Comments 9.

Comments 9.
What draws them to other countries? ***** And they just do not see here for themselves a perspective. Where will they go to work for the counter of the outlet?
Basically, the young, for the counter, the guards of the watchman, the drivers, but not in the taxi-everything is busy.
If where on the enterprises and are required, but already specialists. And all the specialists are now over 60.
I have not mentioned any more about salaries for young people (specialists).
A survey of VTsIOM-26% of young Russians is dreaming of going abroad.
In 2011, 150,000 people left to live in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.
Often departure is preceded by the export of capital.
Emigrates the middle class, business.
. For the years 2009-2011. emigrated 1.25 million Russians. Of these, 20% have a higher education.
We have already lost 50% of specialists in the field of natural sciences and 75% of mathematicians (according to Goskomstat RF)
But it was purchased. cleaners, builders, movers (education is doubtful) from Asia. And builders such together with our inspectors and thieves, that 88% of the houses built in Moscow “will look down”
I have an example, a nephew bought one apartment. in a new building-a year later-all the outer walls began to flow?
Sold, bought a different, burst the foundation, the house went crack, sold, now waiting for the third. And already under 40.
I tell him – buy not in a new building, but in a proven one, which at least 5 years defended.
No I do not want after someone. Well, live in removable life.
Too gloomy picture you drew. Do not engineers need anyone? And the doctors? Here in Germany, there are six thousand doctors and sixty thousand engineers. And Russia will be more than Germany. Still, it’s imported from abroad, production is there.
I guess not 40% more.
The answer is already there. do not see here for themselves a prospect. for 2.5 years, more than a million Smart people and those who are ready to work, and not prohindeynichat and drink.
Yes, by questionnaires more than forty percent, I rounded it up. But it is interesting that the closer to the end of the university, the more willing to leave. And half does not know what will happen after graduation from the University. And another interesting figure, among freshmen, 16% would like to stay at the university, and among the senior courses only 4%. The disappointment is obvious.
Well, as a rule young people from other cities come to megalopolises, they are not initially aimed at a settled way of life. And then by youth it always seems that apples are sweeter in a strange garden.
The problem, I think, is not that they do not see prospects, but that they are not taught to see it. The consumption society does not presuppose dedication, responsibility, purposefulness, except for purposefulness to consumption and profit. The box does not teach anything else, unfortunately.

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