Customs transitions.

Customs transitions.
18 July 2017.
Everyone who goes by car to Poland wants to spend as little time as possible on crossing the border. And, perhaps, the most important thing is the correct choice of the point of crossing the border with Poland, ie the customs crossing.
On the border with Poland, we have eight customs crossings, on which you can cross the border by car. Consider each customs transition to help make the right choice for those who travel to Poland by car. Also we will try to disassemble the possibilities and options for moving from one customs transition to another, since the queues at different junctions differ in waiting time up to 5-6 hours. The presence of a border on the border can be checked by viewing the online web camera.
Customs transition Yagodin – Dorogusk (Dorohusk) Ukraine-Poland.
Yagodin checkpoint, located in the Volyn region of the Lyuboml district, near the village of Starovoitovo. PE Yagodin is located on the international road E373 (popular name Varshavka – motorway M07), running from Kiev to Polish Lublin. The way through the customs transition of Yagodin will be the shortest for those who travel in the direction of Warsaw from Kiev. The customs crossing has been functioning for more than 10 years, therefore, before the border with Poland there is a developed infrastructure, it is always possible to additionally fill up a car, eat or relax, and also buy an insurance policy. Nevertheless, sometimes on this transition Jagodin there are very long lines, you can stand for 2 to 6-8 hours.
Thus, we recommend that you look at the size of the queue on the border with Poland using online web cameras before deciding what to do next. Below in the article we will offer an alternative to long waiting – the option of moving to another point of border crossing.
For those who travel to Poland from Kiev, Rivne or Lutsk, we give the difference of distances that will arise if we choose the border crossing with smaller queues. Currently, this will be a customs crossing with Poland Ugrynov-Dolgobiotsi, Sokolsky district of the Lviv region (carefully set the coordinates in the navigator, since there are several such names in different areas, the best option is to set the coordinates that can be found on our website). From the data below, you can draw a simple conclusion – if you drive an extra 50-100 km, then you can go through the border for 1-2 hours instead of waiting in the hour-long queue.
Kovel – Yagodin – Lublin 160 km.
Kovel-Ustilug – Lublin 201 km.
Kovel – Ugrinov – Lublin 257 km.
Lutsk – Ustilug – Lublin 226 km.
Lutsk – Ugrinov – Lublin 279 km.
Checkpoint Ustilug & ndash; Zosin
This point is located in the city of Ustilug, Volyn region, on the highway H22, which connects the Ukrainian cities of Rivne and Lutsk. On the Polish territory the road passes to the highway 74 to the cities of Grubesziv and Zamosc. The road to the customs crossing passes through the settlement, so the turn (if any) is formed even before the entrance to the city. If driving through a group of gas stations, on the right side you see a lot of cars in front of the town of Ustilug, do not be surprised. Thus, border guards hold their turn. If you go around and go through the city directly before entering the border, the border guard may ask you to return to the queue that is before entering the city. You can view the current queue at the Ustilug-Zosin checkpoint using online web cameras on the Polish border.
Also in front of the city there is a developed infrastructure of services – refueling, currency exchange points and sales of insurance policies. This crossing point can be chosen as an alternative to the previous one, if there is a large queue in Jagodina. If there is also a queue that looks for a few hours, you can try to go to Ugrinov (Sokalsky district, Lviv region).
Pedestrian and automobile checkpoint Ugrynov – Dolgobychev (Dolhobyczow) in Poland.
The customs transition of Ugrinov-Dolgobiotsov (Dolhobyczow) is located in the village of Ugrinov, Sokolsky district, Lviv region. This is the newest border crossing point on the Ukrainian border with Poland. In 2014, the transition began its work, and already in 2015 in the test mode began to work as a pedestrian and bicycle checkpoint. If necessary, you can issue documents for a refund (Tax Free) Tax Free. At this customs crossing there is a large number of car rows, but so far only one or two rows in each direction work. At the crossing, a new pass scheme has already been launched – the border and customs services of the two countries are practically next door, which significantly speeds up the border capacity and reduces the time spent standing in line at the Polish border.
In the customs transition of Ugrinov at the moment there is no developed infrastructure of gas stations and services, so if you go to this checkpoint, you need to consider that the last refueling from Vladimir-Volynsky will be in Novovolynsk, and from Lviv – in Chervonograd. For those who travel in the direction of Lublin or Warsaw and plan the route so as not to get into the hour-long queue at the border, this crossing will be an excellent option for traveling. All travel can take from 30 to 40 km, and this can be up to one hour on the road. The road to the village of Ugrinov in the Lviv region is in the normal state for the summer of 2015. They are near Chervonograd, the roads have been repaired, and from Volhynia they were in a normal state initially. Below is a video of the move from Zhovkva (direction Lviv-Rava-Russkaya) and Ustiluga to Ugrinov.
For those who go to Poland in the direction of Warsaw, the route through the customs crossing of Ugrinov-Dolgobiots will be optimal. If to compare with the road through Rava-Russkaya, the detour will be only 37 km, and the chances to cross the border with Poland in 1-2 hours are much greater.
Lviv – Rava-Russkaya – Lublin 217 km.
Lviv – Chervonograd – Ugrinov – Lublin 254 km.
The customs crossing Rava-Russkaya – Grebenne (Hrebenne) with Poland.
This customs crossing is on the international highway E372 Warsaw – Lviv, outside the city of Rava-Russkaya, Lviv region. The road was renovated to Euro-2012 and is in perfect condition. Before the border with Poland is well-developed service sector – refueling, hotels, exchangers, insurance. For a long time this was the main customs crossing for those who traveled in the direction of Lublin and Warsaw from the cities of Western Ukraine. Currently, there are already alternative transitions, such as Grushev and Ugrinov. At the Rava-Russkaya crossing, there are also queues at the border, measured in several hours. You can see the availability of the queue at the Rava-Russkaya-Grebenne checkpoint, and using online web cameras on the border with Poland.
As for the possible move to other customs crossings (if there is a long queue), then you need to pay attention to a few points – if you need to go to the Ugrynov PP, it is better to return to Zhovkva, and there already turn to Chervonograd. As for the road to the Hrushev PP, it is in a terrible state that you can see on the video.
The Grushev-Budomierz checkpoint with Poland.
The item was opened in 2013. It is located behind the village of Grushev, Yavorivsky district of the Lviv region. At this customs crossing, use the & laquo; common departure method & raquo; – Ukrainian and Polish services are working almost in the same building, which significantly reduces the time spent crossing the border. Before the customs transition, Grushev has no infrastructure. The last refueling and shops are in Nemirov (Lviv region). In the customs transition itself, you can only purchase an insurance policy Green Card. The route to Hrushev can be seen on the video, which will also help assess the condition of the roads leading to the border. The availability of queues on the border can be viewed for the help of online web cameras on the Hrushev crossing.
When choosing this customs transit, it is necessary to remember that it is NECESSARY that you must go NEMIROV (Lviv region), therefore, using the navigator or the map, always consider this intermediate point of the route. Now many people use this transition as an alternative to the transition Krakovets-Korceva and Rava-Ruska-Grebennes. However, as more and more people are wishing, queues on the border with Poland are also gradually becoming longer.
Checkpoint Krakowiec – Korczowa in Poland.
This customs transit is one of the most popular. It is located on the longest motorway in Europe E40. On the part of Poland, the A4 expressway has already been brought to this customs station, but it has not yet been completely put into operation – on the stretch to Rzeszow, repairs of 40 km of the road have not yet been completed. The customs crossing Krakowiec connects roads leading from Lviv to Polish Rzeszow, Krakow, Kotowice, Wroclaw and further to Europe. This makes it very popular, but also very busy. Quite often here you can stand in line at the border for several hours, especially when you are traveling to Poland. On this customs transition installed web cameras that broadcast the situation on the border online. But the cameras show only what is happening closer to the Polish side of the border, so do not give a full understanding of the situation that has developed in front of the Ukrainian border. Thus, despite this broadcast, until the end it is not clear how many cars are waiting for the frontier on the part of Ukraine. Frequent long lines induce people to go to other customs crossings located nearby. However, in this case, you need to take into account that you need to go to Grushev along the route – Yavorov-Nemirov-Grushev, and to the Medic the best option will be the road through the Ship’s Cherry.
Automobile and pedestrian customs crossing of Shegini – Medica (Medyka) with Poland.
The checkpoint of Shegini – Medika (Medyka) is located in the village of Shegini, Lviv region. The distance from the Polish side of the border to the town of Przemysl is only 16 km. At this customs crossing, you can cross the border both by car and on foot. This transition has, perhaps, the best infrastructure for tourists who are heading to Europe. At the border on both sides there is a mass of necessary and convenient opportunities. From the Ukrainian side: a network of bus routes from Lviv, a large number of exchange offices, food outlets and offices of insurance companies, where you can buy a green card and insurance. From the Polish side: practically behind the barrier there is a market and a supermarket, where you can make purchases and issue an invoice for purchases. The customs crossing in Sheginyakh also has an online translation of the situation on the border. Below we will describe what you can see on the video from the cameras, as well as our instructions that will help correctly evaluate the queue at the border.
The border crossing point Smilnica – Kroscienko (Poland).
This customs crossing is located in the village Smilnitsa, Starosamborskiy district of Lviv region. The road to this customs crossing was repaired, and allows more or less quietly to get to the border. To go from Lviv you need to go through Sambor, after which you need to follow to Old Sambor, and already there to turn on Khyrov (the straight road from Sambor to Khyrov is in terrible condition, you can see it on video). Before the border, you can purchase an insurance policy and refuel fuel at a Ukrainian price. Customs and passport control is carried out by Ukrainian and Polish services in the same room, which significantly speeds up the procedure for crossing the border. The road after crossing the Polish border leads to the resort town of Ustshiki-Dolne, and then to the city of Sanok.
A detour to Przemysl through Stary Sambir and the Smilnitsa passage will be longer than 95 km from the route Lviv-Shegini-Peremyshl. It should also be taken into account that on the territory of Poland the road will run through the mountainous terrain, which significantly reduces the speed. In addition, in the cold season (late autumn, winter and early spring), frosts are possible in the mountains, which must also be taken into account when planning a trip.
The presence of an online web camera on the customs transition Smilnitsa – Krosssenko will help you see the queue at the border.
A new pedestrian crossing to Poland – the Malgovitsi-Nizhnakovichi checkpoint.
Polish officials have been declaring plans for several years to build a new border crossing point on the Ukrainian-Polish border. It will have to appear near Peremyshl, the road will pass through Ukrainian Nizhnakovichi and lead to the city of Dobromil, in the Starosamborsk district. According to the latest information, money for construction in the budget has already been laid, and work starts in 2018. Designed for the Malgowici-Nizhnakovichi checkpoint will not only be for vehicles (whose weight does not exceed 3.5 tons), but also for pedestrian crossing & ndash; for this will equip all the necessary infrastructure. This move will relieve the Sheghini-Medyka checkpoint, where pedestrian crossing of the border is very popular, and as a result, queues on the border are constantly growing. View the status of the queues at the border is possible HERE.
Find out what the distance to the PP Malgovitsi-Nizhnakovichi from the nearest cities and customs passages, as well as additional interesting information on this project can be found in our article A new customs crossing will appear on the border with Poland.
Queues at the border and cameras online.
Queues at the border with Poland & ndash; The problem that anyone who wants to cross the border at any of the aforementioned checkpoints may encounter. In order to decide which of the customs passages to choose for crossing the border with Poland, it is enough to look at our website online broadcasting from cameras on the border.
The video from the webcams will make it possible to understand the scale of the queues at various sections of a particular border crossing point and choose the way of crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border, which will save your time and save you from several hours in traffic jams. At most checkpoints, web cameras allow you to assess the situation with queues, both on the Polish border and on the Ukrainian border, so it can be used by those who plan a trip to Poland, as well as those who return to Ukraine. For the most comfortable use of the service & quot; Cameras on the border & quot; we offer you also a kind of instruction from which you will find out exactly where on the border are webcams and video from which the border zone broadcasts each of them. Also in the article you will find information on the specifics of the formation of queues on the border depending on the lane, the features of the separation of queues for passes, and many other important details, the knowledge of which will help you better navigate the border, analyze queues and look for ways to avoid wasting waiting in them.
We hope that this article has helped you and wish you good travel and empty customs transitions. We also advise you to prepare for a trip to Poland, having familiarized yourself with the types and peculiarities of Polish roads, the payment system and the rules of the road in this region. All the necessary material you can find in our articles:
And if you go to a neighboring country without your own car, then you can use our calculations and advice on what are the best ways to cheaply get to Poland.
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