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How to obtain the citizenship of San Marino.
By the number of Internet inquiries about citizenship, one can judge the popularity of a particular country in the world among potential immigrants. For example, questions about how to obtain the citizenship of San Marino are much less than, if it is a question of Italy, in the territory of which this dwarf state is located.
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Many people think that because the country is tiny, it has very strict conditions for immigration, and this is indeed so. We suggest you get acquainted with the legislation of San Marino, which deal with the problems of obtaining citizenship, its restoration or loss. Consider the reasons for issuing the passport of the San Marino citizen, what documents should be prepared, the fulfillment of which conditions is the main basis.
How can I obtain the citizenship of San Marino?
On the territory of the Republic of San Marino, the law “On Citizenship” is currently in effect, in the latest edition of 2004. According to him, in this state the following options for obtaining citizenship are possible: by origin; on adoption; by birth; through naturalization.
As can be seen from the list, the tiny size does not affect the grounds for obtaining citizenship, the positions are identical to those in neighboring Italy and in the US located at the other end of the world. On the other hand, the authorities of the Republic of San Marino, in which there are only thirty thousand people, have done everything possible to increase the population only in a natural way. Of course, there are immigrants in this state, especially since the borders with Italy are conditional.
With regard to the right of citizenship by birth, there are subtleties in local regulations. It is clear that if both parents are holders of the passports of citizens of San Marino, then the baby automatically becomes a subject of this state. The same practice applies to children adopted by San Marino citizens in relation to newborns whose parents were not identified.
If only one parent (no matter Mom or Dad) is a citizen of the republic, then the child, having reached the age of majority, must within a year declare his desire to become a citizen. Fortunately for immigrants, if they live in the Republic of San Marino on a legal basis, they have a permanent residence permit, then their children have a good chance of obtaining the passports of citizens of the country.
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Other ways to obtain the citizenship of San Marino.
In this republic different mechanisms of admission to citizenship apply, for adult immigrants there are two ways: marriage with a citizen of the republic; naturalization. The latter method is not so much complicated as long, as the basic condition is the period of residence in San Marino, and it is the largest not only among the countries of Europe, but it is quite possible that the planets are thirty years old. And the countdown begins not at the time of entry into the territory, but after obtaining a permanent residence permit. On the one hand, the authorities of the republic do not seem to deny foreign citizens the right to enter San Marino citizenship, on the other hand, there is such a strict requirement regarding the length of residence that not everyone can.
The General Council of the Republic of San Marino is in charge of enrolling in citizenship, the application with all necessary documents is submitted to this institution. At the same time, a foreign national must declare his renunciation of the citizenship of the country where he used to live, since the dual citizenship does not work on the territory of a dwarf European state.
Can I do without the passport of a citizen of San Marino?
Since the conditions for acquiring the citizenship of the Republic of San Marino are very strict, many immigrants perfectly manage without them, for a normal residence it is sufficient to obtain a permanent residence permit with the right to work. Many Russian businessmen use such programs, because at the moment this state gives the opportunity to work and earn. In San Marino, business is organized according to one of two schemes: the creation of a joint stock company with a statutory fund of at least 77,000 euros; registration of a limited liability company with a capital of 25 thousand euros.
It is clear that for the speedy organization of business, keeping it on legal grounds one desire is not enough, it is necessary to know the legislation, work experience. Therefore, the practice of many representatives of Russian business included the conclusion of contracts with companies that provide legal services in this industry.

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