the past two years.
If a foreigner wants to extend the research in Germany, he must submit relevant supporting documents about his academic education and prove that the research was really carried out and will now continue in Germany.
In the case of a minor alien, parents or guardians must express their consent to the planned stay of the child in Germany.
Another way to get a residence permit basic and advanced industrial training, where residence permits are issued with the permission of the Federal Employment Agency. In the case of such training during the holidays, you can work for 10 hours per week on a profile that is not related to the training qualification you receive. After the successful completion of the profile training in the production area, you can obtain a residence permit in order to find work in the production line for up to one year.
In conclusion, we note that Germany provides a variety of options for teaching, taking and students, and schoolchildren, and even people who do not have the qualifications, but very hungry for it, even in the production sector. The opportunities in this country are really diverse and the desired result, working in Germany, will become quite achievable.
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The residence permit is issued for a maximum of three years with the possibility of renewal and cancellation if its holder has been outside the territory of Germany for more than six months in a row.

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