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Admission to the EC – Varna Practical information Visa and residence permit.
Visa issues.
Currently, Bulgaria issues only national visas (type D). This visa does not allow entering the Schengen area. Students from countries outside the EU need a visa to stay in Bulgaria. The list of countries that need a visa to enter Bulgaria is indicated on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria: click here.
Holders of the valid Schengen visa are allowed to enter and stay in the territory of Bulgaria. Not more than 90 days in a six-month period starting from the date of entry, without the need to have a short-term visa for stay in Bulgaria. Such a visa can be opened by correspondence students or doctoral students. Full-time students must open a visa D.
Types of visas for foreign citizens:
Visa A & ndash; transit visa, not valid for training Visa C & ndash; Short-term visa for the purpose of transit or planned stay in the country Visa D & ndash; A long-term visa (for 180 days) is required for training.
A long-term visa issued to a foreign citizen who wishes to stay on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for a long period.
A visa for a long-term stay with a validity of up to 6 months with the right to stay in Bulgaria for up to 180 days (Article 15, paragraph 1 of the Law on Foreign Citizens in R. Bulgaria).
A visa for a long-term stay with a validity of up to one year and with a right to stay up to 360 days can be issued to foreigners who carry out scientific research or are students under study programs up to one academic year, interns or trainees, foreigners, seconded foreign employers to fulfill specific tasks related to the control and coordination of the implementation of the contract on tourist services, as well as to foreigners, seconded by a foreign employer for the purpose of implementing the estitsy certified in the procedure stipulated by the Law on the promotion of investments (Article 15, paragraph 1 of the Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria).
A visa for long-term stay entitles to multiple entry into the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria within the term of its validity.
A visa for long-term stay entitles to multiple entry into the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria within the term of its validity.
The visa for long-term stay is canceled when issuing a residence permit by the administrative control authorities over foreigners.
An application for a visa for a long-term stay is submitted only to diplomatic and consular representations of the Republic of Bulgaria at the place of permanent residence of the candidate or in representative offices accredited to the state of permanent residence of the candidate. Information on diplomatic and consular missions can be found at:
Persons legally residing in a country other than their country of permanent residence may, by exception, file an application in this third country, justifying the reasons for this, provided that they return to their country of permanent residence.
The submission of documents for a visa for long-term stay is made personally by a foreign citizen.
Visa application form Foreign passport Passport copy with personal information and / or copy of residence permit in Bulgaria Colored passport-size photographs Originals and two copies of documents: A certificate issued by the Ministry of Education and Science A certificate issued by the university & & ndash; Varna on enrollment Proof of the admission of financial means necessary for accommodation and accommodation.
In order to obtain a permit for a long stay, foreign citizens must be provided with housing, have medical insurance and have sufficient means to live without social assistance, in the amount not less than the minimum wage or the minimum pension in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period accommodation.
Upon initial application for permanent residence, persons aged 18, with the exception of stateless persons, present a certificate of a criminal record issued by the state, whose citizens they are.
More detailed information on visas can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: click here.
All foreign students (EU and non-EU countries) who study at the EU & ndash; Varna can apply for a residence permit in the service of migration of Varna. After registration in the migration service, students receive an official permit to stay in the country during the training period. Division & bdquo; International Cooperation & ldquo; issued a document proving the enrollment of a student for training in the EC & ndash; Varna.
A valid passport (at least 2 years before the expiry date of the passport) A contract for renting an apartment for one year or another document certifying the place where the student will live during the training. A receipt (document issued by the bank) confirming the payment of tuition for a semester Copy of the agreement, issued by MES A certificate of non-conviction certified in the Bulgarian embassy, translated into Bulgarian with the legalization of the transfer (the student submits a certificate of non-conviction only once) Insurance policy made in Bulgaria, with m (6 or 12 months) Document issued by the university on the enrollment of the student Document confirming the availability of funds in the student’s bank account (minimum 1500 BGN) Application to the migration service Document on payment of the fee to obtain a residence permit.
Note: each student is responsible for obtaining a document for residence permit and for his personal documents. Department & bdquo; International Cooperation & ldquo; helps all students, but students must be responsible for personal documents and deadlines for submitting documents. Students must apply for a renewal of the card for residence permit one month before the expiry of the visa D or the previous card for residence permit. If the student does not submit the renewal documents, he will be fined by the Migration Service in the amount of 30 to 500 leva. If a student submits documents even one day after the expiration of the validity of the card for residence permit, the fine is from 500 to 5000 leva. The migration service can also decide on the immediate deportation of the student. It should be noted that the receipt of a new card for residence permits occurs after 4 weeks, during this time the student can not leave the country.

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