Emigration to the UAE.

Emigration to the UAE.
In south-west Asia, to be exact, in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, there is a federal state, called the United Arab Emirates. It consists of seven separate emirates – small states. In each emirate is an absolute monarchy. Surrounded by the country of the Omani and Persian Gulfs. In the Arab Emirates, a subtropical climate, so there is very dry and hot all year round. In addition, there are often sandstorms. In summer, the air temperature reaches +40 degrees, sometimes the mark rises to +50 degrees. In winter, the temperature fluctuates within +23 degrees. Precipitation is usually irregular. Currency UAE – Dirham. However, goods can be purchased for US dollars. Actual for 2013 course: 1 dollar – 3.66 dirhams.
Many shops of the country offer a lot of jewelry from gold and silver. In addition, there you can buy as gifts from metal, porcelain and other materials. Tourists, as a rule, do not leave the Emirates without a floor vase, which is considered a sign of prosperity and prosperity in the UAE.
Who lives in the state?
In addition to the indigenous people – Arabs, immigrants from the following countries reside in the United Emirates: Filipinos, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, as well as settlers from the countries of southern Asia. They together make up 85% of the population of the UAE. Also in the country there are among immigrants the Arabs who arrived in the Emirates from Oman, Yemen, Morocco and Egypt.
What are the chances of finding employment with immigrants?
In the UAE there is one problem – there is a clear lack of qualified personnel. The active development of the industry in the construction and tourism sectors, as well as the need for workers in the service sector is constantly growing. The hotel business, tourism, entertainment, management and trade are developing rapidly in the Emirates. A lot of free vacancies in the construction business. Everywhere there is a chance to officially get a job. To do this, it is enough to know the English language, have the appropriate education, work experience and excellent health.
Immigrants are often accommodated in the hotel business. The following vacancies are open here: reception staff, administrators, interpreters, maids, barmen, maitrels, waiters, animators, dancers, lifeguards in swimming pools and water parks, musicians, clowns and others. In addition to wages, which is stipulated in the contract, the employee receives additional payments. These include monthly premium payments, tips and surcharges for service.
Employed workers, the employer provides the following conditions: housing, food, medical insurance, free transportation to the workplace or compensation for transportation costs. In the UAE, career growth and a rapid wage increase are possible. You can easily find a job in the Emirates, with about the same conditions as described above, for such specialties as: masseur, hairdresser, fitness instructor or seller. Many more vacancies for popular airlines are not closed, stewardesses, pilots and airport employees are required.
In the United Arab Emirates, you can easily find a job in the field of IT-technologies, for example, a specialist in new computer technologies, a system administrator or a programmer. An immigrant can get a good high-paying job in the construction industry without problems, if there is a diploma in the specialty. They require experienced crane operators, excavator drivers, electricians, designers, finishers, roofers and decorators.
Immigration to the UAE is possible for those who are specialists in their field. Therefore, you must first look for a job. You do not need to fly to the country, you can use the Internet resources. The Ministry of Labor and the service dealing with emigration issues have created a special procedure that can help, issue a work permit and obtain a work visa for foreigners. After receiving the latter, it will be possible to obtain a resident visa.
The employer, who decides to take the foreigner to work, arranges an interview, after which the future employee can confidently prepare for the move. At the same time, the employer must collect and submit to certain instances documents for the official employment of the future employee:
� Application for a working visa on special forms of the Ministry of Labor of the United Arab Emirates in duplicate;
� the original and one copy of the company registration, registration cards are received by the company that is registered in the United Arab Emirates and has the right to hire employees among the citizens of the country, as well as foreigners;
� a photocopy of the commercial license in one copy;
� a photocopy of the employee’s passport;
� documents that can confirm the qualification.
All papers, except the last two, are provided by the employing company. An emigrant requires passport data and a diploma. Here it is important to remember that the diploma must be reasserted at the home of a local notary, and then “# 8212; in the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs. Only after these instances the diploma is assured in the embassy of the United Arab Emirates. Also, translation into Arabic of all documents is necessary, in the Emirates the translator of the Ministry of Justice is engaged in this. The working visa is issued within two weeks. With it, you can already fly to the country to sign an employment contract, the issuance of a company employee card and a resident visa.
The cost of a visa.
If the contract is signed, a resident visa is issued at the expense of the firm. But you can also independently issue. Its cost will be from 960 to 1100 US dollars. According to the legislation of the Emirates, one person can bring with him across the border a sum of money up to 40,000 dirhams – this is approximately 10,000 dollars. If the limit is exceeded, the funds are subject to a mandatory declaration.
Housing for immigrants.
After moving to the country, you need to take care of housing. Before you choose it, you need to think about whether you want to rent it or buy it. The lease is always one year. The tenant will be fined a lot if he wants to terminate this contract prematurely. Rent an apartment without the help of a realtor in the UAE is virtually impossible. The price of the property is indicated taking into account the payments 4-6 times a year. It is real to receive a discount of 2,000 dirhams if you immediately pay 2 months rent or save 4000 dirhams when paying for a year.
In Dubai, you can buy a good one-bedroom apartment for only $ 50,000. Housing prices range from 3,000 to 11,000 per 1 square meter. For immigrants who have got a job and have a permanent income and a resident visa, there is an opportunity to purchase real estate on credit, with a rate of 3% per year. There you can also sell this property, even if the loan is not fully repaid. Anyone can buy a villa in the UAE. If the cost of housing is more than 1 million dirhams, the owner automatically receives a visa “resident of the country”. However, you can only own this property for 99 years, not more.
Reviews of immigrants.
Many of those who previously searched for information on how to move to the UAE, now consider themselves to be happy people. Positive feedback from immigrants who have already settled their lives on the territory of a Muslim country is abundant. Many consider fairy tale staying there: high wages, developed infrastructure, good environmental conditions. In addition, there is virtually no crime in the UAE.
Do immigrants receive UAE citizenship?
In the Emirates there is no concept of “permanent residence”. There’s even no way to buy a property forever. The reason why you can stay in this paradise is work. At the end of the work contract, immigrants leave the country.
To arrange a family in the UAE, there are no opportunities and conditions. This country is a refuge of young and free people, those people who decided to earn some money for several decades, after which they move to another corner of the planet.
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My cousin moved to the UAE. She works there as a dancer in a nightclub. I found myself a guy & # 8212; comes from Ireland. Lives with him, wants to marry him. They live in a comfortable apartment. Have a rest on a picturesque beach. According to her letters, we can conclude that she does not strain much to earn a living.
You can emigrate the whole family to Dubai in different ways and one of them is # 8212; opening of the visa of the partner of the company for 3 years.
If interested, write in a personal: regina_198032.
In the UAE, there are still excellent conditions for the development of own business. I watched the video of Ismagil Shangareyev, who has a business there, study I plan to move.
Much of the article is not true. For example, that for $ 50,000 you can buy a nice apartment. I have been living in Dubai for 3 years. For this amount you can rent a nice apartment, but do not buy. Here, the people have such salaries that everyone would buy an apartment if the prices for them were that. On a less in a cheap area of Dubai you can buy a small apartment for 150-200 thousand dollars. Also, the country’s environmental conditions leave much to be desired. Yes, it is very clean, but the quality of water is nowhere worse, for 3 years of living here my hair began to drop out strongly, the skin became worse. In the air, a specific oxygen deficiency, a constantly depressed state because of this, most of the products in the shops are tasteless and artificially grown. For 25 years of life in Russia, nothing but a cold did not fall ill, for 3 years in Dubai, appealed to the clinic about 10 times for various reasons. Immunity fell below the plinth. For me, who grew up in the North Caucasus with clean and oxygenated air, on healthy and natural food, the climate and ecology of Dubai proved to be ruinous. The difference is impossible not to feel at the level of physical health. There are many other factors, but I will get a long separate article if I start to paint all the details. Of the pros, there are very few, for example, high earnings and zero crime rates. And the minuses are very, very much.

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