Work in Denmark. Fresh vacancies in 2018 without intermediaries, direct employer. Work in Europe: Denmark.
Assistant to the kitchen, Denmark.
help cook in the kitchen in the preparation of dishes dishwashing vacancy from the direct employer salary.
Carpenter / carpenter in Denmark.
roofing carpentry and carpentry vacancy in Denmark for Russian, ukraitsnev salary about.
Assistant to the kitchen in Denmark.
work in the kitchen to help chefs in the preparation of dishes cleaning in the kitchen working in a network of restaurants, a cat.
The cleaner in Denmark.
cleaning in hotel rooms, etc. dry and wet cleaning work for 6 months with lived.
Electrician, Denmark.
wiring and installation of electrical equipment work in Denmark wages are discussed need a builder.
Baker, confectioner in Denmark.
duties: preparation of bakery Ithoditer’s products, cakes work on the production of bread.
Bricklayer to Denmark.
work at a construction site abroad, the salary is negotiated with the employer, bricklayers, roofers are needed.
Plumber, Denmark.
vacancy abroad without commissions. We are looking for plumbers with experience from 3 years. Professional training.
The cook is a baker in Denmark.
work on the production of bread negotiable payment responsible and independent work baking bread (��.
Hairdresser, Denmark.
work in a beauty salon abroad for all CIS citizens haircuts, styling, hair coloring, etc.
A mechanic to Denmark.
payment by agreement repair of industrial and agricultural machinery secondary special arr.
Automechanic, work in Denmark.
work in the auto repair shop abroad Price: contract price Ad text: �������� ������ �������� ��������� ���� ������� � ���.
Plumber, Denmark.
fresh work abroad for the citizens of the CIS, we need plumbers in Denmark.
Plumber in Denmark.
fresh vacancy abroad: Plumber in Denmark, know the Norwegian language.
Carpenter – cabinetmaker, Denmark.
work at the production abroad: Carpenter – cabinetry in Denmark.
Tiler, Denmark.
vacancy abroad for Ukrainians and Russians: Tiler in Denmark with work experience of 1 year.
Builder in Denmark.
a fresh vacancy in Europe: a builder in Denmark (finishers, concrete, etc.), with experience.
Loader operator abroad: work in Denmark for Russian and Ukrainian.
a fresh vacancy abroad without intermediaries: a truck operator in Denmark, for Russians and Ukrainians, with work experience.
Handyman in Denmark at the construction site: a fresh vacancy abroad without intermediaries.
a fresh vacancy abroad without intermediaries for Russian and Ukrainian: handyman, worker in Denmark for construction, with knowledge of the language, with work experience.
Work in Denmark on the construction site for Russian: Crane operator (vacancy without intermediaries, not agency)
fresh work for Russians abroad at the construction site: a crane operator, direct contacts of an employer without intermediaries (not an agency), knowledge of German and Danish.
Work in Denmark without intermediaries.
Do you want to get a high-paying job in one of the countries of Europe? Recently, work in Europe enjoys great popularity among the citizens of the CIS. Denmark is the country in which the labor of the workers is paid with dignity. There constantly need people of different professions. This year it is expected to attract a large number of foreign labor.
This is a beautiful country, the locals care about its prosperity and well-being, so working in Denmark means having a work visa that also gives you the right to stay in Denmark. If you can not get it yourself, a direct employer is likely to help with the solution of this problem.
The most demanded are the vacancies in the field of agriculture, mostly people need to harvest and care for animals. Also people of construction professions are needed: welders, carpenters, painters, electricians.
To carry out professional activities in Europe, you need to know spoken English. Employers offer a salary of 1400 euros a month or more, also provide a social package and medical insurance. Fresh vacancies in 2018 without intermediaries – are waiting for you on our site.
Fresh vacancies in 2018.
Kingdom of Denmark & ndash; One of the Scandinavian countries with the best economic indicators in the European Union. The convenient location between the northern countries and the base part of Europe gives additional advantages.
Work in Europe, high incomes and social standards aimed at improving the quality of life attract many applicants. Denmark lacks a manpower, therefore, it is quite loyal to attracting foreign workers, but in a limited number and necessary qualifications.
For employment for a long period it is necessary to conclude an employment contract with the employer.
In the country there is a certain list of professions for which there is a deficit. On our site you will find the most vacancies of 2018 without intermediaries and commissions from direct employers. If you have the necessary skills, knowledge of Danish or English, you can get a working contract without time frames. For unqualified specialists, no additional requirements are provided (except for the knowledge of the language).
We offer different variants of professions in different sectors, where everyone can find a job for themselves. All you need to do is send your resume to the e-mail of a representative of a foreign company and, in case of confirmation, contact him to clarify all the subtleties.
On our site an example of a correctly compiled resume is presented.

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