Does not print a hud in 888

Does not print a hud in 888 h1>
Unfortunately, in Omaha this method does not work, because the number of different types of starting hands here is 16 432. Note also that if the total number of starting combinations in hold’em is early 1326, then in Omaha it will already be 270 725. Self-ordering of hands by force not as unambiguously as in hold’em. A lot of work in this direction was done by the authors of ProPokerTools and compiled files for various situations. We used these files, because they are available for everyone. The hardest thing about writing a program was to get your starting hand from a PokerStars client. Now we are working on the same task for other rooms.
This is how Khad looks for a strong hand and for a weak hand. Go to the page and read. Those who want to try the program can request a temporary license, for example for 2 weeks. To do this, follow the instructions on the site, and in the letter indicate that you want to try the program for 2 weeks (or specify a different period).
NiceHandOmaha – Khad at the Omaha game on PokerStars 2 years 5 months. back.
Also added is the 3rd Khad for counting outs. Unlike other programs that consider outs, we consider outs only on straight and higher. What is the point of counting outs on two pairs or set (thrips), when will someone move you? Outs are written in the form of fractions, for example, 16/12, which means that all outs are 16, and 12 of them will be nutty. TO – means the total number of outs on the Straight and above (Total Outs). Of course, if you already have a straight on your hands, then you will count as outs for suit, full house, etc., that is, only for large combinations.
Added 4th Khad, which shows that you currently have nuts. But, this does not mean that it will survive to the river. See equity on the river. Two equity on the current street and on the river can prompt the game line. Suppose now the flop. Our equity on the flop is 97%, and on the river is 60%. Means it is necessary to try to take away the bank already now with the help of the maximum rate. And the other situation is if the flop equity = 60%, and the river 80%. Here, we already benefit from a check-call line, or maybe a check-fold.
NiceHandOmaha – Khad at the game of Omaha on PokerStars 2 years 2 months. back.
Now we are working on 5-card Omaha and Courchevel.
NiceHandOmaha – Khad at the game of Omaha on PokerStars 2 years 2 months. back.
default – by default, if not specified.
PreFlop – to evaluate the pocket hand.
Equity is the style for equity.
HAND, NUTS, LOWNUTS – have the same meaning as before. They are described on the website and in the documentation. We will not repeat them here.
NiceHandOmaha – Khad at the game of Omaha on PokerStars 2 years 2 months. back.
He and so much at risk, using the training program. And I also recommend that you read Jeff Hwang’s Pot Limit Omaha book. The program, of course, helps, but the decision is made by the person. And, even having the nuts on the flop in the form of a set and not having outs on a straight and a flush, you have to play very carefully. If in this situation a strong bet flies under you, then you should seriously think about folding. Also, you do not need to replay two aces. They are given a very high top%, but this is wrong. Two aces are good, if at least one of them is a master and has a potential for a straight. That is, the hand type (AK) AJ – is a strong hand, and the hand AA82 – almost rubbish. We are currently working on the spectra from the PokerJuice site. We hope that there will be more & quot; correct & quot; spectra. Register here on the forum and calmly ask questions and discuss.
Consider the situation on the flop. Two figures are displayed in the HAD, for example, f = 60% r = 30%. The first digit is calculated as follows .. You take your 4 cards and 3 cards of the flop and are withdrawn from the deck. There are 45 cards left. Of the 45 cards to choose 4 cards (hand oppa) can be 148,995 ways. The program sorts through all these combinations and compares your hand to all these hands with the flop. For a computer, this will take no more than 0.1 sec. The second figure is obtained if we not only choose the opponent’s cards, but also put 2 cards on the board. Here the total number of situations will be 148,995 * 820 = 122,175,900. Of course, it is impossible to go through all these cases during the game in a reasonable time. Therefore, the program randomly chooses 1 million cases and counts no more than 2 seconds. Depending on what will be achieved earlier 1 million. or 2 seconds. As a rule, it takes less than 1 second, but someone might have an old weak computer.
Now about the benefits of these figures. First, they show how we hit the flop. If we see that our flop of equity on the flop is 20% and the river equity is 30%, then it’s clear that we have to fold our hand in response to any bet. After all, even against an accidental hand, we now have only 20%, and against a real hand, even less. And our chances of increasing small. Another case. The first figure is 90%, the second is 60%. This means that our hand will only lose equity in the following streets. Therefore, it is better to try to take the bank now. On the contrary, the first digit is 60%, the second is 90%. It’s better to check, not bet. That is, not absolute figures are important, but a trend. The third example of using these numbers occurs when we have nuts. For example, on the river. On the river, of course, there will be one figure of equity. Here equity is counted exactly in milliseconds. For example, our equity of 97%
despite the fact that we have nuts. This means that a split is possible, that is, a division of the bank. We remembered about rake. And another situation, if we see a proud 100%. So we are invincible and we will not share our winnings with anyone except for starzes, of course.
NiceHandOmaha – Khad at the game of Omaha on PokerStars 2 years 2 months. back.
In short, different colors are forbidden for one HAD, which we have already done, and ordered to remove Khad, saying that we caught the nuts. This will be done soon and everyone here will be informed.
Let me now say whether these restrictions are significant. The color of the HAD of the starting hand, it would seem, can tell us our action. For example, green color – pass, blue color – call, red – raise. But, it would be naive and primitive. After all, when choosing an action, you need to take into account not only and not so much the power of your own hand, but also the actions of the opponents in front of us, our position, the statistical indicators of opponents, etc. That is, the color in this case performed a cosmetic function rather. The same color is HAD with equity. There are numbers, so there is no information loss. Khad, who says that we have nuts, is more pleasant to see than useful.
Let’s say we caught the senior set on the flop, but we have 2 cards of the same suit on the board and there are connectors. We do not have this suit, but we are far from the connectors. Play, despite the nuts, you need extremely carefully. Or take the situation on the river. Here we can easily determine whether we are nuts or not. On the river, we see that if we have a straight, but 3 cards of the same suit and not ours, then the nuts do not. Also, if the board is paired .. In principle, it’s always easy to understand, except for cases of straight. If there is no suit and a pair, then we need to estimate what kind of straight we have and whether there is potentially more. Of course, it was convenient and nice to see the nuts on the river, but the law is the law. Now we can look at equity. If it is 100%, then we have the nuts without a split. If, for example, 97.5%, then we must estimate that this is not a nuts at all or a split.
The most important thing is that they did not forbid or limit the most valuable HAD with our outs. In Omaha, we are very important hands with a large number of outs on the straight (monster draw). They give us the opportunity to win big banks.
So now there is a great incentive to develop the program for other rooms.

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