Emigration Why Berlin is the best city for life.

Emigration Why Berlin is the best city for life.
It’s no wonder that Russians are going to Berlin: in a city with a debt of tens of billions of euros everything is very cheap. People come here to study, do art, open bars or do nothing at all. “Afisha” found out from the locals why it was so good in Berlin.
Why is it good to walk and live with children.
Alexander Dolphinov, the poet: “In Berlin, fucking children’s playgrounds with user-friendly attractions. Some of them are paid, but those that are open both day and night, resemble more contemporary design exhibitions than ordinary children’s towns. Secondly, parks. We live next to the Tiergarten: there are a lot of greenery, kilometers of bicycle paths, several ponds. To swim, however, we go to the lake in Grunewald. Thirdly, and this is the most wonderful, children’s shops. I really like Zartholz in Prenzlauer Berg, on Knaakstrasse. There are strange toys for sale, and the sign in the translation reads about the following: “Wooden toys and all the garbage around.”
Why is it good to rent an apartment here.
Residential house, Invalidenstra e.
Mikhail Shapiro, businessman: “In four years I rented six apartments – I liked changing the areas. There is no concern about the prestige of the district, they are all equally green, developed and comfortable. Each apartment did not cost more than 500 euros a month – spacious, with a good repair, in the entrances with flowers. Tired of taking pictures – I bought a three-room apartment for 100 thousand euros. And I advise everyone, or they will soon ponadeut. But I do not recommend selling Moscow real estate: you will not be able to rent an apartment in Berlin in the same way as in Moscow, to live on this money with Moscow habits. Here it is customary to save. Young people for 50 euros a month live in dormitories and squats. Berlin, in fact, a poor city, buying housing here, do not forget about it. ”
Why is it good to study here.
Denis Ezhov, a student: “For the entire period of study at a German university you must score a certain number of points. This means that you have the right to organize your plan of studies in the way that is convenient and interesting for you. You can give it all in one and a half years, but you can study for decades. In doing so, you are given only recommendations that you can follow or not. A semester in Freie Universitat costs 300 euros, the student is given a free pass, benefits for tickets to museums and movies. You can apply for grants and grants – they can be up to one and a half thousand euros. They like to study here, at seminars everyone aspires to express themselves, and teachers do not look at you as a mistake of the universe. The educational process as if from below occurs, from the desire of students to learn. Therefore, they are not afraid of the session, and using spurs is considered idiocy. ”
Why is it good to drink here.
Anna Richter, a student: “This is a city of non-stop parties – for every taste, for any budget, for students and pensioners, aesthetes and perverts, for anyone. Berlin sets the pace for the whole world. In Berlin they hang out without sleep and rest: in the “Salon of the Wild Renata”, for example, the party starts on Thursday after lunch and ends on Monday morning. It is significant that the metro is working round the clock these days. Everything is on drugs, of course, but no one really takes this into account, that is: hang out and forget, it’s time to work! This paradox in Berlin, by the way, attracts very much: everyone is kind of relaxed, walking and having fun, but at the same time everything functions smoothly, without jambs. In the subway at five in the morning a crowd of drunken teasing teenagers, they yell, roll around the floor, cause disgust sometimes and even fright, but you can be sure – they all paid for the fare. ”
Why is it good to do art here.
Andy Warhol Hall in the Museum of Modern Art Hamburger Bahnhof.
Dimitri Paranyushkin, artist: “In Berlin, there are no forms that the city is trying to force to fill, so there is a lot of space for imagination. Here the boundaries between communities are blurred, there is no rigidly organized art hangout: people are randomly involved in different groups, move from one to another, so the exchange process is simple and natural. Berlin is a poor city, here money is not a governing component. People come to create without being distracted by what the market and cash flows demand, and at the same time feel in demand. There is no race for status and money, for satisfaction there is enough interaction and communication with the audience, which is always there and always receptive. In Berlin, an art bubble is created in which people could release steam. ”

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