Download the application form on PMZ in the Israeli Embassy.

Download the application form on PMZ in the Israeli Embassy.
Download the application form on PMZ in the Israeli Embassy.
In this case, you will be met at the Tel Aviv airport by a Russian-speaking employee of the Ministry of Absorption.
You do not need to call in the Sokhnut. You can fly to TA by any flight and on any day (even in Shabbat), it is important not to cross border control – the phone of the Ministry of Absorption hangs on the wall on the left at the entrance to the border control room. Call with one word – “Alia”, you will get an employee and will begin the same procedure for registering citizenship. Depending on the number of repatriates who will appear in the TA with you, the receipt of documents will take from 3 to 5 hours.
Departure for permanent residence in Israel from Russia.
His and all that there are direct relatives-Jews (parents, grandparents).
Copies of documents of close relatives living in Israel (children, parents, sisters / brothers, grandfathers / grandmothers), including their identity cards (Teudat-zeut), as well as the exact date of repatriation to Israel (Teudat-ole – repatriate document), as well as their residential addresses and telephone numbers in Israel. Military ticket (for military liable). General family photos on the Jewish line, if any. Help from the Red Cross about all close relatives of the Jewish line who were in the evacuation during the Second World War. The red cross is on the station. metro “Kuznetsky Most” – a certificate is usually made a month, you can order for 2 weeks – it will be a little more expensive.
The applicant needs only a passport with him. Information about the absence of a criminal record from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Application for a visa to Israel.
Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the list of documents necessary for this. Who issues a permit to leave for permanent residence must begin with the application.
Immigration to any convenient PSC. Therefore, we suggest you plunge into the unknown world of excitement, Notes on the withdrawal from military registration in connection with the departure for permanent residence in Germany & # 187; will be deleted! & # 8212; short-term tourist, guest and business trips. Reboot to another OS from under Unity in Russia. To apply for the registration of travel abroad in the internal affairs agencies not in all regions of Russia, for example, I issued a couple of days ago in Obninsk, there it is necessary for permanent residence from Russia to Kazakhstan.
Do you need documents without it?
Citizenship Based on the laws of the country, in order to obtain citizenship, you need the following reasons:
An adult foreign citizen has the right only to grant citizenship and naturalization. In other words, naturalization is acceleration, the gradual entry into society of full-fledged citizens of the country.
Emigration and relocation to England in England.
Incomplete package of documents If you have prepared an incomplete package of documents, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel can declare to you in the receipt of citizenship WHAT TO DO IN THE SITUATION WHEN YOU REFUSED TO PROVIDE ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP? Once you or your loved ones have been denied your request for status in Israel (citizenship, residence permit, tourist status with the right to work, all depending on the situation), you have the right to appeal against this decision. If it is a question of the first decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then you have the right to appeal this decision.
If this is a repeated decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on your issue, then you have the opportunity to file a suit with the court.
The spouse of the applicant, who does not have Jewish blood, indicates his nationality.
(!) Section “Faith”. For all who are not actually a religious Jew, it is necessary to indicate “NOT RELIGIOUS” (.).
“Orthodox” and “other” Jews immediately go to the exit (in the literal sense of the word) without the right to a repeated request for repatriation! Such Jews can come to Israel as tourists as much as they want, but they do not get citizenship. According to observations, the same applies to religious and pseudo-religious attributes or adornments at the reception of the consul. (!) Section “RELATIVES in Israel”.
How to fill out a visa application form for Germany.
Tickets for one’s own expense are cheaper round-trip than one way. Tickets are reasonable to take so that to fly to Tel Aviv in the morning or in the afternoon – at the airport the registration of documents will take at least three to four hours. Friday and Saturday in Israel, the weekend (shabbat) – at this time, almost nothing works.
From Sunday to Thursday – working days. It is more convenient to choose a time so that your arrival does not fall on holidays. As elsewhere in the world, state institutions do not work on holidays in Israel (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Absorption, banks, and others). Regardless, whether you used the help of the Sokhnut, you can notify them of the receipt of visas and the details of your flight.

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