Family immigration to France.

Family immigration to France.
Family immigration to France.
After the acceptance of your dossier and all necessary documents, L’OFII transmits your file to the municipality (municipality) for the place of your residence. The prefect tells L’OFII of his decision. The decision must be brought to the attention of the Applicant within six months. The absence of an answer during this period rejects the petition. If the answer is yes, the Applicant will need to pay the relevant fee in L’OFII (about EUR 300), and the Applicant’s family members will need to prepare a package of documents for applying to the diplomatic mission (embassy, consulate) of France in the country of their permanent registration for an entry visa . The positive response and the L’OFII dossier are sent to the appropriate diplomatic mission (Embassy, Consulate) of France in the country of residence of the family members of the Applicant.
Labor and family immigration to France.
Because the Schengen & # 8212; a single space without internal borders, in some situations, in order to optimize their expenses and risks, it is better to formulate a residence permit in more loyal countries of the Schengen, thus obtaining the possibility of living in Europe. If you are looking for this, pay attention to Slovakia (prolongation of residence permit without residence in the country, from the beginning of registration to receiving cards of residence permit, 2 months, simultaneous filing of documents by the whole family, there are no refusals). 2.
Immigration to France.
France, in which there is intense economic growth. Today, more than 7 million foreigners live here, which in the proportion of 10% of the total population. Particularly acute recently is the issue of illegal immigrants, whose deportation period has been reduced from several months to a couple of days.
What is the secret of such popularity of this state? Read also The main arguments can include the following:
mild climate; higher and better quality of life; the possibility of opening your own business in the tourism sector; not too expensive housing with respect to, say, Moscow; the possibility of unimpeded movement within the Schengen zone; free medical care.
And the French are happy to grant equal rights to local residents and those who are just about to replenish their ranks.
What are the ways to immigrate to France in 2017.
euro (the amount of necessary investment is calculated individually depending on the composition of the applicant’s family). With this level of investment, French citizenship and a French passport can be obtained after 3 years in the status of permanent residence.
How best to immigrate to France.
An important role is played also by the personal attitude of employees towards the problem of immigration. Of great importance is the completeness and the number of documents submitted. The completeness and correctness of filling out the documents directly depends on the positive decision of the authorities and the timing of the issue of the residence permit and the merchant’s card.
Immigration to Europe / Does France issue a residence permit and permanent residence in 2017? Immigration to France or how to get a residence permit and permanent residence in France from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova or Belarus Residence permit in France and the grounds for obtaining a residence permit 1. Business immigration to France Procedure for obtaining a residence permit: First in France you need to open a firm of French law , representation or branch of the Russian, or other firm of Ukraine. To do this, in the name of the client make a request to the prefecture to obtain permission to conduct business in France without a residence permit, so that he could officially be the head of his company. This will not search for the role of the managing company of a citizen of France or the EU, as well as reduce the additional costs of paying for his services.
The receipt you received will allow you to carry out the formalities for registering the company in the CFE. Foreigners who are not in France and want to be residents and carry out business activities You want to become a resident of France to carry out industrial or commercial activities. If you are a resident of the European Union or another state of the European Economic Area, you are spared the need to go through formalities.
In other cases, you will need to apply for a long-stay visa to French diplomatic or consular offices in the country of your stay. The embassy or consulate will review your documents, assess the economic viability of the project, as well as its ability to generate sufficient income to provide you with the means to stay in France.
Immigration and the increase of capital.
Upon arrival in France, the family members of the Applicant must undergo a medical examination at a medical institution at L’OFII or in a medical institution that has the L’OFII certification or the French Embassy. Applications for reunification under polygamy are not considered, and if spouses disagree after receiving a residence permit, the latter is not usually extended. A person who has received a residence permit in the order of family reunification from the moment of obtaining the permit has the right to carry out any professional activity permitted by law.
For more information on family reunification in France, visit the L’OFII Center website, the website of the Bureau of Immigration and Integration of France, on the official website of the French government, or contact the Prefecture at your place of residence. Also you can contact the CIMAD� organization.
Family reunification in France.
If you want to leave for a permanent residence in France, then perhaps you will get the status of a visitor (residence permit in France without the right to work), the rules of obtaining which can be read here. Question: I was very interested in the information posted on your website, about The sale of clouds is carried out by a number of companies offering residence permits in EU countries such as the Baltic States, Poland, etc. My friends are going to use the services of the company and apply for an Estonian residence permit, so that they can, after a simplified procedure, receive a French residence permit. The specialists of the company they applied to, assure them that they can, simply having lived in France for more than three months and having Estonian residence permit in their hands, simply to notify the French authorities (attaching a certificate of funds on the account) and they will be issued a residence permit already French.

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