Denmark: opportunities for professional immigration.

Denmark: opportunities for professional immigration.
The Kingdom of Denmark is a country in which, according to numerous polls, the happiest people live. Perhaps, only after this phrase I want to pack a suitcase and immediately move there. A few more inspiring Danish details are the developed social security system, environmentally friendly cities, optimal working conditions.
Despite the compact size and strict migration policy, thousands of people come to this northern state every year in search of happiness and happiness. work. The prospect of employment is quite palpable. Denmark actively employs highly qualified specialists from countries outside the European Union. She constantly needs labor resources and replenishes this deficit with foreign employees. In addition, the kingdom has several programs designed for professionals of different profiles.
The Greencard scheme
“Green Card” & # 8211; one of the most famous migration routes, which allows obtaining a residence permit with the right to work and a good chance of finding a job. The residence permit in the state under this program is provided with positive results of the individual assessment of the applicant.
Before applying, you need to objectively evaluate your prospects in the Danish labor market. To study the available vacancies and requirements for job seekers, you can on local job search sites, for example, the English workindenmark and jobsincopenhagen.
Getting a residence permit on a green card is not a guarantee of getting a job. This is just a “pass” to the Danish labor market and the opportunity to find work in the specialty. But employment is the care of a migrant, as is the financial provision of himself and his family during job search. This is the fundamental difference between this program and other options presented below.
All applicants for a “green card” must undergo an individual evaluation on a point system (dial at least 100). Points are awarded for knowledge of languages, level of education and adaptive skills.
In assessing education, a scientific degree, the relevance of the profession and the prestige of the completed university are taken into account. The maximum number of points is 130. Points for language skills are drawn on the basis of available certificates of passing examinations in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German (one or more to choose from). In the labor market, Danish knowledge is most often quoted. At the same time, language certificates must be received not later than two years before the filing of the application. For the linguistic part, you can score a maximum of 40 points. The last few points (up to 15) are calculated on the condition that the applicant has studied or worked for at least a year in the countries of the European Union or Switzerland.
In addition to an individual assessment, the Danish party makes demands on the financial solvency of the applicant. You need to provide an extract from the bank, confirming the availability of the required amount of money on the account. It is a guarantee of covering expenses for the first time of life in a new country. For 2016 this amount is DKK 131,616 / � 17,700. The figure is increased if further relocation of close relatives is planned.
With a positive decision by the Danish authorities to move to the kingdom better in the first 6 months after receiving the “green card”. Immediately after arriving in Denmark, you need to find an apartment or a house and officially register at a new address. You can not find a job right away, but it’s also not worth it. For the first year, the legal income should be at least DKK 50,000 / � 6,720, which will have to report to the migration service. In addition, the availability of housing and work – an important condition for family reunification (moving close relatives).
Plus this program is that the residence permit is issued for up to two years, after which it can be extended for another three years. At official employment and confirmation of regular incomes, at least on the minimum level in the country, there will be no problems with prolongation.
“Positive List” (The Positive List)
In some labor spheres, the state is experiencing a shortage of qualified personnel. For its completion, a “positive list” has been developed. If the education received corresponds to the list of the most relevant occupations for Denmark and has already entered into a labor contract with a Danish company (or received a job offer), the applicant is guaranteed to obtain a residence permit and work permit.
The “positive list” includes:
engineers; doctors and nurses; IT-specialists; primary school teachers and natural science disciplines; teachers and social workers; others: pharmacists, auditors, lawyers.
If an indefinite labor contract is concluded with the company, the right to residence and work is granted for 4 years with the prospect of further extension. In case of a temporary contract, the validity of the documents is equal to the validity of the contract plus 6 months (to find a new job).
“Fast-track scheme” (Fast-track scheme)
This scheme is designed to facilitate the entry into the Kingdom of qualified foreign workers. It allows certified companies to hire the necessary personnel in a short time, without first agreeing with the Danish agency for international recruitment and integration. Usually these are large private and state firms, including universities, which have a real need to attract international experts as soon as possible.
A foreign employee can use an “accelerated scheme” if he has already been offered a vacancy in a certified organization and it meets one of the following criteria:
The company is ready to provide the employee with an annual salary of at least DKK 375 000 / � 50400 (The Pay Limit scheme). In support of this, a written contract or an official job offer is attached when submitting documents. The employee has the title of research officer and is invited to work on scientific research. At the same time, specific reasons are given why this study should be carried out by a selected professional. A foreign employee resides in the state with the purpose of improving their skills or training other employees of a Danish company.
The residence permit under the “accelerated scheme” is provided for up to 4 years, depending on the period of the contract. Under this program, a foreign specialist can work alternately in Denmark and abroad (in any other country).
“Special conditions”
Some specialists may obtain a residence and work permit in Denmark for a period of one year on the basis of their previous employment and education. These include:
artists and artists (singers, musicians, conductors); athletes and coaches; cooks.
True, they will have to find the employer themselves and do this before arriving in Denmark, because when applying to the consulate, there must be a labor contract or a cooperation offer from a Danish company. Also the employer should explain in writing why they need this particular specialist.
A similar scheme applies to managers of an agricultural enterprise: the relevant professional qualifications and the employer already found are the prerequisites for obtaining a residence permit with the right to work. Moreover, the inviting organization provides the employee with acceptable Danish standards with payment and working conditions. When processing an order, these parts are checked.
Under the “special conditions” listed above, a residence permit and a work permit are issued for one year with the possibility of further extension.
Information on the prospects for employment in Denmark and the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in full is available on the website of the Danish Migration Service.
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