Entry and stay in the territory of Belarus.

Entry and stay in the territory of Belarus.
Citizens of many countries need a visa to Belarus, except for Russia, CIS countries and several eastern European countries. Russians with Belarusians have borders equipped with checkpoints, where certain documents are presented. Visa for Russians is not needed, nor is it even required to have a passport.
The temple in the city of Grodno.
Russians in 2018 have the right to cross the Belarusian border in the case of a short stay in the republic – no more than 90 days. But still in some cases, the rules provide for the issuance of a permit. Ukrainians must have a passport for entry to Belarus.
Permission for residents of the Russian Federation.
If you plan to receive education, work or other long-term business, a Russian will need to apply to the Belarusian consular office to open an entry permit. What will be needed:
A completed application form in Russian, Belarusian or English. It is necessary to indicate the true purpose of the trip; Passport with the presence of 2 clean pages and, validity period, not ending when you leave the republic; One color photo; Medical insurance, operating in Belarus;
This is how the international insurance policy looks.
All questions of issuing visas in 2018 are handled by the Embassy of Belarus in Moscow, where Russians can find out all the nuances of the trip and the need to issue a visa.
An example of an internal passport of a Russian citizen.
In all other cases, regardless of the purpose of the trip, Russians need only an internal civil passport to cross the border with Belarus. Therefore, you can safely go to live in Belarus.
The existing checkpoints are considered to be formal. When passing customs in a passport, Russians do not put any marks and stamps and do not fill in any papers or forms.
A trip with children from Russia to Belarus.
With children under 14 years who do not have their own passport, entry to Belarus is possible for Russians upon presenting a paper confirming the fact of birth.
The passport of the parent, his accompanying child must be inspected at the border point – the child must be inscribed.
Entry to Belarus by car.
To cross the Russian state border with Belarus in 201b by car, it will be necessary to pass a specially established checkpoint for this purpose. For faster passage, it is worthwhile to prepare everything you need to check:
This is how the passport of the Russian Federation looks.
The process of passing the checkpoint.
Arriving at the customs point, you need to stop at the stop line. There will be a visual inspection of the car and issuance of a control coupon.
Immediately it is worth checking the issued coupon for correctness of filling. After that, drive to the corridor. Control begins with passport inspection, and then customs.
At the entrance of the inspector carry out a more thorough examination of the car, rather than on leaving the republic.
A big role here is played by the human factor – because how good a citizen will be impressed by the inspector of the customs service, the speed of passing the control depends.
Map of the location of all checkpoints on the Belarusian border.
Many in 2018 interested in the rate of import of alcoholic beverages. At the moment it is 3 liters per person, regardless of degrees.
As soon as the customs control is passed, the car should go to the border guard and give him the coupon received earlier. You are allowed to enter the Republic of Belarus. Given a not too large flow of cars, you can cross the border in just 15 minutes. Well, if not everything is as good as we would like, then you can wait a few hours.
If there are children in the car.
In Belarus, there is a rule allowing to cross the border by car, where there is a small child under 3 years of age, without a queue. People with disabilities also take this priority.
But all border and customs formalities are passed by these categories of citizens as well as all the others.
A visit to Belarus by foreigners.
The rules of the Republic set visa permits for citizens of other states:
The planned trip of foreign citizens to Belarus in 2018 provides for a visa. These rules work for both short trips and long trips.
In Belarus, foreign citizens can be stopped by opening 3 types of visas:
Transit – B. Short-term – C, up to 3 months. Long-term – D, up to a year.
Each of them can additionally be single, double and multiple.
Single entry.
With it, you can enter and leave Belarus once for the period specified in the permit, but it must not exceed 3 months.
Double entry.
Allows you to enter the republic twice and leave, but limited to a visa validity period not exceeding 3 months. This is a kind of migration Belarusian feature.
This is how a visa looks to the Republic of Belarus.
It is also issued, with the citizen’s planned crossing of the border by transit, when there is no possibility to meet in two days.
With this permission it is allowed to enter, stay and leave 2 times or more that period of time that is specified in the permit. But it’s impossible to stay in one place for more than 3 months.
Papers for foreigners in 2018 are foreseen the same as for residents of Russia, when issuing permits.
An additional procedure was established for foreigners to fill in the migrant’s card presented to the border guard at the checkpoint along with all the papers. This card is kept all the time of stay in the republic and at the exit it is handed over to the border guard at the checkpoint where a special mark is placed.
Implementation of transit.
Such a visa is valid for 2 days from the moment the Belarusian border is crossed. It is issued on the basis of an already existing permit to enter another country.
If there is a visa-free regime in the third country, other reasons are taken to open a transit visa – a ticket for a train, plane or truck, as well as the available hotel reservation.
Registration of short-term visa.
A short-stay visa is opened for:
Business, sports and cultural events. Base & # 8212; originals of applications jur. persons with all requisites and signatures; Education. It requires in 2018 an invitation from the university, which must be agreed with the Department of Migration in the ATS; Strengthen and support communication between religious organizations. It is mandatory to have an application with all requisites and obligations of the citizen to comply with all the laws and conditions of the host country;
Example of a short-term visa to Belarus.
Long-term visas to Belarus.
Similar visas in 2018 open for the same purposes as short-term, but for a longer period with approximately the same requirements. More details can be found on the official website of the Belarus Department of Migration in the ATS. If you are planning to stay in the country for a long time, you can get a residence permit in Belarus.
Customs regulations.
Russians and other citizens wishing to visit Belarus are allowed to import and export Belarusian currency in the established customs procedures within the limits of 5,900 dollars or in another 500 base units. This does not require writing a declaration. Large amounts are subject to mandatory declaration. When the currency is imported – exported by a bank transfer, there are no restrictions on the amount of the sums and they do not need to be declared.
Import of goods (18+) is allowed without paying a fee:
Alcohol is one liter; Beer & # 8212; the same volume; 200 pieces of cigarettes or 200 grams of tobacco; Jewelry – 5; Natural fur and leather (clothes made of them) – 3; Hours (wrist) – 1; Tires – 4.
If you exceed the limit, you will have to pay a duty and tax (60 percent). The amount paid is not less than four euros / kg of weight or twenty euros per liter of beverage.
Comparison of prices in supermarkets in Belarus.
This declaration must be retained until departure. Everything related to military actions, drugs and poisonous substances, to import & # 8212; You can export only by permission issued by the relevant Belarusian authorities.
Precious metals and jewelry, the number of which exceeded the usual need, you can import & # 8212; Exported by the permission of the Central Bank of the Republic.
Semiprecious and non-precious coins (memorable) are imported & # 8212; are exported without restrictions. But precious metals – by special permission.
There may be difficulties in 2018 with audio and video discs and tapes. The legislation of Belarus provides for the screening of such materials in order to prevent a possible threat in them for the country.
Reasons for refusals to enter Belarus.
The reasons for refusals to enter Belarus can be:
Breach of customs conditions – until the time of elimination. Insufficient validity of the passport at the time of departure. The presence of outstanding conviction in Belarus, or in another country. Perpetrated earlier, more than 5 times per year, administrative offenses with unexpired term. Unpaid administrative penalty for the past stay in Belarus. Absence of confirming papers on the existence of a sufficient amount of money for the entire period of stay in the republic. If the last visit was marked by a delay in the time of departure. The grounds for believing that an alien has intentions to stay longer than allowed time or he can leave for a third state for emigration. There is a threat to the security of the nation, the established order, morality, health of local residents, the rights and freedom of the inhabitants of Belarus and the guests of the country.
Detailed kata of Byelorussia with the indication of motorways.
The decision of the refusal to enter Belarus in 2018 means the cancellation of the issued visa without explanation of the reason.
Refusal means the inclusion of an alien in the List of Prohibited Persons for entry or an established ban for a period of 12 months to 5 years.
This is how the Belarusian driver’s license looks.
It should be borne in mind that all of the above points are optional, that is, even with one or several moments, one can not say with absolute certainty that entry will be prohibited. Each case is viewed from all sides and it is likely that everything will end well.
Strongly it is not recommended to foreigners in 2018 to enter Belarus through Russia, in order to avoid the need for a visa. Citizens of Ukraine can visit Belarus in 2018 if they have a passport.
How do you know if you need a passport when you enter Ukraine from Belarus? It is very necessary and important to know. I have a brother in Belarus, he is 84 years old. I really want to see him.
Passport is not needed, there is no visa regime. And to Belarus, and then to Ukraine, they enter the general Ukrainian passport. Good luck!
Galina! Just looked at Yandex, that since 2017 Ukrainians are entering Belarus on a foreign passport! See that there is no trouble!
Do I need a passport to travel from Ukraine to Belarus?
You write that when you enter Belarus by car, you need a Russian passport. Is it so? Many people go there with a regular passport. Maybe it means transit?
Yes, it is needed for transit, as, for example, now many people go to Minsk to fly to Turkey or Egypt. And also those who are forbidden to travel abroad from Russia, but passports are available on hand. Just stay in Belarus can go on a regular Russian passport, but it’s better to take it abroad anyway, if you have one.
And if I, the Crimean, need to go to Ukraine in my car with Russian numbers. But according to the Ukraine itself, I do not want to go, but I need to go to Russia, then to Belarus, and from it to Ukraine. In this case, you need a passport?
From Russia to Belarus, and from it # 8212; to Ukraine. I am a citizen of Ukraine.
Do you need a power of attorney for cars when traveling through Belarus to Poland?
If the last time I traveled abroad shortly before the new rules of importation of baggage in the Republic of Belarus, do I have the right to import 50 kg to the amount of 1500 euros?
With a friend (he is from Russia, I’m from Ukraine) decided to meet in Minsk. Can we enter through the airport on national passports for 3 days? What can they require in addition?
It is enough for Russians to have an internal passport, but citizens of Ukraine from December 2017 need a passport.
Can I present copies of birth certificates, without the original, when passing customs with children?
No, we need originals, and you present them not at customs, but at passport control.
In July 2016 we are going to visit Belarus from Ukraine. To the son of 15 years, he is entered in my passport, there is his photo. There is also a notarial permission of the child’s father and a birth certificate. Tell me, please, will they let us in, i.e. son, on the territory of Belarus? What other documents are needed? Thank you in advance!
If I have a ban on entry to the Russian Federation, will I be able to enter Belarus?
The child flies through Belarus to Kazakhstan. She is 17 years old, does she need a power of attorney for transit there? Her husband was only doing RF and Kazakhstan.
I have a patent for work in Russia until March 2016, from my husband’s RWP until February 2019. At the border, the Belarusian customs (transit from Russia to Ukraine) puts a ban on entry to the Republic of Belarus. What to do?
Hello, I have such a question whether the mitigating circumstance is the presence of a wife and an imperfectly summer child with a residence permit to cancel the entry of the official husband into the Republic of Belarus, is the marriage concluded in the Republic of Belarus?
We go to a sanatorium from St. Petersburg. Can we enter Balaros through one customs house and leave through another one?
If you & # 8212; citizens of Russia, you can at least get in and out. All others & # 8212; call at any place, and leave only Gomel & # 8212; Bryansk.
My brother, a citizen of Kazakhstan, went to his family in October in Belarus. When leaving what route should he go, through which countries?
How is it better for a citizen of Kazakhstan to leave Belarus?
Tell me, is it possible to fly to the Republic of Belarus from Kazakhstan by an internal Russian passport?
Can I fly from Kazakhstan to Belarus on an internal Russian passport?
Is it possible to enter into Belarus from Russia a citizen of Ukraine on an ordinary Ukrainian passport? What rules are set for such trips and stay in the territory of the Republic of Belarus?
I am a citizen of Azerbaijan, I want to visit Belarus. Do I have to register for some time when I arrive in Belarus and for how long? And # 8212; Do I need an insurance medical policy and a document confirming the availability of money?
How can I find out if I am on the list of persons not wanted to visit Belarus? Where can I see this list?
Can I visit Belarus as a tourist if I have a ban on going abroad? And do I need a passport?
Can I go to Belarus with a Ukrainian (not foreign) passport through Russia?
Now, it turns out, you can not! I was taken off the plane yesterday. Although in August he also flew on the internal passport without problems.
The child travels from Russia to Belarus in May 2017, accompanied by third parties. Consent to leave should be from two parents or one?
I travel from the territory of the People’s Republic of Germany with a child across Russia to the territory of Belarus. What documents are needed to travel to the child?
Can a Lithuanian citizen who has come to Russia return to Lithuania via Belarus with a transit visa?
Do I need a passport for visiting Ukrainians?
Good afternoon. I am a citizen of Ukraine, I am on a migration card in Russia. Can I drive by car in transit through Belarus to Ukraine without a passport?
I live in Poland, but I have Russian citizenship. I’m going to go with my children to my mother in Russia on my car. I have a valid foreign passport and Russian civil passport. 4 years ago, I came to Poland by bus from Kaliningrad, and now I would like to go by car through Belarus to Russia on vacation with children. Children have passports and visas both Russian and Belarusian. I ask you to suggest that something else is needed to drive through Belarus? Thanks for the answer.
What should be the residual validity of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for the possibility of entry into the Russian Federation via Belarus?
The situation is as follows: the validity of the passport ends on October 26, the trip is scheduled from August 20, the week to 2.5.
Hello Catherine. As a rule, the residual period of validity of a foreign passport must be at least two months for a trip, so I recommend that you change your passport and quietly travel. Since you are going to go already in August, and the passport is replaced within a month, then you have enough time to replace it.
If there is a ban in the Russian Federation, can I enter the Republic of Belarus?
Andrei Novikov, please tell me, what documents are needed to come from Ukraine to Belarus in 2017?
I am a Ukrainian citizen, I have moved to Belarus, can I return to Ukraine via Russia?
Hello! Can a citizen of Ukraine within 90 days vyezhat and vyezhat in Belarus and from the Republic of Belarus several times, a permit for 90 days is available.
How to move to permanent residence in Belarus?
The sister from Ukraine was visiting Russia. Can she return to Ukraine via Belarus?
My mother is seriously ill, and suddenly I found that in the black list & # 187 ;. Can I enter Ukraine via Belarus?
Do I need a visa for an EU citizen who returns from Russia via Belarus (by train) to his country? To Russia also via Belarus by train (there was a transit visa).

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