Emigration to Australia: The “fifth” continent becomes the first.

Emigration to Australia: The “fifth” continent becomes the first.
When deciding which country to make your permanent residence, you need to pay attention to the following: the level of life in the country, the situation in the labor market, social protection, medical care, the quality of education, ecology and, finally, the opportunity to emigrate. Let’s look at Australia based on these criteria.
This progress of Australia is due to the success in reforming its economy. The Australians themselves believe that their country has entered a new golden age, even more promising and sustainable than the two previous ones. At the end of the 20th century, per capita income in Australia for the longest period was the highest in the world, and today Australia is constantly among the top 10 countries in this indicator. It is no coincidence that Sydney was the venue for the 2000 Olympics, which indicates a high ranking of the country.
Now Australia is experiencing the ninth year of sustainable economic growth. The level of inflation, which in the 80s was measured by a two-digit number, during the 1990s mostly did not exceed the rate of 2-3% – that is, it was exactly where the central bank wanted to see it. The average life expectancy of men is 75 years, women – 80. In Australia, live 20 thousand Ukrainians, 18 thousand Russians, 20 thousand Latvians.
As elsewhere, in Australia experts are first of all appreciated. Therefore, it is important to give a sober assessment of their abilities, set a goal and go to it. Moreover, the program of emigration is associated with the confirmation of you in Australia as a specialist. Therefore, most of the work will already be done during the emigration process.
On the question “how long does it take to find a job” it is difficult to answer unequivocally. It all depends on the language, specialization and your needs. As a rule, emigrants for the first 2-4 months work for 1-2 thousand a month, until they find a serious job in the specialty with a salary of at least 35-40 thousand per year. This money is enough for a living. If you are an IT specialist, an auto mechanic, etc. – You can find work quite quickly – within a month, and immediately well paid.
Study in universities is paid. In college, the cost of studying 3500-6000 USD for the year, at the university – 6000-20000 USD. In addition to good conditions for training in Australian schools, there are services that help foreign students.
Most of the country’s schools are state-run, providing training for permanent residents for a nominal fee. Approximately a quarter of secondary schools where tuition is paid in full. There are many independent schools that are funded by various religious organizations or private foundations; Catholic, led by the Catholic Education Commission. There are Russian and Ukrainian schools.
The most accessible for the citizens of Ukraine is the program of independent (or professional) emigration. In some ways, it is similar to the Canadian program, but when compared there are a number of significant advantages. First, the requirements for applicants are softer, especially after the recent introduction in Canada of new rules for emigration. Secondly, you do not need to transfer money to the account to prove financial solvency, which makes the program available in the absence of significant funds. And thirdly, to obtain citizenship in Australia you need to live only 2 years (in Canada – 3 years). The passport of an Australian citizen allows for visa-free travel almost all over the world.
If you have a higher or specialized secondary education and your specialty is on the list of popular professions (SOL), you and your family can apply for permanent resident status in Australia. For the main applicant, you need to score 115 points. At the same time, the applicant’s age, specialty, work experience, knowledge of the English language and other factors are taken into account.
The duration of the emigration process ranges from 8 months to 1.5 years. All expenses for the family during this period, including fees to the embassy, will be about 2900 USD.
In subsequent publications, we will tell you more about life in Australia, and also touch upon the issues that people face when emigrating.

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