Czech Republic and residence permit.

Czech Republic and residence permit.
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The latest statistics show that the work card and temporary residence issued by the Czech Republic are intended for Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians. Such popularity explains the leading position among the EU countries in the ratio of price / standard of living. This state favors the development and strengthening of family relations, provides young people with the opportunity to free education and stable business with access to EU markets, where the cost of marketing products allows you to actively work in business.
For registration at the consulate in the country of the outcome, it is necessary to obtain a so-called long-term visa. Before the term of its validity expires (180 days), the foreigner has the right to issue a residence permit, applying for him to the embassy in the Czech Republic, for example, in Prague. Marriage does not help to solve this issue more quickly.
How to get.
A migrant can do this after the end of a long-term visa and if one of the following conditions is met:
& mdash; availability of work and formal authorization issued by the Employment Bureau;
& mdash; conducting business activities with registration in the Commercial Register;
& mdash; conducting business activities as a director of a company registered in the Czech Republic on the basis of the “Trade Law” or through significant investments, but nationalization is possible;
& mdash; Training in one of the local educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education (suitable for students);
& mdash; on reunification with the family.
Renewal or receipt through real estate (buy a house) does not have any guarantees, but the acquisition of real estate will serve as a plus in the consideration of the application. Confirm the availability of property in the Czech Republic, for example, during the interview, you can obtain a corresponding extract from the cadastre, issued at the Czech post. The cost of the service is 100 EEK.
There are no benefits for pensioners. People of retirement age receive it according to a general scheme or by business. Now only those pensioners who have legally living relatives will be able to move. The “Reunion of the Family” program is available to them.
Residence permit in the Czech Republic for Russian.
The country remotely resembles the post-Soviet space, when there was a single passport, because it is easier for a Russian person to adapt to it than in Italy or Spain.
According to statistics, they go here for the purpose of training, earning or doing business. The process of registration is preceded by the receipt of a previously specified type of visa and the arrival in the country.
Upon arrival and within 3 next days, the migrant is required to report to the police for the transfer of biometric data and to receive a special card valid for 1 year. A repeat visit to the local police station will take place 15 days before the end of the document received and if there are objective reasons for the extension. The extension itself is permissible only for 2 years or 10 years. After 5 years of residence they are allowed to register for permanent residence.
Do not pay attention to the type of ads where they write “we will make cheap” or “at the opening of the company the cost will be minimal”, “my experience with previous convictions”, “we will quickly do for the financial independent”, “card for 1 day”, ” we will give guarantees “, as all this is a fraud, as well as positive feedback about such fraudsters.
Remember that some video or forum is not what the right advice will tell, but an appeal to a visa center, consulate or embassy is a real help that gives an explanation directly from official sources, while others give distorted information.

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