emigration to Canada where to start.

emigration to Canada where to start.
Honored ladies and gentlemen!
I am glad to welcome you on our website. Our website is dedicated to immigration * and immigrants.
For your convenience, we tried to collect in one place all the information about the immigration procedure in Canada, the categories of immigration, the consular fees, the immigration of parents, the timing of consideration of documents for immigration, the passage of a medical commission, the preparation for an interview at the Embassy of Canada and a lot other useful information.
If you are just thinking about immigration, we suggest you visit the sections of the website devoted to Canada. Perhaps, having become better acquainted with the state and its customs, having looked at the beautiful views of Canada, you can make the final decision on immigration to Canada.
Director of CIS representation in Ukraine.
* Immigration (Russian) – arrival in another country for a permanent place of residence. Emigration (Russian) – departure from the country of residence.
The question of whether it is necessary to emigrate from Ukraine in principle and, if so, to which country. rather difficult and requiring discussion. First, a little statistics.
Every third inhabitant of Ukraine dreams of emigrating …
This is evidenced by the data of the sociological poll conducted by the Foundation “Democratic Initiatives” and the Kiev International Institute of Sociology among the 2011 respondents in all regions of Ukraine. 33.8% of respondents said they would have been able to move together with their families to another country, 61.5% would have remained, 4.7% found it difficult to answer. The survey also showed that those wishing to emigrate more among young people and people with higher education. So among the surveyed people with incomplete secondary education would remain in Ukraine 82.1%, with secondary education & # 8212; 59.6%, the highest 49.8. Among the old people, 18-19 years old would like to stay in Ukraine 37%, 40-49 years old & # 8212; 58%, 80 years and older & # 8212; 91%, notes “Interfax-Ukraine” (FACTS from 18.02.04)
If you read this article, you mean in the middle of that third of the population of Ukraine that dreams of emigration …
But, as our experience indicates, it’s a dream to emigrate and make a decision to start emigrating & # 8212; far from the same thing.
To begin to solve this issue, you will need the preconditions for emigration and arguments in favor of emigration. I have to announce that they each have their own. For someone, & # 8212; this is the future of their children and their own future. For someone, this is a desire for professional growth. There are those who consider emigration as receiving the citizenship of another country and the freedoms that it gives. For someone it’s just a reunion with relatives, and who dreams of getting on a full “state support” as a refugee. But there is something that unites all people who decide to change the place of permanent residence. They all dream of a better life in the best country.
None of the above circumstances will be sufficient to grant you immigration visas, but no matter which of these circumstances may prompt you to take a decision on emigration from Ukraine.
So, the decision is made …
From the search for the appropriate information.
The list of states of host immigrants for a particular immigration program is constantly being supplemented. And yet, the countries that usually receive the largest number of immigrants have been America, Canada and Australia for many years. Let us dwell on emigration to Canada.
Immigration to Canada is likely in several categories.
The most common category of immigration. In this category, specialists with special education and work experience emigrate to Canada. List of & quot; accepted professions & quot; was abolished on June 28, 2002, when the new Immigration Law of Canada came into force. This can be seen as a positive moment, because specifically this & quot; list of accepted professions & quot; closed immigration in Canada to many specialists whose professions did not fall into this list. This Immigration Law made mandatory the passing of the language test (British / French), which clouded many applicants, because it is not a secret that few of those who wish to try their luck in emigration have a foreign language at a level sufficient to successfully surrender it examination. For those who, after this information about the exam has already given up on the idea of emigration, we inform you “# 8212; You can pass the exam. Our clients, not translators by profession, successfully pass it …
For entrepreneurs with between 300,000 and 800,000 CAD, experience in organizing and doing business, sportsmen and artists of world renown, farmers. This category has sub-categories “Investors”, “Entrepreneurs”, “Employers for themselves”.
The most difficult and expensive category of emigration is based on the beliefs of problems in the provision of a number of documents, larger consular fees and larger attorneys’ fees representing your interests in the issue of emigration …
The easiest way to get to Canada as a new immigrant, provided you have close relatives in Canada, ready to act as your sponsors (which is not always the same thing). The shortest timeframe for reviewing documents (from 6 months) is due to the fact that applications for this category of emigration are considered first …
Your profession, experience, knowledge of foreign languages are of secondary importance. The main thing is that your relatives undertake to provide you with all kinds of assistance, including financial assistance for a couple of years after your move to Canada.
As in any other category of emigration, there are certain “underwater stones”. Of great importance are the degree of kinship and the material condition of the Canadian relative. The process of immigration begins with the territory of Canada …
Many of the number of those who, when & # 8212; or appealed to us for help in obtaining guest visas, had intentions to try to stay in Canada as refugees (perhaps they are also aware of this at the Embassy, therefore there are difficulties with obtaining guest visas). Those who try to obtain refugee status through a guest visa are right only in one, & # 8212; Canada really perceives refugees and for this it is really better to be on the territory of Canada. All other information about this category, usually, does not correspond to reality.
More carefully about who can claim the immigration function for this category of emigration and how to do it right, you can read here.
As a candidate for the Federal Immigration in Canada, we propose.
You will see the possibility of emigration from other available provincial immigration programs to Canada. Namely on the immigration program of the province of Quebec.
Despite the fact that applicants for emigration to this province as before do not have to pass language testing and do not necessarily have more than 13,000 CAD for obtaining visas in an indispensable order, emigration to this province has specific features …
A few people know that one of the parents can be included in their own application for emigration to Canada, but the questions about whether parents can be taken with their parents are asked quite often. Surprisingly, the information on this topic is actually absent in the Web.
We decided to fill this gap and give you information on this topic …
Despite the relative clarity of the criteria and the apparent availability of all the necessary information, it is very, very difficult to pass the emigration function. Compliance with all the above requirements for all categories of emigration is only the permission to take a role in the emigration procedure, but they are not a guarantee of obtaining emigrant visas.
In addition, to understand all the subtleties of the Immigration Law (450 pages!) Is not in everyone’s power, and means that the possibility of error in self-submission of documents is large enough.
We are for a professional approach to solving the issue of emigration. We put our hopes, you too.

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