Fake: Refugees are terrorizing the Swedish city of Malmo.

Fake: Refugees are terrorizing the Swedish city of Malmo.
February 19 & la Channel One & raquo; showed Timur Siraziev’s report from the Swedish city of Malmo in the “Sunday Times” program, accompanied by commentaries of the leading United Russia party Valery Fadeyev. A large city in the south of Sweden, which the correspondent for some reason called a “remote corner” (in fact, it is located at the strait of Oresund, on the other side of which Copenhagen), appears in the report similar to the images from the gloomy anti-utopia. Gangs of migrants are terrorizing the city, robbing local residents, and policemen do not even dare enter the areas where they live. Someone hiding his face, – only the back of the head is seen in the frame – says: “They shot me, beat me with beats, threatened to kill me. And my neighbor was robbed by bandits with a pistol. A woman is 64 years old. All this was done by Arab migrants! ”
In addition, the report reported that the number of murders in the city over the past year allegedly increased to 50 per year, exceeding the total number of murders in Malmo over the past 5 years, and that almost half of the city’s population is & mdash; migrants are Muslims. Local journalists ironically point out that the Russian presenter must have measured the stopwatch, how many untruths he will have time to say for a minute of airtime.
In Malmo really a lot of migrants. They travel to Sweden from Denmark, where the migration legislation is more stringent: to obtain a permanent residence permit in Denmark, you need to live seven years, and in Sweden – only three years. Therefore, the Swedish city, connected with the Danish capital by a bridge and an underwater tunnel, became the center of attraction for many migrants.
Correspondent & laquo; First Channel & raquo; at the very beginning of the plot states: “Now in this third largest city in Sweden with a population of more than 300 thousand people, 43% of Muslim migrants.” In fact, according to statistics published on the city’s website, 43% of the population in 2015 were Malmo residents with foreign roots and, of course, only a fraction of them – mdash; Muslims. 32% of city residents were born abroad, and 12% – children of migrants born in Sweden, including from marriages with local residents.
According to 2011, the largest group of migrants in Malmo were immigrants from the former Yugoslavia. The second largest number of visitors from neighboring Denmark, the third – the natives of Iraq, the fourth – Poland. However, in recent years the composition of migrants has changed somewhat, there were refugees from Somalia, Syria and Afghanistan. Swedish statistics show a sharp increase in the influx of immigrants in the second half of 2015 and a return to the previous level from the beginning of 2016.
Train with Syrian refugees at the Swedish station. September 2015.
The correspondent asserts that “in Malmo in 2016 50 murders and 80 attempts were committed. This is the same as for the previous five years combined. ” It is not true. In fact, in 2016, 11 murders and 50 attempts were recorded in the city, and the Swedish police even referred to the assassination attempts even those episodes in which no one was injured, but could suffer – for example, shots in the windows.
In specific details, the authors of the story “First Channel” & raquo; too, did not miss the opportunity to report untruth. For example, in one of the scenes, the journalist’s interlocutor states that this area of the city (Erikslust & mdash; district in the west of Malmo) used to be calm, but now it has become dangerous. The Insider contacted local residents and they were impressed by this assessment. & laquo; This area is absolutely safe, there is no shooting and very rare robberies & raquo; & mdash; told The Insider criminal reporter from Malmo Tobias Barkman.
Numbeo.com – a large international database on the quality of life in different cities around the world, based on assessments of local residents – considers the Malmo crime rate to be “moderate”. A slightly higher, but also “moderate” crime rate in Stockholm, where residents with foreign roots make up about 27% of the population – is much smaller than in Malmo. And it is especially interesting to compare the Numbeo data for Malmo and Moscow: the inhabitants of two cities estimate the level of crime roughly the same. A curious indicator is how safe residents of two cities consider walking alone. Muscovites estimate the safety for a single pedestrian in the daytime higher than the inhabitants of Malmo, but at night, Moscow is considered a more dangerous city.
The report mentions a private electric company that refused to work in Malmo for fear of the safety of its employees. This is a small family company Hogs EL (up to 4 employees), whose owner Andreas Svensson, according to the regional newspaper Sydsvenskan, belongs to the nationalist party “Swedish Democrats” (Sverigedemokraterna). The party stands for the prohibition of immigration, and the decision to close the business in Malmo could be dictated by political motives.
Demonstration in support of refugees in Malmo. February of 2016.
It’s interesting that the story in “Sunday’s Sunday” appeared the day after Donald Trump spoke about the situation with migrants in Sweden. On February 18 at a rally in Florida he said: “Look what happened last night in Sweden. In Sweden! Who would have thought? Sweden! They let in a lot of [refugees], and they have such problems that they could not imagine. ”
Statement Trump very surprised the Swedes, as no significant events that day in the country did not happen. The president’s words immediately became the reason for many jokes, and the next day he wrote on Twitter that he only touched on the topic of migrants in Sweden in connection with the documentary film shown by Fox News.
After the exposure of Trump’s statement on February 21, Russian television channels reported on the massive riots organized by migrants in Stockholm. VGTRK site “News. Economics “has devoted to this note under the title” Protests of migrants in Sweden: Trump was right. ” In fact, the “riots” were a local skirmish involving about 40 people. As the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter writes, in the predominantly migrant-settled Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby (nicknamed “Little Mogadishu”), the police arrested a suspect, after which several dozen people (including teenagers), pelted policemen with stones, set fire to several cars and looted several shops . Two people were injured.
It is noteworthy that the campaign on the dominance of migrants in Sweden on Russian television coincided with the meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov with Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom. It is also noteworthy that elections will be held in Sweden in 2018, and Prime Minister Stephen Leven expressed his fears that Russia might intervene in the course of the elections.
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