Departure for permanent residence from russia to Kazakhstan.

Departure for permanent residence from russia to Kazakhstan.
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Permanent residence: a state program of assistance. Part 1.
Question: Dear Alexander Mihajlovich! Question: is the resident of Russia (moving to permanent residence) a residence permit in Ukraine the basis for customs privileges on the Russian Customs for transportation of personal belongings? And tell me, please, what documents, confirming the move to permanent residence, are needed to get a customs privilege? Thank you.
Answer: Dear Eugene! The residence permit is given for a while. Even so, this can not be a Permanent residence. Nevertheless, for you it does not matter. When leaving the benefits there. The quantity you export is not limited. No fee is charged. I do not even know very well what benefits can be discussed. I wish you success, Puchkov A.�.
Question: Hello, Alexander Mikhailovich. I’m moving to permanent residence in Ukraine. I have Russian citizenship. Registration is not due to an extract for permanent residence. Personal belongings are carried by the container in unaccompanied cargo. Due to lack of registration, my relatives sent me a container with my personal belongings, with Moscow registration, and I was declared the recipient of the goods. For customs clearance of cargo it is possible to use the privileges for customs payments, if the cargo was not sent by me? Thank you in advance. Olga.
Answer: I do not know the Ukrainian rules, but they are similar in all countries. Your cargo will be received by you duty-free if you have a document on resettlement for permanent residence. I wish you success, Puchkov AM.
Question: Hello dear Alexander. I decided to move from Russia to Montenegro, the grounds for living are there. The question! How to properly declare and arrange for the export of personal vises (a couple of computers, audio equipment, CDs, books), can there be any problems at the customs, with all used.
Answer: All this is not limited to export. Carry what you want. With the import to Montenegro, I do not know, take an interest in their Consulate. Think about whether you will then import it back, if so, then issue a declaration for a temporary exemption. Then come in handy.
Question: Dear Alexander Mihajlovich! We leave for permanent residence in Germany, House things are carried by car in boxes, whether it is necessary to make a list of things in boxes? Indoor flowers are also taken in boxes whether they need any documents on them? Fiction (books) in boxes will not there be any difficulty in transporting? Pets cats and dogs will go in a minibus: the same documents are needed when traveling across the border in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.
Answer: You need to urgently apply to the German Consulate and take an interest in the rules for the importation of personal belongings at the entrance to permanent residence. From Russia, you all will be released without problems. Particularly carefully approach the registration of veterinary certificates for cats and dogs, this should be international documents. Plants, as a rule, are also subject to phytosanitary control.
Question: Tell me, please, how do I proceed. I marry a Dutch citizen and I want to take my car and personal things there. Since I will be registered at the address in the Netherlands, I will need to get there the numbers on the car. That is, from Russia I will leave with transit numbers. What documents will the customs require of me? Do they need a list of my personal belongings? Do I have to pay any fees?
Answer: Everything that you are exporting from Russia is not taxed in Russia. Ask the Dutch Consulate what and how it will be taxed when you enter the country. When moving the list is not necessary, but greatly facilitates customs control. Think now if you do not have to transport things back then, then it makes sense to declare them for temporary export and fill in the declaration for this case. Find out whether it is more profitable for you and the car to take out temporarily, without removing the numbers and not losing Russian registration. Ask the consulate for temporary importation of cars, etc.
Question: Please help me understand the situation – my family (husband, I and the child) are leaving for a temporary residence in Kazakhstan for the work of my husband. We are going to send personal things (clothes, toys and small necessities) with luggage through the railway, and we will get by ourselves by plane. In the railway they said that customs clearance is necessary. The customs officials said that it was necessary to hand over the things and place them in the railway, then at the customs office to fill out the application and provide a detailed list of things that would be transported by the railway. After that, within 1-7 days the inspector leaves for the railway and conducts inspection of things, makes a list and then compares with our list. Questions: 1. how necessary is the customs clearance of personal items and whether the role plays how many kg per person (and is the child considered to be 1.3 g in this case)? 2. If necessary, should such a detailed list be drawn up? 3. And how serious will the inspection of things be by the inspector (will all the bags be unpacked and all things get moved)? Perhaps my questions seem naive to you, but I set it up for the first time with such a situation and the advice of the local customs inspector did not suit me. Thank you very much in advance.
Answer: Let’s start in order. 1. Customs clearance is mandatory for all goods (goods, too, goods) crossing the customs border. Among other things, customs officers will certify your list and this will allow you to import things duty-free back upon completion of your stay abroad. 2. On the account of the degree of inspection I can not say anything, this decision is made by the customs inspector, however, it is unlikely that it will be strongly poked. 3. Do not think ill of the inspector, he explained everything correctly and acts in your own interests.
Question: We are going to leave for permanent residence in the Czech Republic. As I understand with personal things when leaving the problems will not be. And with the technique? For example, a computer, etc. What with the export of media – is there a large collection of films and programs on CD and DVD?
Answer: You will have no problems with anything, just contact the customs office in advance where your items will be processed, with this question. Media check is possible, but not required. And I’m not talking about DVD or VHS. I wish you continued success, AM Puchkov.
Question: Good afternoon! We transport container: car and personal belongings to Canada. How correctly to issue a cargo, if we go to permanent residence?
Answer: When you leave for permanent residence you can take out almost all personal belongings, including a car. You may have a problem with the export of so-called cultural values. To the cultural values, customs includes everything (including modern) works of art, as well as old objects: coins, postcards, books, household items, etc. By the way, if your car & quot; old & quot; , too, there may be a problem. What do you do? First of all, decide on the company carrier. If the company is engaged in the transportation of private luggage, then you will not have any problems and you will be told where to go and what to do. At the time of the fees, make a detailed list of what you take with you. It is desirable (even necessary) to compile lists & quot; glazedly & quot; and & quot; . This will help with the inspection. In regard to cultural values, it is necessary to apply to the authorized representative of the Ministry of Culture in advance (there are in every major city), some items may be banned for export. Do not try to take them away in secret (ie, smuggling), you may get embarrassed. It is better to go to the antiques store and hand over. In case the carrier does not render services in the customs business, contact the nearest customs information department and find out how to call a customs officer on the day of packing things in a container. It is not recommended to put currency and jewelry from precious metals and stones in luggage, take it with you to the plane. The export of gold items is almost unlimited, if it is not a commercial lot. Cash currency is exported in the amount not exceeding 10 thousand US dollars. That’s probably all. If you still have questions, write. Happy road, Puchkov A.
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