Denmark once again tightens the immigration rules.

Denmark once again tightens the immigration rules.
Bad news for immigrants in Denmark. The Danish government further complicates immigration laws. And this applies not only to refugees, but also immigrants applying for permanent residence in Denmark.
It seems that the only problem that is at the center of attention of the new government in Denmark, which came to power in June 2015, is immigration.
As early as August 2015 and at the end of January 2016, the Danish Parliament, the Folketing, tightened immigration laws, including increasing the period of uninterrupted residence in Denmark for one year (after which the foreigner will have the right to qualify as a “permanent resident”) from 5 to 6 years.
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However, after just seven months, on August 30, 2016, the government presented a new “plan-2025”, entitled “Strong Denmark: controlling the flow of refugees”. The new plan contains 44 initiatives aimed at tightening immigration requirements. Most of the innovations proposed in it are aimed at reducing the attractiveness of the Danish kingdom for asylum seekers. However, innovations will also have a significant impact on foreigners wishing to obtain a permanent residence permit in Denmark.
For example, another increase in the “probation period” for people wishing to obtain permanent residence in Denmark – from 6 to 8 years is planned.
In addition, applicants for Danish permanent residence will have to confirm that they have been officially employed at least 3.5 years from the last 4 years. At present, it is required that a person work 2.5 years out of 3 years. Until January 2016, it was required to prove the existence of 3 years of work experience during the last 5 years.
The Danish authorities state that “the government is working to ensure that Denmark is open to those who” can and wants “, but closed the door” for those who can not. ”
For those who “can and wants”, the new law provides incentives that encourage their early integration into Danish society and active participation in the life of the country. For example, a foreigner gets a chance to become a permanent resident of Denmark faster than prescribed by law in cases: if he worked in public organizations or passed a test for citizenship; or worked for 4 years from the last 4 and a half years; or received a salary of 270 000 kroons (about 36 300 euros) per year for 2 consecutive years preceding the submission of documents; or passed the Level 3 Test on knowledge of the Danish language (Dansk 3).
Those who, according to the authors of the new bill, “can not”, the Danish authorities want to push for a decision to leave Denmark. Holders of a residence permit in Denmark who decide to return to their home countries will receive additional financial assistance (for payment of education and medical services) that they can receive after repatriation.
Since the beginning of 2016, some 4,700 displaced persons have moved to Denmark, which is 4.5 times less than in 2015, when Denmark accepted 21,000 refugees. And although the Danish government expects that the number of refugees will not exceed 10,000 by the end of 2016, nevertheless, according to integration minister Inger Stojberg, it is still too much for Denmark, so it is necessary to restrain immigration even more.
The government wants to lay the foundation for an “emergency brake” that can be initiated to deny asylum seekers, and to tighten the requirements of the so-called “integration advantage”, introduced in August 2015 for foreigners who claim benefits and benefits.
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