Features of obtaining a residence permit in Georgia.

Features of obtaining a residence permit in Georgia.
Georgia is a state adjacent to its northern border to Russia and located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea in the western part of Transcaucasia. It is an amazing country with a rich history, colorful culture and a lot of interesting traditions. In addition, there is a very loyal migration policy, citizens of the former CIS countries can stay in the state for up to three months without registering a visa, it is very convenient if you want to go on vacation and stroll through the main tourist and economic center of the country – Batumi. Not looking at the fact that the level in life is not high you can not call the move there is very relevant. Let’s look at how to obtain a residence permit in Georgia and in what cases it is necessary.
Why do I need a residence permit in Georgia?
Since for a period of up to three months, for Russians, including a trip to Georgia is carried out on a visa-free regime, therefore it is only reasonable to make out a residence permit if you plan to live and work in this country for a long time. There are two types of this document: temporary and permanent (the maximum period of validity of which is 6 years). Emigrants who live legally in the state have the same rights as its citizens, except participation in elections and voting. For Russian citizens, the opportunity to get a view is also available on a quota for which a certain number of seats are allocated each year. The time for making a decision on a request for a residence permit in Georgia is 30 days, you can accelerate the procedure by paying 150 or 200% of the fee, then the decision will be made within 20 and 10 days, respectively.
When crossing the border, foreigners must have:
international passport; visa; temporary residence permits; and also fill out the migration card in English.
After that, you have 10 days to register at the ATS at your place of stay. After this, it will be necessary to undergo a medical examination in order to obtain an insurance policy.
What documents are needed to obtain a residence permit.
If you are going to permanent residence in this amazing country, then the procedures for obtaining a residence permit can not be avoided. To apply for extradition, you need the following package of documents:
a photocopy of the passport (or a document of its substitute); 2 photos format 3 & 4; 4; permission to work; photocopies and originals of birth, marriage, etc. certificates; a certificate of income or an extract from the bank account of the existence of funds for existence; invitation from the party of the receiver (business partners, relatives or an educational institution)
The help of a qualified lawyer at the stage of collection and preparation of documents will help you avoid unnecessary delays and problems with errors in the preparation of copies. Also currently online applications are popular, every legally capable citizen who has reached adulthood can apply for residence permit on-line (18 years in Georgia). To do this, it is necessary to fill in the form on the official website, download scans of all documents and communicate with the operator of the remote support service to confirm your intention to obtain a residence permit.
Attention! All documents must be filled in the state language of the country (in this case Georgian) or have notarized translations.
The grounds for obtaining a residence permit.
To Georgia’s residence permit you must meet at least one of the following points:
your ancestors were citizens and natives of Georgia; married to a citizen / citizen of the country; You have a specialty in demand on the labor market; enrolled in one of the higher educational institutions; you are an economically profitable investor.
Moving and getting a residence permit for study purposes is rare, but immigration for the purpose of education is less complicated than labor and requires a smaller package of documents, but if you plan to work after that in the same country, then this is an excellent option. You must provide:
a qualitative photocopy of the passport (in rare cases a road reference can be provided instead); a copy of the document confirming the legality of stay on the territory of the country; a certificate of existence of legal means of subsistence (a certificate from the work, an extract from the account or a letter from the sponsor); two high-quality photographs of the 3 format; # 4; A certificate from the university confirming your enrollment; document on the payment of actual services.
Also in the Georgian legislation there is an amendment that allows former citizens of this country who have withdrawn from citizenship, but have not yet accepted a new one, obtain residence permit without special permission, pay its cost, and they will be exempted from the package of documents necessary for other immigrants. This amendment was made to facilitate the residence and movement of such citizens throughout the country.
We open a business.
The most common reason for moving to this country is the desire to open a business, but for business and registration of a legal entity there are a number of requirements:
presence of your own address on the territory of the country (in simple terms you need a local residence permit), this is the address of your relatives, friends or personal property; application for registration can be submitted only by you personally (third parties acting even on the basis of power of attorney are not allowed);
If you do not speak the Georgian language, you will need the presence of an interpreter who can intelligently explain all the nuances and details of the question. Not only to Russians, but to foreigners in general, wishing to invest in the economy by opening their firms and enterprises, Georgia shows great loyalty, for example, Ukraine is one of the countries for citizens whose own business opening or real estate acquisition is. the most advantageous option to get a residence permit in Georgia.
However, despite all the loyalty of this country, not everyone can obtain a permit for permanent residence, there are several grounds for which a person can be refused. Reasons for refusal to issue a residence permit:
presence of previous convictions; severe or dangerous diseases; Previously, a person had already been deported from Georgia; the provision of knowingly false data.
Attention! Always submit only original data and these documents, otherwise you risk not only receive a refusal or deportation, but be brought to administrative and criminal responsibility.

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