Emigration to the Czech Republic.

Emigration to the Czech Republic.
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Do you want to emigrate? Then it’s time to think where. In this article I will tell you about emigration to the Czech Republic. Why Czech Republic? Because this is the only emigration program available to all in Europe. For example, in Germany you can emigrate if you are a hereditary German or a Jew. For other citizens, it is very difficult to emigrate to Germany. Well, perhaps, you can still reunite with relatives. And in the Czech Republic you can emigrate to all. 90% of citizens receive visas when emigrating to the Czech Republic.
Advantages of emigration to the Czech Republic.
Low cost of emigration process. All costs range from 600 to 2000 euros / per person;
The duration of the emigration process is not more than 6 months;
Visas receive 90% of those wishing to emigrate;
In the Czech Republic, low prices. For rental of housing, clothing, products, 150-200 euros / per month is required (Note: In Prague, twice as much);
In the Czech Republic, a high standard of living;
The Czech Republic is a full member of the EU;
In 2006, the Czech Republic is included in the Schengen agreement, which makes it possible to live and work throughout Europe;
The possibility of emigration for all relatives and friends.
A feature of emigration to the Czech Republic.
As such, the emigration program does not exist in the Czech Republic, but liberal Czech laws allow a loophole that has been used for more than 10 years by those who wish to emigrate to the Czech Republic.
Under the liberal Czech legislation, any foreigner who opens a firm in the Czech Republic receives a long-term visa. On this law, the business process is based. emigration to the Czech Republic. Upon arrival in the Czech Republic, you can conduct business activities or settle for work and take the balance sheets of the firm with a zero total. After a few years you get permanent residence.
The most common are limited liability companies. The founders of the LLC can be up to 50 people, which makes it possible to emigrate to all relatives and friends. Children under 18 years of age are not included in the list of founders and receive a visa automatically.
The cost of the emigration process depends on the number of founders of the firm. The more founders the cheaper the process of business & 8211; emigration to the Czech Republic, as the costs of opening a company are significantly reduced. If you want to emigrate one thing, all costs will go to you in 2000 euros, but with the group of emigrants the cost of the emigration process will be from 600 to 800 euros per person. Some firms offer a cost reduction option, in which you will be able to pick up fellow travelers and significantly reduce the cost of the emigration process. More information on the option of reducing costs can be found here: http://aupair-evro.narod.ru/index10.html.
At the moment, Australia, Canada and the Czech Republic are the most realistic countries for emigration. The big advantage of the emigration process to the Czech Republic is its cheapness (much cheaper than in Canada or Australia). Also, the process of emigration to the Czech Republic is relatively short (no more than 6 months) and with a high probability of success (90% of those wishing to emigrate receive a long-term visa).
The result of the immigration procedure is the receipt of a long-term visa “D & # 8221 ;. In a year you will be able to get a visa # D + C & # 8221; which will allow you to travel without visas to the Schengen countries. Already in the Czech Republic, once again having collected the necessary documents (see the set of documents http://aupair-evro.narod.ru/index10.html) and having prepared a report on the firm, you get a visa “D + C”.
Residence permit in the Czech Republic.
The overwhelming majority (99%) of foreigners live in the country on the basis of a long-term residence permit (residence permit). The basis for its receipt is private business, i.e. registration of a legal entity. Members of a foreign entrepreneur’s family can also obtain such permission.
The most convenient option for long-term stay is the registration of a legal entity (firm) in the territory of the Czech Republic. After a number of years of living in the Czech Republic you get permanent residence.
If you have any questions for me, write, I will answer all. Good luck!

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