Crossing the border of Hong Kong & # 8212; Shenzhen.

Crossing the border of Hong Kong & # 8212; Shenzhen.
The return from Hong Kong to mainland China fell at a rather late time. We arrived from Clark only at 10 o’clock in the evening. The next day, at half past two, our train left Shenzhen and we had a plan, how to pass the time before departure.
Huge Hong Kong airport is considered one of the best in the world, and it’s not difficult to get from the airport to the center of Hong Kong. But this time we wanted to go directly to China and began to look for ways to do it. You can sit on the eastern branch of the subway and poison yourself in the direction of Luohu, but as we managed to notice, the subway in Hong Kong is not cheap. We approached the airport express post and found out that the bus directly to Shenzhen costs HKD $ 150 per person. Such a price, of course, did not suit us at all.
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By bus through Yuen Long (Yuen Long)
We left the terminal to assess the situation with the buses. According to our information, the only checkpoint that works 24 hours a day is Lok Ma Chau, and at the bus station we saw that the E34 bus goes straight to the stop Yuen Long, through which we reached Hong Kong.
The bus for a long time turns circles around the territory adjacent to the airport, but costs only HKD $ 13.9 per person and we reached it on a familiar stop. When unloaded, you need to go again in the direction of McDonald’s, on the other side of the road. At this late hour, we would not be able to get to Shenzhen the same way as we arrived, so the B1 bus is no longer suitable. The Internet has information that buses 277, N277, 76K and 276B are going to Lok Ma Chau, but we did not wait for any of them, but we saw a small green minibus on which our destination shone brightly.
The minibus �77 is taken right to the border point and costs HKD $ 8. Most of the passengers also left the border. Do not hurry to take all the Hong Kong dollars. When we passed the border control on the Hong Kong side, we were still waiting for a surprise in the form of a yellow shuttle to the Chinese checkpoint and it’s not free-we paid another HKD $ 8, but there were not other options there. It’s not so easy to walk there, hardly anyone would let us. Now it became clear why, with the same name, this border point was singled out separately, when we passed on the shuttle on the bridge towards Huanggang, we saw a footbridge crossing the border between the cities on the way to Hong Kong.
In total, to get straight from Hong Kong to Shenzhen in the late evening, we spent 2 hours and less than 30 Hong Kong dollars per person.
The queue for entry was small, formal, with our working permits, we passed very quickly. At the exit, on the Chinese side there is a bus terminal, but at this late hour it also did not work. The last train in the Shenzhen subway comes from the terminal stations at 23:00, the train travels along the long branch for a long time, but we no longer had reason to go by subway. At the exit of the guests of the city meets a crowd of bomb-private traders and barkers, who are dispersed by one of their formidable guards policeman. In English, already, no one speaks at all. In this situation, the most convenient way to get where you want is a taxi – they drive up a whole line to the stairs at the exit from the border crossing. How much is an average hotel in a large Chinese metropolis, in which foreigners are admitted? There may be 150 yuan, usually these numbers are not, the prices are higher and stretch to a thousand yuan per night. In Shenzhen there is a wonderful sauna, where you can spend a whole day for 90 yuan per person, and we went to the bath.
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Cheese & # 8230; How long we dream of eating normal cheese, 250 grams of imported Cheddar & # 187; can cost 37-45 yuan (185-225 rubles), the same, or more expensive slightly imported Russian cheese.
Normal, fried coffee, can costs 80-100 yuan per 400 grams, in large supermarkets you can also find packaging for 35-50 yuan (250 grams) in the department of imported goods.
When the years go by, you work actively, you get a lot of knowledge and experience “. so little is left for surprise. And it was so unusual to see how our friend made a marriage proposal to his girlfriend, whom he has met for five years. After all, he did it at an Indian party, when nothing foreshadowed. Pull your loved ones down. # 8212; This is magic!
You will have an interview with an employer in China (or another country), and do not hesitate to ask questions about the work. So: how long is the contract (most schools want to sign annual contracts)? When and how will the teacher pay salaries? How many days off, on which days? Are there office hours / classes to attract? Where are the lessons: school / garden / on the road? How many lessons per day? Is there any recycling? What kind of students are to be trained? What about housing? This is only a small part of the questions that you can ask, so that there are no controversial situations when you are already there.
Recently, more and more often I have received information about neural networks that generate texts or information on the basis of everything, so that a person is told, written down, recorded. For example, there is an open-access music album based on the texts of the Civil Defense, a little crooked, but the system is trained. another step to artificial intelligence? There was also a similar reference & # 8212;
If possible, explain to the ignorant how to use it to see what happens from different texts. How many came across the codes from the githaba, I never understood how to apply them, in what application to potestit. I will be grateful for practical information on this topic!
Today was one of the most interesting trainings & # 8212; Counteraction, when you are attacked with a knife. Plastic specimen and a throwing knife, wrapped in a thick layer of scotch tape. A person is always subconsciously afraid that he will be cut, and the one with a knife always thinks that he has an advantage over the unarmed person.
Techniques are very interesting and in order not to feel fear when attacking or even when putting a knife to the throat, you need to train with it a lot. “You have one chance to survive, so use all the possibilities.”
The arrogance of young researchers, as a matter of fact, ignorant technologists who imagine themselves to be scientists, comes to the point that they dream of a reorganization of the universe, even without approaching the notion of the complexity of its laws.
This quotation from the work “The Hour of the Bull” Ivan Efremov, I noted for myself, because in the present world, this approach is very close to science and instead of studying the laws of development, the device of the universe, and most importantly the person himself, people tend to invest in technology to simplify life or to win resources.
At the same time, research in the field of the human body and the phenomena of nature could give an order of magnitude greater effect for the whole of mankind.

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