Do I need a visa to Jordan?

Do I need a visa to Jordan?
Jordan – a country that attracts fans of history and pilgrims, and just wanting to relax on the territory of the state, washed by the three seas.
The government of the country does everything to travel the route of travelers through their lands. The authorities of Jordan work towards accessibility, attractiveness and safety of tourism on their territory. Resort areas on the shores of the Dead and Red Seas, health and ecotourism, developed infrastructure attract tourists to the country. The authorities, in turn, do everything to facilitate the entry and stay of guests in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Let’s talk more specifically about the rules of entry / exit from Jordan, because the visa regime for the Russian Federation, as well as a number of other countries was simplified, making the stay in Jordan more comfortable.
Of course, no one canceled the visa. At once we will stipulate: if in your passport the record about the operating shengene is made, it all the same does not relieve you from procedure of registration of the visa to Jordan. The universality of the Schengen visa does not work here. Read our article and decide how best it will be for you to complete the documents for the trip to Jordan. And you can do this in several ways: on arrival or at the embassy. Let us analyze each method in detail.
We issue a visa in the embassy.
In the Embassy of Jordan you can issue a visa of different types: short-term (up to 30 days), double (from 30 to 90 days with the right to enter and leave the country twice), long-term (up to six months).
Required package of documents:
– valid passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
– Passport, the validity of it must be at least six months from the date of arrival in the country;
– photo 3.5 by 4.5 color;
– Questionnaire (must be completed in English or Arabic), and errors in it are not allowed; better hire a professional who speaks one of the languages;
– for those traveling with children under 18 years of age, their birth certificate is required;
– if one of the parents is traveling, you need to notarize the permission of the second parent to leave the child;
– a document confirming the reservation at the hotel (optional).
A visa is issued within three working days.
Holders of long-term visas upon arrival in Jordan must immediately register with the migration department of Jordan.
Of course, you will need to pay a consular fee. A short-term visa costs $ 31.5, a two-time visa costs $ 46.5, and a long-term visa costs about $ 91.5.
Applying to the agency dealing with the execution of the relevant documents, immediately multiply the cost of the fee by two times.
On the territory of Russia, the consulate of Jordan still exists only in Moscow. It is located at: Mamonovsky Pereulok, 3 (metro station “Tverskaya”). The consulate is closed on Friday and Saturday.
Visa on arrival in Jordan.
Most travelers to the country do not want to issue a visa in advance and hope to do so without problems at the airport directly in Jordan. Serious problems, indeed, will not.
However, these tourists are waiting for a few unpleasant surprises. A huge queue at the customs checkpoint. At the airport, the procedure for issuing a visa itself takes 15-20 minutes, but you will have to wait a few hours in queues for a short-term visa to be in your pocket.
And one more important remark: no one will give you a long-term visa at the airport. On the checkpoint with Israel, it also does not get: such a “privilege” is enjoyed only by the inhabitants of Palestine.
To get a short-term visa at the airport you need a minimum package of documents:
– a foreign passport that is liquid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in the country;
– a survey questionnaire filled out in Arabic or English;
– 1 photo of 3,5�4,5;
– documents for settlement in the hotel or an invitation from Jordan;
– a return ticket (without it you can return back to your homeland);
– payment of a contribution of 10 Jordanian dinars.
Features of the “airport” visa is that it is liquid for no more than 30 days, it is allowed to stay in the country while the hotel reservation is in effect. For violation of the terms of stay in the country, a fine and deportation from the state is deemed necessary, and more of you can not be allowed to go to Jordan.
If there are any circumstances that compel you to stay in Jordan for more than 30 days, we advise you to officially extend the visa in the state migration institutions of Jordan in time.
To prolong the term of stay in Jordan can and in the host travel agency or hotel, putting the necessary seal.
For those leaving for work, such a visa is not suitable, because it does not give the right to work.
Does the conflict with Israel affect the visa to the country?
The uneasy situation in relations with Israel led to the fact that the Jordanian customs service requires an advance visa for all who enter the country from Israel. This nuance also applies to travelers traveling from Egypt. To enter Jordan, there will be no obstacle in the presence of an Egyptian or Israeli visa. Registration of permission to enter the border is also possible. As for everyone, it is paid. After Jordan, you can without any problems, having issued documents and passing control, proceed to Israel.
Travel to Jordan with children.
If you go with children and will issue your visa at the embassy, they will make a note in your passport. Then you will not need a separate visa for your child. You will not have to pay a fee for it either. If a child is over 14 years old and has a passport, all documents are registered and paid for as an adult.
Do not forget to issue documents (power of attorney), if the child goes to Jordan, as in any other country, without one of the parents, with the guardians or with a trustee.
When possible free travel to Jordan.
In this section, we will tell you about pleasant moments for tourists, as you can save a few dozen dollars.
So, if you follow the points below, you will not have to pay a visa document:
– travel independently, without resorting to the services of travel agencies;
– purchased a package tour for 3 days or more in the travel agency of Jordan;
– You are in Jordan for at least 72 hours;
– arrived by regular flight to the airports of Amman and Aqaba;
– bought “JordanPass” (we’ll talk about it below);
– Travel a group of at least five people. This group should also observe a number of conditions: the trip is organized by a licensed guide, stay in the country for at least 2 nights, all members of the group have a return ticket.
As you can see, the authorities of Jordan are loyal to tourists in their country, wishing to multiply their number.
What is JordanPass?
This is a “single ticket”, giving its owner the right to visit more than 40 Jordan attractions. An e-ticket will save your time, energy, money and your amazing acquaintance with the country will be maximum.
It is bought on the site through the Internet and is valid 12 months from the date of purchase. However, after the first scan in the sights, the period of its liquidity is only 2 weeks.
The following directions are proposed:
1) Biblical path – is designed for 5 days and introduces the sights, significant in the history of Christianity;
2) Ancient ruins – lasts six days, ancient cities, temples, parks and museums are visited;
3) UNESCO Heritage – takes four days, you will see a lot of sights, included in the world heritage of UNESCO, including Petra;
4) Museums – it takes 6 days to visit archaeological, historical museums, a museum of salt, a museum of folk traditions, with a night on the shores of the Dead and Red Seas and a night in Petra.
The cost of the ticket depends on the time of your visit to Petra: from 70 dinars (1 day) to 80 dinars (3 days).
You should know it.
– Anyone who travels independently and spent more than 24 hours in the country pays a fee of 10 Jordanian dinars upon departure. You will need to pay for children from 2 years.
– Please note that the duty is paid only in cash and only in the national Jordanian currency.
– A stamp in the passport of a visit to the country is placed both at the entrance and at the exit from it.
– If you arrived in Jordan through a free economic zone (ASEZA), you do not pay a fee, do not make out the entry documents. But it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions: you must arrive via the airport or Aqaba port, you must leave the country through the same zone.
Remember, being in a foreign country, you should not establish your own rules and laws. Follow the established order and your passage through customs will pass painlessly.

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