Features of the visa in the US.

Features of the visa in the US.
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Everyone knows that in every case there are nuances and subtleties, knowledge and understanding of which comes only with work experience. Making a visa in the United States is a process in which a clear adherence to these subtleties sometimes plays a key role in achieving success. You can not treat a visa to America formally. A visa to the United States is not a visa to any European country, the cancellation of which is already being negotiated. Applicants for a nonimmigrant visa in the United States in the Embassy are subject to one of the most stringent requirements. It will take a certain minimum level of preparation, without which a visa to America will not be obtained.
Where are difficulties in obtaining a visa in the US?
1 – At the stage of choosing the type of visa. There is a large number of non-immigrant visas in the US that an applicant can choose to visit in America. The choice of the type of visa determines the course of the clearance process, the contents of the package of documents, questions at the interview. It is important to choose the right type of visa in the United States so that it matches the stated purpose of the visit to America as precisely as possible. Otherwise, the visa will not be given. It should be borne in mind that for applying for certain types of visas in the United States, the applicant must have certain qualifications and knowledge that must be demonstrated. Treatment is not for that type of visa – one of the main reasons for refusal.
2 – At the stage of filling out the questionnaire. The visa application form is one of the main documents in the application. Formation of opinion about the applicant occurs even before his visit to the Embassy on the basis of a completed questionnaire DS-160. It is important to provide the most complete and accurate information, avoiding mistakes and complying with all requirements for the visa application forms of the Embassy. There are situations when it is not clear what information should be indicated. The applicant can work and study simultaneously, receive “white” and “gray” salaries. In such cases, you need a clear understanding of what information the Embassy wants to see in order not to be denied a visa before the interview.
3 – When preparing documents. The US Embassy in Moscow does not make any demands on the mandatory content of a package of documents for a visa. The right to determine what is most applicable to a particular application remains with the applicant. On our website, we listed the required documents for a visa in the United States. But it is not enough just to know which documents are to be prepared. It is important to understand how to properly arrange them, what information you must specify, and how to decompose them in terms of importance. Moreover, for a visa officer, the main help in issuing an American visa is not the basic certificates, but additional supporting documents.
4 – In an interview at the Embassy. It is important to prepare very carefully for the visa interview in the US, because the Embassy does not limit itself to standard issues. The applicant is evaluated from different sides: they look at how he behaves, how he answers questions, how he passes the documents, how he is dressed. Sometimes there are situations when the visa officer does not ask any questions and just remains silent, waiting for the applicant’s reaction. Sometimes the questions are on completely off-topic topics. It is important to understand that the visa officers hold up to 500 interviews a month. They are real psychologists who clearly know their work. An unprepared interview can not be passed.
Features of obtaining a US visa in a clean passport.
How reliable are you to the US Embassy?
Before applying for a visa in the United States, I want to understand what are the chances of getting it, and whether it is worthwhile to address it at all. This questionnaire will help you approximately assess your chances of obtaining a tourist, guest or business visa to America. The more you answer “yes” – the higher your chances of obtaining an American visa, and the more reliable applicant you will be considered for the staff of the US Embassy. Of course, this section can only give a rough estimate, but on the whole it reflects a fairly complete picture of the requirements for a nonimmigrant visa to America. For detailed analysis, you can contact us by phone.
If you think that your chances of getting an American visa are very low, do not despair. Before you drop your hands, just grab the phone and call us. The visa specialists of the company will give you a free consultation on registration of nonimmigrant visas to America and will assess your real chances for a successful outcome. Based on the long experience of successfully issuing visas to America and having rich experience in solving the most difficult situations, we will be able to accurately say whether you should apply for a visa to America, and what is the probability of a positive result. If the chances are really low, we will recommend to you how you can improve them.
If the trip is tourist / guest.
1 – You were born and registered in St. Petersburg, or live and work here for more than 5 years. If you are not a citizen of Russia, then you have a permanent registration, and you have been in the Russian Federation on official grounds for more than 10 years.
2 – Your marital status: you are married / married or have been living in a civil marriage for more than 5 years and can confirm this with joint photos and trips. You have underage children, whom you provide.
3 – You travel a lot, particularly in Europe. You have a good “visa history”: you have repeatedly visited countries with a complicated visa regime (Great Britain, Australia). You have never received a visa refusal.
4 – You have a good position and income level is several times higher than average. You work in the same company for more than 1 year, and in case you are a young specialist, you have higher education, and you work in the specialty.
5 – If you do not work, then you either study on a full-time department of a prestigious university, or are engaged in the education of your children. In any case, you have a permanent reliable source of income: parents or husband.
6 – You have various movable and immovable property: apartment, land, car, yacht, commercial real estate; significant monetary and other savings that you can document in the Embassy.
7 – You have clear plans for the planned trip, which you can demonstrate to the visa officer. Your trip to America is not associated with a one-time long stay more than 1-2 months.
8 – If you are traveling by invitation, you have long been acquainted with the host party, have seen each other, visited each other for a visit. The person who invited you has a legal status in the US, never violated immigration laws.
9 – You have calculated the cost of your trip to America in detail. It will not have a significant impact on your budget. You still have enough free funds to support your life and the life of your family.
10 – You and your next of kin have no previous convictions, including those discharged. You have never been arrested, committed serious offenses, including in foreign countries, have not been subjected to deportations.
If you are planning to visit America for business purposes.
1 – Your company has long established business connections with the host organization. Your business trip is clearly justified and motivated, and also necessary and will bring benefits not only to your company, but to an inviting company.
2 – Your business partners sent you an invitation from America, which exactly corresponds to the requirements of the Embassy. The invitation is issued on the official letterhead of the company. There are no errors or inaccuracies in it.
3 – In addition to the business invitation and all necessary documents, your company can also provide additional documents to the US Embassy confirming the need for your planned trip to America.
4 – You have well thought out the organizational side of the trip. You know, when you fly, who will meet you, where to stay, how many days and where you will spend what is planned to be done. You can document this.
5 – You have been working successfully for a long time in a company that sends you to America. You have all the necessary qualifications and knowledge to successfully fulfill the tasks assigned to you during the trip.
The maximum likelihood of obtaining a visa to America.
During our work we helped many travelers easily and quickly to issue a visa for a trip to America. In each case, without exception, there were nuances and subtleties, strengths and weaknesses of applying for a visa. Thanks to the individual approach, our specialists have always helped to identify the prerequisites of a possible failure, applying their experience at each stage of registration: from choosing the type of visa to the final positive result. Thanks to our careful attitude to detail, we can be proud of the lowest percentage of visa failures in the US. It is for this that our valued customers appreciate us and recommend to their friends and acquaintances.
Of course, you can take risks and apply for a visa yourself. Fill out the form, register it on the site, collect a package of documents, go for an interview. On our website, the procedure for self-issuing a visa to America is described in detail. But you must be prepared not to be disappointed by the trip that has broken down in the event of an unexpected refusal. Even with all the abundance of information on the Internet and on tourism forums, it is impossible to understand all the subtleties of visa processing to America. Only after seeing the process of issuing visas to the United States from the inside every day, one can safely say that all the details in the application are met, and there will definitely not be any refusal.
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