Disadvantages of emigration to Bulgaria.

Disadvantages of emigration to Bulgaria.
Emigrant before moving to permanent residence in a foreign country, compares all the pros and cons of the living conditions that await him there.
Bulgaria, to that not an exception, those who have chosen it, in a literal sense of the word, risk. The country, although European, but its level is far from Europe and wealth. Bulgarians bet on the development of the economy through the promotion of tourism.
The government in every possible way tries to improve the level of comfort for both tourists and immigrants, but they have nothing to feed themselves for, and to shelter strangers is such an impossible task. There is a list of the shortcomings of migration to Bulgaria, we will consider each item in more detail:
Lack of material values. Immigrants should be prepared for the fact that they do not immediately feel themselves Europeans, it will be necessary to break through “into people” on their own, without any support. The location of the GDP – the EU gallery, is due to the global crisis, with the consequences of which, Bulgaria still can not get out. At the expense of the second point there is the inability to develop infrastructure, for example, the Bulgarian roads. They are, of course, in better condition than Russian and Ukrainian ones, but they are still very far from European ones. The country attracts wealthy travelers, immigrant-parasites they do not need. This situation exists in many countries, well, where we do not exist. No stranger ever waits for strangers, in spite of external good nature, one must be ready for this. The property is too cheap, which speaks eloquently of the futility of investing and investing in the purchase of apartments. There is a tendency – you buy a dwelling in one of the Bulgarian cities, but sell it twice as cheaply.
This is not yet a complete list of the shortcomings of emigration to Bulgaria, everyone has their own understanding of life, so people can find a whole bunch of bad things. In general, an adequate person who takes a decision to change his place of residence will not rely on only feedback, he will rather go to the “intelligence”, see what will happen and then will draw conclusions to move or not.

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