Features and stages of registration of citizenship of the Russian Federation after receiving a residence permit in 2018.

Features and stages of registration of citizenship of the Russian Federation after receiving a residence permit in 2018.
A foreign citizen wishing to acquire Russian citizenship first and foremost inevitably raises questions: what will be in his particular case the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship, what kind of procedure for admission to Russian citizenship will be the most optimal and fast in his personal situation. And whatever the grounds and procedure for obtaining, one remains unchanged: the acquisition of Russian citizenship after the residence permit is the final stage of legalization.
What is the residence permit and why should it be registered.
A residence permit is a document that gives the right to a stateless person or who has a passport of another state to reside on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Permit permits without the need to issue additional papers to freely move around the country and quietly cross its border for departure.
The document is limited to 5 years, after which it must be renewed. This procedure is mandatory for people who want to work without work or business.
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What to do after obtaining a residence permit.
After receiving confirmation from the regional administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about issuing your residence permit to you, you should apply to the department where documents were initially submitted. Here you will receive an appropriate certificate giving the right to stay in the Russian Federation.
One should not forget about the annual obligation to send to the migration service a notice of confirmation of their residence in the Russian Federation, to which all necessary documents proving their stay in the Russian Federation, legal employment, place of residence and registration must be attached.
Otherwise, the notice will be invalid and, as a result, you may lose your residence permit.
The concept of citizenship.
A stable legal relationship between a person and a state, which is expressed in mutual rights, duties and responsibilities, is called citizenship.
This relationship appears as a relationship between the state and the individual: the state recognizes and guarantees its rights and freedoms, protects it on the territory of the country and abroad; in turn, the citizen observes the laws, fulfills the obligations established by the state. The totality of these rights and duties constitutes the status of a citizen who distinguishes him from foreign citizens and stateless persons.
Does it make sense to obtain citizenship if there is a residence permit?
To understand whether it is worth getting citizenship to replace the residence permit, you need to identify the main disadvantages of the latter:
a residence permit in Russia gives the right to freely engage in work and live in the country, but does not grant political rights; The residence permits may cause the bank to refuse to issue a loan, even the smallest amount; if there is no citizenship, it is more difficult to defend one’s own rights in court if there are disputes of an administrative or personal nature; the need to submit data on the place of residence, work and registration to the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs once a year.
Having a passport of the Russian Federation solves many of these problems, but to obtain it you will need to renounce the citizenship of another state. However, the legislation of Russia does not envisage responsibility for dual citizenship.
Legal means of acquiring citizenship after obtaining residence permit.
For foreign citizens, there are several ways to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation:
In all cases, except for the first, the presence of residence permit is mandatory. The second and third variants differ from each other only in terms of obtaining citizenship after receiving a residence permit. According to the general scheme, it is 5 years, and at the time of marriage – after 3 years of family life.
Period of residence in the country.
The term of residence in the state is of key importance for a positive decision, therefore many migrants are not in vain interested after receiving residence permit, through how much you can apply for citizenship. Here you should know that for different population groups this condition is different:
foreigners who have received higher education in the educational institutions of the Russian Federation and continue to work in the country can expect to receive citizenship in 3 years; highly qualified specialists have a reduced, minimum required period of residence of 3 years; asylum seekers, cultural figures and persons with refugee status need to live in the country for 4 years.
Stages of registration and terms of obtaining the status of a citizen.
As mentioned above, the minimum required period of residence in the country largely depends on your status and the reasons for staying on the territory of the Russian Federation. In any case, everything begins with the submission of the necessary documents, the list of which is standard.
Required documents.
Submission of documents for citizenship of the Russian Federation after the residence permit is carried out only after the end of the statutory minimum period of residence in the country.
The following package of documents is sent to the territorial subdivision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Main Administration of Internal Affairs:
written statement; notarized copy of residence permit; four photos of the standard 3 4 cm; evidence of the legality of marriage; the result of passing the medical commission (the applicant is imputed, there is no mental and severe somatic diseases); a certificate confirming the renunciation of the citizenship of another state; Diploma of education; receipt certificate of payment of the fee; certificate of testing of knowledge of Russian.
The correct selection of securities is a guarantee of an early and positive decision to issue a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
Please note: if you have documents in a foreign language, you must do their notarized translation, with the safety of seals and stamps.
Registration of citizenship: deadlines.
When you receive citizenship, if you already have a residence permit, each candidate decides for himself. The timing of this procedure largely depends on the chosen scheme and the status of the applicant.
With regard to persons who acquire citizenship in the general order, the decision is made by a presidential decree, which will take at least a year to wait.
For those who are entitled to receive a Russian passport under a simplified scheme, the waiting period does not exceed 3-6 months.
A positive decision was received: what to do next?
After a positive decision on granting citizenship within 1 month, you should be informed about this by a postal letter, after which you should apply to the authorities for the registration of a Russian citizen’s passport. The period of its manufacture is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation and is about 10 days.
Some subtleties associated with obtaining citizenship.
The main thing is that you must remember: the correct registration of all papers is a pledge of quick and successful acquisition of citizenship. Returns are frequent phenomena, so legal advice and finding relevant information on the Internet will protect you from such problems.
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If you have a residence permit, you will not be able to obtain Russian citizenship in 2018: within 6-12 months you will have the desired document. Do not forget that the registration fee. In each region, the cost of legal support associated with this problem varies, but insignificantly.
Children who have reached the age of 14 must consent to citizenship, and if children are younger than this age, then the consent of the second parent is required. When registering children in a package of documents, you must add 4 photos, a birth certificate or a passport.

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