Comments 16.

Comments 16.
Here just do not want to BELIEVE that because of GET you can leave the Russian city and where !?
Simply power (especially local) brings people to the extreme.
Slags scored corridors of power. Putin’s purges are parodies of Stalin’s.
Yes, it’s not because of devouring they left! And to live normally even at the end of life!
I agree that people do not go from a good life. In Russia, the lawlessness is complete, the officials have been crushed. People do not live, but survive.
Oh, the tag worked! From you good, optimistic comments can not be expected.
This and Zhenya, and Viti touches (I explain).
If a person is from RT or KLP, then there is rarely a normal one, although there are our people.
Klp is a club of politicians? consonantly somehow.
Yes, Lyosha, he’s the most trashy club club.
I can not imagine how to live exactly at the end of life among absolutely strangers PEOPLE !? And that, fork that there is not left in the houses, to drive officials?
Yes, by and large, they were not far away! We moved from the left bank of the Amur River to the right bank, there are about 30 kilometers to Heihe. The dacha remained, the children in Russia. And chasing officials at 75 years is probably a bit hard.
On pension only and drive chinoniki! There is nothing to be afraid of any more, as a young man, who – I can see for sure that this is exactly how they are – who are shaking for everything.
And another moment is to live without grandchildren.
Duc there and Kolesov won as he got accustomed, and earns with all his might, showing us China. I think he’s not going anywhere either. Pension here will work and will continue to live in China, where cleaner environmental. He already knows.
No matter how hard it was, but the Motherland is one!
This is all the theory. And if the HOMELAND does not care at all about their natives? I really like the Jewish approach. A lot of people went to their Jewishness, and from there, there’s already someone. They have dual citizenship and children are attached. I know many and America sang and did not groan. On the motherland was unemployed, and there and the job was found and the house has already been bought. To all like is happy.
Double citizenship? It is generally not perceived by those who love their Motherland! I believe that this invention was invented by a well-known nation for life where it is better to milk the dough where it is easier to deceive. It is right that in some countries double citizenship is prohibited at the legislative level. In Russia, too, would not prevent the exclusion of being in two or more nationalities.
I AM DONE Russian and. sovshenno in this matter on your side.

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