Emigration to the US & # 8211; yesterday Today.

Emigration to the US & # 8211; yesterday Today.
In 1892 near the island of Liberty in New York State on Ellis Island the first emigration post in the USA was opened. Before the opening of the doors of the immigration service, any white man could come to his permanent residence in America.
Photo 1. Emigrants from Europe moored to the island of Ellis.
True, with the beginning of work on issuing a permit for life and work in the US, the requirements for visitors were mildly to say simple. Border guards asked only 29 questions: name, surname, age, country of birth, profession and so on. And it was not necessary to understand English, the translation was carried out in 39 languages.
Photo 2. The queue for passport control.
At this stage, only communists, fascists and prostitutes refused to enter the country.
Photo 3. Registration and survey.
Further, future immigrants had to undergo a medical examination.
Photo 4. Emigrants awaiting medical examination.
The main denials of naturalization during the medical examination were: lameness, an unknown rash, obvious physical defects, suspicions of tuberculosis and trachoma.
Photo 5. Identification of trachoma during ophthalmic examination.
After the successful passage of the survey, the immigrants waited for the ferry which quickly reached the long-awaited New York.
Photo 6. Anticipating the taste of freedom.
The immigration point located on Ellis Island was closed in 1954. Every day 5 thousand immigrants passed through it (a record 11 thousand people a day). Top 8 countries gave the largest number of immigrants:
3. The Russian Empire.
Currently, the bulk of immigrants come to America from Mexico, China, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Britain and Canada.
Today, the requirements for obtaining US citizenship have become much more complicated, but the medical examination has remained. Pass it necessarily at the certified by the immigration department of the USCIC doctor.
This is how it looks now.
Photo 7. Office of a doctor specializing in primary medical examinations of immigrants in Connecticut.
Inside the office is similar to a veterinary clinic.
Photo 8. Waiting room.
In this office, I took blood. The nurse could not find the needle for a long time, as it turned out she simply was not available, so she decided to use a needle twice as large as the diameter.
Photo 9. Procedural. A skewed skeleton, a training poster, peeling off the wall, dirty floors and terrible stuffiness. Throughout the office, I did not find even one air conditioner.
Then I weighed and measured the growth. My height was 5 feet 4 inches & # 8211; this is approximately 167 cm, although the real 180 cm. To my question how can this be, the med.sister smiled just waved her hand and lazily entered her measurements.
Photo 10. The doctor’s office.
The doctor did not knock at the office where I was sitting, did not wash my hands and listened to my lungs through my shirt. The only problem was my positive result on PPD (Mantoux test). Tuberculosis is one of the few diseases due to which people can refuse naturalization. I was lucky to have it latent, so the risk of getting this disease is only 10%. Such problems come from immigrants from India, Bangladesh, some countries of Africa and Russia.
I do not like anything state: education, medicine, television …. Even in the US, if the state, then either bad or exactly worse than private. For example, our private village polyclinic.
Despite strict rules for the registration of US citizenship, this country is still the most desirable place of life for immigrants from all over the world.
Ellis Island today.
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Interestingly, and this examination is also in the homeland before leaving (if it is a question of a green card) and on the spot? Tell me what tests are still being taken? Thank you.
In my opinion, now you can bring your vaccination list with you. It is better to ask in the US Embassy located in your country.
I donated blood to the tithes from my doctor in Connecticut and did the necessary vaccinations on the spot. After a positive PPD went to X-ray. All these documents were brought for inspection to the civil surgeon.

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