Exit summer trip: Chisinau – Odessa (Part 24)

Exit summer trip: Chisinau – Odessa (Part 24)
Positive emotions on this day was even less than in the previous one. During the trip, at first I did not even want to write anything about that day, but for history I had to do it. Let’s take everything in order.
Another 4 days ago I was in Budapest, and today I was in Chisinau. This meant that for 4 days I traveled 1000 km – not bad, considering that I had to move through not the low Eastern Carpathians. Fatigue accumulated a little and on good it was possible to extinguish in Chisinau still for a day and full of forces to move further. But only 170 km away was Odessa, the sea, the beach, Deribasovskaya with good weather. So I decided to quietly dock to the city where “Kostya shaland full of mullets led” and “where the gang from Rostov came”. Not only that last night in Romania, I really did not sleep, so this night with the Germans for bottles of wine sat until late at night. In general, it’s good if 6-7 hours for two nights slept. I decided to go to Odessa early in the morning, tk. I wanted to quickly come to the sea, I did not see him from Venice, I missed him.
The first tragedy happened as soon as I left the hostel – the whole sky was in clouds and the inner voice was saying to me: “Khan, Diman, today it will not be possible to escape from the rain”. & quot; Yes and do not care! & quot; I answered my inner voice. Even if it floods, I will travel 170 km anyway, but in Odessa I’ll put myself in order.
I went in general. Again Moldovan roads & quot; – such a feeling on the washing board you go. I was swearing myself no longer about myself as before, but at the top of my voice, when the rear wheel fell into the next hole. The wheel has failed once, the wheel has failed two, the wheel has failed three and. the trunk broke. Fix it in marching conditions, as it was on the way from Marseilles to Nice, it was not possible, so the left leg broke. He sat down on the roadside, expressed to all Moldovan roads that I was thinking about them and began to think about what to do next. In the hero-traveler did not play and went to the station. Here I was lucky for all my time in Moldova – I just arrived at the station 30 minutes before the departure of the only train to Odessa. The gods were on my side at this time.
I ran to buy a ticket. A card like you can pay, but auntie-cashier almost told me with a card. “Rape the evil spirit, give paper money, not your plastic.” I had only 90 lei in my pocket, and I had to have more than 100 lei. He offered dollars, euros, rubles – did not take. Time, if anything, was the beginning of the 8th morning and there was nowhere to change the currency. I and so and so, I used all my skills as a parlementer – not in any. In general, the case smelt of fried. Thank you guy for somebody who agreed to change 10 dollars.
Now I’m with a ticket and 50 lei in my pocket. Why the hell are they now needed !? I decided on them to buy something and then just my grandmother sold peaches and grapes. I say: “Please give peaches everything.” Grandmother answered: “Okay.” and began the process of laying peaches in a package. Half a package, a package, another half-pack, another package, and so three times. In general, I got three packages of 3 kg. He said to himself: “And the harya will not crack so much?” I did not know that peaches cost only 6 lei / kg (about 14-15 rubles / kg). Therefore, I changed one package of peaches to a package of grapes. And in general, I am full of harvest plunged into the train.
A train. – this is a separate story. Wooden shops of the times are still almost Mamhno’s father. Aunt-conductor with a terrible guardian’s syndrome, uncle-conductor from a neighboring car with the same syndrome, but only an extreme stage. Despite the fact that I paid for the transportation of the bicycle, these comrades have long shown me that they are the most important in all of Moldova and steeper than them except that only the president.
The train started moving. Only we left for Chisinau as it charged such a downpour! If I were now on a bicycle, I would have disappeared somewhere on the road under such a head of water. Maybe it’s for the best that my trunk is broken today. It’s raining outside, and I’m warm with a bag of peaches and grapes. Peaches were juicy enough that I slapped the whole floor. Uncle-conductor from the next car even tried to write me a fine for the fact that I made a mess, but I promised to get out. And my aunt-conductor brought even the boss to talk with me. But he promised him that everything would be fine and he should not worry about the cleanliness of the car. When the train chief believed in my sincerity, the uncle-conductor on my ear told me: “Let’s 10 dollars and we’ll clean everything up”. Yeah, shzzzzz. Fools live in another village. I’ll clean everything up.
A couple of hours later the aunt-conductor brought migration cards, Ukraine as soon as possible! It is necessary to fill. Delirium of course that’s all. All Europe drove without pulling out passports, and here on you. Anyway. The paper will endure all.
We passed the station of Bendery, which means that soon there will be a bridge across the Dniester. The very place where Moldova ends and the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic (PMR) begins. On the bridge across the river everything was really: a block post with gunners, a couple of tanks, one APC. Is that only the aircraft did not fly.
We stopped in Tiraspol in the pouring rain. In this city, my grandfather’s childhood passed earlier, and after the war began, they were evacuated to the Saratov region. You can say that a piece of my roots lies here, in Tiraspol. The capital of the PMR made a gloomy impression – gray and wretched. Of course, much I saw against the contrast of Europe-neEurope, but still there is somehow gloomy.
Then there were Ukrainian border guards and “Laskavo asked in Ukraine!” and after a few more hours “the gang Dimka from Rostov Chisinau arrived”. I found my hostel and then I sensed all the delights of life. Despite the fact that the hostel was the 5th grade in quality, but for me after all the adventures it was a 5 * hotel))) I went to the store, bought food and a whole cake “Napoleon”. I ate it all in one hare and fell asleep, because drizzling rain said that today on Deribasovskaya not very good weather and better to leave it for later.

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