Do you need a visa to the island of Mauritius for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Do you need a visa to the island of Mauritius for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
The island of Mauritius is a real piece of Paradise on earth. It is a beautiful riot of colors and greens, a blue-blue ocean, smoothly turning into the sky. Eternal summer, unforgettable sunsets, friendly local people and unusual food. Do you need a visa for a visit to the island of Mauritius in 2018 for Ukrainians, Russians, tourists-citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan?
According to the new agreement, in 2018 a visa for Russians is not required for a tourist visit for up to 60 days. Registration of tourists takes place on the spot, at the airport.
Citizens of other CIS countries need to issue a standard visa.
The national flag of the Republic of Mauritius.
What documents are needed to obtain a visa for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan:
completed entry form; international passport; return ticket; bank card for creditworthiness confirmation. hotel reservation or tourist voucher (enough prints from the Internet)
Passage of the border.
Despite the simple procedure for obtaining a visa to the island, pay attention to some of the nuances:
The standard tourist visa is valid for 60 days, it can be extended without crossing the border, by contacting the embassy, but an additional fee is charged at the airport at check-out – $ 17. The sum of the days of stay should not be more than 90 during six months. A birth certificate is required for underage citizens of the Russian Federation. Unaccompanied by parents / guardians – permission to leave the country. The validity of the passport must not end before the end of the journey. Visa is free.
Business trip.
For business trips, a visa for Mauritius for Russians and Ukrainians is also issued upon arrival. To the list of mandatory documents, an invitation from the company / organization is added, the period of stay is 90 days. Visas for citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan, too, are opened directly upon arrival by a similar scheme.
Additional Information.
A tropical corner in the Indian Ocean, filled with beautiful vegetation, tall palm trees and enveloped on all sides by ocean waves.
View of the island from a bird’s-eye view.
On the emerald island there is the possibility of a combination of a calm, restless rest on snow-white sands, and find yourself many exciting activities for lovers of active recreation. This is an elite holiday with many beautiful places, lagoons, attractions.
When is it better to go?
The climate of the sea is tropical, with high humidity, not very hot. The warmest parts of the island are northern and western, winter lasts only in the southern hemisphere from May to October.
In winter, the temperature drops and dry weather reigns, you can relax in almost any part of the state, at any time of the year. From December to February is considered the warmest period.
Care for health.
Despite the tropical climate, no vaccinations are required before going to Mauritius. Tap water is clean and not hazardous to health, but for drinking use bottled water. Going to a hot climate, be sure to take with you the means of protection from insects and a cream for a safe tan.
Prices and movement around the island.
Shops in Mauritius are not opened early – from 9:30 and work until 19:30, the markets are open from 6 am. Of course, prices vary, depending on the cafe and their location. The prices for products are almost the same as in Russia. Mauritius is famous for its precious stones and jewelry, and many shops with inexpensive footwear and clothing. Local currency is the Mauritanian rupee.
Throughout the territory there is a network of bus routes that start their work from 5:30 am and until 8 pm. Taxi is also an equally popular form of transport among tourists, it can be caught on the road, stops or near the hotel. Car rent is available to citizens who have reached 23 years of age and have at least one year experience driving (left-hand traffic).
The subtleties of the flight.
As you can see, obtaining permits for Mauritius for Russians is not difficult. All necessary documents are provided upon arrival, and the visa itself is free, the duration of the tourist visa is 60 days, and the business visa is 90. This can not but please the travelers, and right now there is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill the dream and see the paradise island with your own eyes!
There are several options for flights to Mauritius, but the flight is quite long, there are no direct flights. Transplantation is mainly carried out in major European cities, and the duration of the stop is from 50 minutes to several hours.

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