Emigration to Serbia. Features of life and citizenship.

Emigration to Serbia. Features of life and citizenship.
The first and basic for the migrant: the ease of obtaining the right to long-term residence. In Serbia, the foundation of “ownership of real estate” still operates.
The second & mdash; mild climate. Summer is relatively hot, and winter is & mdash; warm. At the end of October, the temperature is + 20 � C or higher. However, this temperature can be in January. In this winter, as a rule, snow falls, although this winter lasts a couple of weeks.
The third attractive moment, especially for those who like to eat deliciously & mdash; developed agriculture, an abundance of vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products.
Fourth item & mdash; location of local to Russian. In my opinion, several with a search and in some places a lower criticality of the assessment. On the other hand, they see Russia only through the TV, and on TV it is shown so that you feel like Vovochka from an anecdote about kindergartners in the Soviet Union.
Serbia & ndash; the state is not homogeneous. So it happened historically. The north of Serbia from the border with Hungary and approximately to the level of Belgrade belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. South of Serbia (Belgrade and everything to the south) & ndash; this is the former Ottoman Empire. As a consequence: different terrain, culture, level of the economy, national composition. The phonetics of the tongue differs somewhat, but this is for the “unprepared ear” is immaterial.
South of Belgrade, it is worth traveling only for impressions from nature or for serious downshifting. But I would not advise you to live there permanently: poverty and infrastructure are appropriate. And the man of modern urban civilization is habitual to live exactly in infrastructure, and not in a house with a subsistence economy. Otherwise we would prefer to drink in the morning, not coffee and cream, but boiling water, infused on the grass from the front garden.
If there is not much desire to break away from civilization, then it will be necessary to look narrowly at the northern part (Vojvodina and its capital Novi Sad) or to Belgrade itself. Belgrade & mdash; the largest city, Novi Sad & mdash; next to him. People who traveled all the cities of Serbia, considered large, spoke of them as big villages. Even Nis was not helped either by the fact that he & mdash; the birthplace of several Roman emperors, nor the presence of a Roman fortress. About small towns, I think, you can not speak.
It is still easy to come to Serbia for the purpose of “looking around” to determine exactly whether it will be convenient for you to live here. The regime with Russia is visa-free, fly from Moscow, Sheremetyevo to Belgrade, Nikola Tesla only three hours. Directly fly only Air Serbia (former JAT, before its purchase by Arabs) and Aeroflot.
Since the passport control in Serbia, you have 24 hours to register at the place of residence. About this in more detail, since many are fined. If you settled in a hotel, then the hotel manager should register you, if in a rented apartment & ndash; then its master. When applying for registration, the card is filled in, and you receive from it a counterfoil with the mark of a policeman. This is called & quot; white cardboard & quot ;.
Make out & quot; white cardboard & quot; It is required if you change your place of residence and when you enter Serbia. In both cases & mdash; within 24 hours. For violation there are punishments from a fine of 300 euros and up to deportation, and I know a person who received a two-year ban on entry. I do not like? Say thank you that they are allowed without a visa and thirty-three other pieces of paper.
Moreover, according to the agreement on mutual visits between Russia and Serbia, Russians can enter and leave Serbia unlimited number of times, without a limit of 90/180. In practice, this means that you can always travel back and forth after 30 days. However, every time you need to register, making out the “white cardboard”. After a while, this will be fed up, and to apply for a new visa to the Schengen will have to go to the place of citizenship and residence. But for acquaintance will come down.
It may be that border guards “do not know” & quot; an agreement between Russia and Serbia, which lifts the limit on the number of visits and the total length of stay. You are in their eyes & mdash; violators of the migration regime, you will be fined and not allowed to go. In this case, you do not need to pay anything, because the mistakenly collected fine will not be returned. You can try to gently explain, but if you do not speak the language and not a specialist in management, then it is unlikely that something will turn out. Therefore it is necessary to call the consul or demand communication with the consul at them. The first option is preferable, because it is faster. However, I believe, a few months should be enough to “look around”.
You can get the right of long-term residence in Serbia on the basis of owning real estate or business.
In the passport paste a blue sticker “borovaka”, which gives the right to stay in the country from 3 to 12 months. Your income allows you to feel quite comfortable, and you, thanks to the very label, get visas to Europe not in Moscow, but in Belgrade. But your right to live should be regularly renewed. No & quot; automation & quot; in this matter there is no: the decision, the validity of the grounds and the duration of the extension are determined by the inspector personally.
In the transition from the right of long-term residence to the status of permanent residence (& quot; steel borovak “), too, there is no automation. After five years (“real estate”) or ten years (“by business”) of staying in the territory of Serbia on the right of long-term residence, you can obtain the status of permanent residence. But your petition can be accepted or not accepted, because no one is obliged to issue a document on demand. But, as far as I know, none of the citizens of the Russian Federation was refused. Migration officials say that, even with the abolition of the grounds for extradition, the right of residence remains. That is, if the program & laquo; on real estate & raquo; will be abolished, then those who have already passed through it will be able to calmly & laquo; stand up & raquo; to permanent residence.
The status of a permanent resident is given for as long as 5 years. Near the end of this five-year plan, you will have the right to file a petition for citizenship. The time for consideration of the application can be one year or more.
Citizens of Serbia have the right to visa-free entry into the territory of the Schengen, according to the principle of 90/180 (both under the “C” visa), and “ndash; visa-free visits to Russia and some other states, for example, China. Serbia allows dual citizenship.

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