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Programs for obtaining residence permit in Austria, Germany, Spain.
Is there a program in Austria for obtaining permanent residence (or resettlement) for ethnic Germans, similar to Germany?
No, in Austria such a program does not exist.
What is the fundamental difference between the programs for obtaining a residence permit for financially independent persons in Austria, Spain and Italy? Is there a similar program in Germany?
In Austria, the number of permits (residence permits) is quoted. Moreover, quotas are allocated at the federal level with the subsequent “division” their number among regions. Thus, it is difficult to predict in advance how many quotas can be allocated, and how many quotas will get # this or that area.
In Italy and Spain, there is no such practice. The difference between Italy and Spain is that in Italy, higher demands are placed on the applicant (in terms of his financial solvency).
How is the procedure for obtaining a resident card already in place in Spain, after receiving a visa D?
You need to visit the immigration office (extranjeria) at your place of residence within a month from the day you enter Spain and request a resident card. You should have a residence permit (certificado de empadronamiento) and a passport with a visa.
I am engaged in immigration to Spain on the motive of financial independence. A lot of information was extracted from the Internet.
First, I want to repeat it again. Obtaining residence permit for this motive in any country (of course, in which this residence permit is legally defined) is an event of extremely individual character. Despite the fact that the laws prescribe certain requirements to the applicant, the consul or other person making the decision is under the pressure of the “human factor” and all his actions are purely subjective.
Therefore, there is no unequivocal answer to your question and it can not be.
Most people who publish on the Internet share negative experiences. Positive experience is a weak stimulant for detailed discussion of the situation.
Our experience clearly shows that if you have real estate, then this is some positive, but not decisive factor. If there is no real estate, then other things being equal, you should show more available funds in the accounts and in terms of their arrival.
Which formalities must be observed by third-country nationals who are members of the family of Spanish nationals, so that they can reside in the country for more than three months in a half-year.
Within three months after arriving in Spain, family members must personally file with the relevant department of foreigners (or, if absent at the local police station) a statement in the form of EX16 for a residence permit.
The application must be accompanied by the following documents:
– a valid passport, (in case the passport is overdue, a copy of the old passport and an application for the issuance of a new passport must be attached)
– a document confirming the connection of the applicant with the person with whom the reunification is taking place,
– a document proving the identity of the person with whom the reunification is taking place,
– if necessary, documents confirming the applicant’s financial dependence on the person with whom the reunification is taking place,
– 3 color photographs taken not earlier than 6 months before the date of submission of documents.
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