Stories of emigrants living in Australia.
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But what is it like in Australia, is it about deliveries for people like me – emigrants? Is it worth undertaking such an adventure as childbirth in Australia, and can you count on the help of the state? The answer is unambiguous – YES & # 33; Now I can say this with confidence, as I have a very good experience of childbirth in this country.
Planning for pregnancy in Australia is practically the same as planning in Russia. After all, the main pledge of good delivery is to put everything in order long before conception. The first thing you need to do is to pay a visit to your GP doctor who will give all the necessary directions for tests, and also will advise a special complex of vitamins, which include folic acid, calcium and iron, as well as the well-known Elevit. Nothing that you would not be offered to do in Russia.
After the long-awaited pregnancy comes, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of GP family doctor, or someone you prefer in the hospital where the birth takes place. In the same place, in the hospital, having become registered, you will receive a schedule of regular visits. After registering before you there will be two ways. The first one – if you have a state insurance MEDIACARE, your birth will take place with the help of a doctor on duty team on general terms. If you want to improve your conditions, then you are waiting for the second way – buying additional insurance, which will give you the right to a permanent doctor and childbirth in a private clinic with his help. But in the second case also has its own nuances. With complicated births, you will still be transferred to a state hospital, since it has all the necessary equipment.
Do not think that paid services are significantly different from free. The state insurance will only increase the time of your visits, as you will have to sit in line like everyone else, and will also provide you with a place in the general ward with a maximum of four patients. All of them are separated from each other by curtains, which will allow them to feel themselves in a separate room, albeit with poor sound insulation, but with a personal space. In occasion of a food in general it is not necessary to worry, as it does not depend on that you are in the state hospital or in the private.
Language problems will also not be a barrier to communication with doctors. Suffice it to say at the first reception that you need an interpreter, and it will be provided absolutely free of charge. At the same time, he will come to every consultation you give, and maybe if you wish, he will help you communicate and during childbirth. The presence of a husband at the time of the birth of a child is also considered to be common in Australia, and it does not matter if you give birth or for free.
A scheduled examination is carried out by a nurse who monitors the growth of the baby, makes tests, measures such parameters as the pressure of the mother, the baby’s palpitations, the number of movements and the height of the bottom of the uterus. In Australian clinics pregnant women are given two directions for ultrasound, sometimes three, and if there are complications, then more.
Also, in order to understand the state of the woman in labor, psychological tests are carried out, during which you can even be asked to arrange a short tour through the family department, which plays a very important role in the future ..
After you feel that the contractions have already begun, you need to immediately call the nurse on duty, which will help you navigate in the future. Most likely, you will immediately be sent to the hospital, where there will be pr.
After your call, you will be prepared for a place in the prenatal ward, where you will be examined by a doctor and if there is a need for stimulation of labor, you will do everything possible for this. Also, you can use the specially attached sensors to monitor the condition of your baby during labor. Also, with large pains, you can ask to inject painkillers, or ask for epidural anesthesia. Childbirth will take place in the birth ward under the watchful eye of the so-called midwifes nurses, the doctor usually participates in childbirth if the patient has any complications or on paid births, if his presence is pre-stipulated.
After the birth of a child, it will certainly be examined by a pediatrician. This process is very similar to that in Russia. The baby is measured, weighed and will do all the necessary vaccinations at his age. After the birth, you will be asked to go to the shower, as well as reinforce your strength with food.
In the postnatal ward, the baby is brought immediately and left there until the discharge. By the way, if everything is in order with the baby, this important moment will happen within three days after delivery.
And then everything depends on what status you have in this state. If Australia at the time of the birth of the child is your permanent residence, then you can safely count on some of these children’s benefits:
1. A baby bonus of 5 thousand euros, which is paid in 13 equal shares;
2. Family tax benefit Part A / Part B;
3. Child Care Benefit;
4. Child Care Rebate;
5. Parenting payment.
The amount of payments depends on each case. Everything is based on how much the total income of the spouses is. At the same time, the smaller it is, the more these payments will be.
Of course, in every situation there are minuses and pluses. In this sense, I was very lucky – I had only positive impressions from my birth in Australia, which is what I wish for you & # 33;
Here we are in Australia & # 33; & 33; & # 33; I’m fascinated by this country & # 33; Here is delightful & # 33;
The mountains are so beautiful, and the ocean is picturesque. They have winter now, ha-ha & 33; It has a warm and mild climate. I look forward to the coming of spring.
This is the most wonderful place on earth & # 33; On the ever green trees there are thick bats.
Yesterday I made an exciting trip outside the city, to the countryside. You will not believe & # 33; I saw wild kangaroos & # 33; In the wild, they are so beautiful and graceful. Truly these are the most charming animals on the planet. Well, just cuties & # 33;
No, here is really paradise!
Today I met local aborigines. Amazing people & # 33; In their eyes, the wisdom of the ancient people shines, and outwardly they are small and harmless.
How do they survive here? Gave them a dollar.
Soon the kangaroo hunting season opens. It’s terrible & # 33; I can not imagine that someone can raise his hand to this sweet, harmless creature. From day to day we expect the coming of spring. I like it here & # 33;
Spring has come & # 33; It rained this night. URA & # 33; & # 33; Waking up in the morning, we found a charming picture outside the window. Everything is covered with snow-white, fluffy flowers. Kind, like in a greenhouse & # 33; I’m delighted!
My wife and I ran out of the house happily and grabbed a big bouquet of these amazing flowers. The neighbor child made faces to our Toyota, driving with his dad in the truck – the kid, what to take from him?
This night it was raining again. On the sugary smell of flowers began to fly big and evil wasps. I learned the meaning of the word & quot; allergy & quot ;. In some places the roof leaks and we put buckets and basins.
From the 12th of November the rain did not stop. Today, buckets and basins have been removed – it’s useless. Just punched holes in the floor. The clothes do not dry anymore. The computer is covered. I type on the typewriter. On the washed dirt roads it is already impossible to drive – has blurred “# 33; Well, that near the highway. In the news the announcer said that the rainy season will begin soon. Probably wrong understood:
& quot; season. “- Australians have such an interesting pronunciation.
ZHOPA & # 33; & # 33; & # 33; The highway is closed, because it is completely flooded. Local residents ride around on their trucks, spraying buckets of dirt around them. The dog dragged a dead animal. I showed my neighbors – they said that the platypus. Sorry for the bird.
It would be better not to show – the inspector came and fined 500 bucks for the destruction of a rare representative of the fauna. I wanted to shoot a dog. I wanted to shoot the inspector. I could not – the powder was damp. I put the dog in the booth on the chain.
It seems the rain stops. And the products too. Thank God neighbors shared ostrich eggs. Eggs from three eggs are enough for the whole family and for the whole day.
australia straus eag.
This gundon from the Bureau of Forecasts was wrong & # 33; At night, the dog was washed away with the booth. It seems that I have webbed fingers between my fingers.
Today finally got out of the house & # 33; & # 33; & # 33; I went to the store to buy food. And so, on the way back, this cattle – kangaroo and. .. turning into the ditch, I get into the nest of wild creatures. The critters.
Now rubber studded, just holey. While walking behind the spare wheels, three aborigines poured out all the gasoline. They smell it & # 33; Therefore, all Papuans have such dull eyes. He gave them 10 bucks for bringing me the skin of this kangaroo.
Aborigines dragged a dead platypus. By the way, despite the small growth they run faster, than my leaky tires fly.
It was summer, heat. Shaved his beard. I bought a jeep. With a two-meter kenguryatnikom. Now let’s see who’s who & # 33;
We went with his wife to the coast. The ocean is cool & # 33; What waves & # 33; What kind of surfing & # 33; In the evening, it was reported that a shark was eating a surfer. Well its on the figs, we’ll go to the river. There are no sharks there.

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