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Refugee Eastern Europe.
With the accession of Eastern European countries to the European Union, one of the main tasks in these countries was to bring the system of reception of refugees to the standards of the European Union. Extensive investments are being made, new centers for displaced persons are being opened, relevant laws have been adopted that are in line with the norms of the European Union (and even more humane), and personnel are trained. Finnish, Danish and Swedish social workers train immigration colleagues in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Germans teach Poles and Czechs, Austrians – Hungarians. For Europe, this is of enormous importance – this is done in order to somehow reduce the pressure of refugees to the West. And the refugees went – often guided by the principle – a better bird in the hand than a nightingale in the sky. For many, this is a pretty wise decision. You can give as an example of the history of two families of refugees from Uzbekistan. One family managed to get to Germany, where she went through the procedure and, alas, like many, made many mistakes, received all the necessary refusals, held the necessary appeals and was unexpectedly in the morning, very warm (and the Germans know how to make surprises) delivered to the Polish border for deportation. The only way out to avoid deportation was to request a refuge in Poland. Of course, this was not part of their plans.
But life has many surprises and life continues no matter what. And it turned out that refugee camps in Eastern Europe are not so bad and even better than in Germany. These are, as a rule, the former houses of the Soviet military contingent. A year later they were granted asylum in Poland, rented an apartment in Warsaw and began to integrate into the Polish society. In 2004, Poland joined the European Union and, having Polish citizenship, it is possible to live in any EU country, even in Sweden, even in the same Germany. Poland is not yet Germany and not even Spain, but this is at times 30 or 40 better than Uzbekistan. If you look closely, Poland in all cases gives more prospects than any of the countries of Central Asia or the Caucasus, and even Russia. It is enough to look at the pace of development in Poland, the reports of the European Commission or the list of the UN by country in terms of living standards – the CIS countries close it.
For citizens from the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus (who have the best chance of appropriate preparation) with immigration to the countries of Eastern Europe, there are the following advantages:
– one of the main things – it is easy to get a visa. When you immigrate to Eastern Europe, you will not have to pay a lot of money for a visa.
Many simply can not get a visa to any of the countries of Western Europe, because it or just do not give residents from Wed. Asia, or just not enough money for a trip.
– Taking into account Poland’s accession to the EU, it is possible not only visa-free travel around the world, but also free settlement in the EU countries.
It is enough to imagine that as a citizen of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova or Kyrgyzstan, the possibility of free movement will not be in the near future, for the residents of Russia as well – an increasing number of countries introduce visa regimes.
– The crime rate in European countries is much lower in comparison with the CIS countries (your growing children will avoid serving in the ranks of the valiant army of Russia and the possibility of dying in Chechnya, Ukraine or Syria, or at some new hotspot or hazing, or To die in Kyrgyzstan with the next attack of Muslim militants.
Every sober person can imagine that it is much better and easier to start a new life in Slovakia or Hungary than in the Russian outback. You need information and we give it to you.
In no case should you think that in the countries of Eastern Europe automatically, without sufficient preparation of the legend of the persecution and preparation for an interview with the immigration authorities.
It is unlikely that anyone will succeed in obtaining refugee status independently. Without a job with our lawyer, there is no chance of success.
We are ready to provide you with all the necessary training in any of the countries of Eastern Europe in the cities of Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Sofia, Ljubljana. . .
1. Bulgaria: Russians-9, Armenians-216, Georgians-66, Ukrainians-69, Moldovans-35, Azerbaijanis-11;
2. Czech Republic: Russians-212, Armenians-382, Georgians-479, Ukrainians-1003, Moldovans-526, Azerbaijanians-15, Belarusians-78;
3. Hungary: Russians-17, Armenians-17, Georgians-9, Moldovans-5;
4. Slovakia: Russians-154, Armenians-5, Azerbaijanians-7. Ukrainians-9, Moldovans-41.

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