Do you want to live and work in Europe?

Do you want to live and work in Europe?
We offer a full range of services for immigration to Slovakia and obtaining a residence permit. Currently, the legislation of Slovakia allows you to talk about four legitimate ways of obtaining a residence permit in this EU country:
Getting a residence permit in connection with doing business. Getting a residence permit in connection with studies. Obtaining residence permit in connection with contract work. Getting a residence permit in connection with family reunification.
There is another reason – if you are an ethnic Slovak living abroad. However, this is, as they say, Slovaks, “quite another cafe” and in our practice is extremely rare.
Slovakia is a country that is optimal for moving and emigration from Ukraine.
Its advantages are obvious:
Slovakia is a country of the European Union. You will be able to travel to Europe without visas, and in the future – get permanent residence or citizenship of the EU state; Slovakia is a promising and rapidly developing country. According to the dynamics of economic growth, in 2015 Slovakia entered the 3rd place in the EU; Find a job in Slovakia & # 8212; quite simply; To conduct business in Slovakia is easy and convenient, the tax legislation is loyal to entrepreneurs; Slovaks are Slavs, their mentality is close and understandable to us. At the same time, the way and comfort of life is truly European. The Slovaks are very loyal to people from Ukraine and the Russian Federation; The Slovak language is easy to learn for those who know Russian and Ukrainian. In a few months you will be able to work and negotiate in Slovak; Ukrainian diplomas are recognized in Slovakia. For this it is only necessary to pass the procedure of nostrification; In Slovakia, a good level of education. Education in universities is affordable and inexpensive, and maybe even free, subject to a number of conditions; Slovakia borders Ukraine – it can be conveniently reached not only by plane, but also by car or train; Slovakia gives an opportunity to get a residence permit simply and quickly. In addition, it is inexpensive, in comparison with other EU countries; Acceptable prices for life with stable earnings.
Our company has more than 5 years of experience in legal support for obtaining residence permit in Slovakia for Ukrainian citizens for any of the reasons given above. We completely organize for you the process of moving, we will provide all necessary consultations and support.
Our offices are in Kiev and in Bratislava. Therefore, we provide our clients with full support: in the Motherland and in Slovakia.
Employees of our Slovak office themselves have gone this way and know how to move to Slovakia quickly, comfortably, and most importantly – without unnecessary financial waste.
At your service – professional consultants, translators, accountants, auditors, lawyers, specialists in the field of education. We will help you in any matter – from collecting the necessary documents and transferring them, opening bank accounts, ending with renting an apartment and accompanying in the state bodies of Slovakia.
Speaking about the most “running” way of immigration to Slovakia, we would stop on the creation of emergency (SPD, FOP).
Citizens of other countries can obtain the status of a private entrepreneur (zivnostik) in the territory of Slovakia. After that – have the right to obtain residence permit.
That is, you can, with our help, collect the necessary package of documents in Ukraine, come to Slovakia, where we will register you as a private entrepreneur and submit documents for obtaining residence permit.
All this is exclusively within the framework and on the basis of the Slovak legislation.
Thus, you can live and work in a European country. Including – not only to conduct your business, but also to be hired for work, as a private entrepreneur. This is beneficial to many employers – they are happy to hire such employees.
You will also get the right to transport your family (spouses and children) to Slovakia legally – on family reunification. Also, a husband and wife can register an emergency each for themselves.
The first residence permit is issued for a period of 1 year to 1.5 years. In the future it is quite simply extended in the territory of Slovakia. It is also possible to change the status of stay in the country – for example, residence permits for another reason.
“Open Europe” renders all necessary consultations when extending residence permit.
Having lived in the country for 5 years, you will be able to apply for permanent residence, and eventually – to obtain and citizenship of Slovakia.
The total cost of the program for a private entrepreneur: 2550 euros.
Obtaining residence permits for family members (accompanying persons):
(If necessary, you can also order one of the services).
Our prices are real! Some companies, trying to make an attractive offer for the client, keep silent about the real costs that “pop up” when a person is already halfway – they say, where he will go. We are not deceiving anyone.
The indicated cost already includes all state fees, payment for notary services, registration of the maximum possible number of permitted activities, the availability of a legal address for registration of a private entrepreneur (unfortunately, not all companies inform about these costs of their potential customers).
You will only need to collect a small package of documents in Ukraine (or order the collection of necessary information from us), pay travel and accommodation in Slovakia to apply and pass a commission to determine the type of health insurance (after receiving residence permit).
Our prices are transparent and democratic. We do not take money from the client for unnecessary consultations and documents, because they are interested in a successful outcome.
Therefore, the main part of the payment is made by customers already in Slovakia – at registration of emergency and after obtaining residence permit.
The entire amount is divided into four payments:
EUR 50 – initial consultation. We will tell you in detail about the entire process of registration of the emergency and the subsequent receipt of residence permit, so that you can assess your opportunities, terms, and decide on cooperation with our company (payable at the conclusion of the contract) 500 euros – payment that is made before the start of the provision of training services documents for registration of emergency (paid in Ukraine); 1200 euros – payment in Slovakia directly with the registration of a private entrepreneur and the filing of documents for residence permit; 800 euros – after the successful receipt of residence permit.
First of all – contact us in any convenient way for you:
We will offer the best option, based on your wishes.
In general, the process of obtaining residence permit is as follows:
Our specialists provide a free primary consultation, during which they tell the main details, the scheme and the time frame for the move; answer your questions in person, by phone or internet. After you have decided to cooperate with our company, we conclude an official contract. We help to collect for you the necessary package of documents in Ukraine (among the documents – a certificate of non-conviction). You come to Slovakia to register an emergency (the duration of the first trip is 10 days). If necessary, we help with the organization of the trip, we provide accommodation.
In some cases it is possible to register an emergency by proxy. However, you will have to issue a power of attorney to one of our employees in Slovakia.
Within a month after filing the documents, we receive for you a certificate of registration of a private entrepreneur (in Slovak – zivnostnik or SZCO – samostatne zarobkovo cinna osoba) We are applying for residence permit. Your presence on the pitch is a must. Since the document certifying the right to obtain residence permits is biometric, and when submitting documents you must hand over fingerprints and take a photo. Within three months, either you personally, or our employee by proxy, get a plastic card about the residence permit in Slovakia. And you live and work in this wonderful European country.
We are happy to arrange for you the receipt of residence permit in Slovakia on a turn-key basis: qualitatively, professionally and at no additional cost.
Write, call us or fill out the application form below for more information!
Slovakia, Germany, Spain & # 8212; for you!
Do you want to live and work in Europe? We will find for you the most optimal options that will make the move fast, budget, calm and successful.
Slovakia, Spain, Germany! We offer programs for every taste & # 8212; from full immigration to training. We have # 8212; great experience, the best prices for services and unique offers.
Representations of our company are in Kiev, Bratislava, Barcelona and Valencia.
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Thank you & # 171; Open Europe & # 187; for a competent consultation in online mode, a properly organized visit to Valencia. I actively study the language and in the future I am going to enter the university.

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