Deportation from the USA. What is the result of illegal immigration.

Deportation from the USA. What is the result of illegal immigration.
Deportation from the US & # 8212; This is a formal withdrawal of a foreign citizen from the United States for violating immigration laws.
Deportation & # 8212; The question is acute and requiring discussion, especially after Trump became at the helm. Since January 2017, the number of detentions and deportations has increased, quite often it happens illegally and even violently. Already more than once we came across the fact that clients were illegally detained and forced to sign an agreement on deportation.
The process of deportation.
Deportation from the US applies to foreign nationals who are involved in criminal activities, pose a threat to public security or violate the visa regime.
Those who come to the US without travel documents or with forged documents are likely to expect an accelerated deportation from the United States. This procedure without hearing an immigration court & # 8212; expedited removal. Others can stand trial in the process of a longer procedure of deportation (removal).
A foreign citizen may be held in pre-trial detention or deportation. Such places you can find on the map: ICE incarceration. The Immigration Court of the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is considering the cases of the isolated. If the judge approves the deportation, the host country of the deportee must agree to accept it. Also, the receiving party must issue travel documents before the US Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) executes the deportation order. Deportation from the United States is most often carried out by air from the US government. Some deportations can use a combination of air and land transport. Foreigners who commit non-violent crimes may be subjected to Rapid REPAT.
If you are deported (Removal)
Before completing the proceedings in the deportation case, you can leave the United States independently on voluntary departure. If you believe that your civil rights have been violated in the process of immigration, detention or deportation, you can file a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security. If you are a non-document immigrant who is facing a deportation process, you can go through the status adjustment procedure to get a green card and become a legal permanent resident.
This is usually done.
With the petition of a member of the family, through asylum or by withholding deportation (asylum or through withholding of removal), if you are afraid of danger or persecution, when you return to your country.
You can appeal against certain deportation orders.
You can find someone who is currently being detained for possible violation of immigration law or who was released within the last 60 days from the ICE detention center using the online system.
Angelica Fruman.
Specialist in immigration in the United States since 2010.
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