Feedback from our customers.

Feedback from our customers.
Thanks to ESL Global for the wonderful opportunity to see the world and get invaluable experience. I am pleased to work with professionals and just with good people. I always know that I will not remain without help and support, and I can be sure of my endeavors while living in China. I hope for further fruitful cooperation.
In China, was hit by a hopelessness, due to the sharply exacerbated situation in Ukraine. There was no hope for the native city and the place where he had worked before. Fortunately, on the Internet I came across this program “ESL Global” and very fired this idea. Upon arrival, very lucky with the school and neighbors on housing. Life has noticeably improved and there was an opportunity to help relatives and friends who stayed at home. Thanks for the chance!
I was interested in eastern countries from school years and finally got into one of them! Going here, not so much thinking about what specifically have to do, how much about all the incredibility and temptation of China! Although working with children was also fun and charging. In general, a lot of impressions! I express my sincere gratitude to the ESL Global program.
I dreamed about changes and I got them! Perhaps, China is my first global decision and a fresh step into a new life. I feel myself absolutely happy and full-fledged person here. Beijing gave me another life, new friends and a wonderful mood. Thanks to the ESL Global team for the opportunity to be here. Now, thanks to them, everyone can improve their material standard of living, as well as gain invaluable experience and experience unforgettable emotions.
I always wanted to live in another country. Do not “run into guests” as a tourist, but really learn about the alien life, traditions, habits, feel the taste of another reality. This opportunity was given to me by the ESL Global team, for which I am very grateful! Now I live in the capital of the Celestial Empire, I constantly communicate with foreign colleagues, work with children, get decent money for it and enjoy every day.
I thank the guys from ESL Global for having made my move to China without unnecessary anxieties and worries. I did not expect that everything would happen so quickly! Here everything is different. Kayfu from this country and people! Every day brings something new and fresh. I advise everyone who loves and wants changes to try themselves in this unforgettable journey.
I applied to ESL Global to find work abroad, but I did not expect my life to change in less than two weeks. The guys are really professionals in their field, they advised on all issues, they provided immense support on their arrival in China. This program guarantees an interesting work, worthy earnings, visa support, provision of comfortable housing, as well as opportunities to travel and develop. I want to say to the company “ESL Global” many thanks for the opportunity!
Many thanks to ESL Global for the opportunity to visit Asia and earn money. We chose the company for a very long time: read reviews, compared positive and negative sides, communicated with the guys who are already in China. And we are very glad that we arrived with the help of ESL Global. We have never regretted that this agency was chosen. As soon as the interview was over, we immediately quickly issued a visa for six months, although all the others in Ukraine promise a maximum of 60 days (.) And we bought tickets. The work and housing were also provided, according to the stipulated.
Well, the work is just wonderful. The kids are very kind and the Chinese assistants are very friendly and open. If you have the opportunity to come to China, then you will never want to return.
Sincerely I thank the team “ESL Global” for the quality and speed of work. A month after my first call to the company, I already work actively and live a happy life in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Such work requires creativity, imagination and the absence of any complexes. People here are incredibly open and hospitable, for 1 month of life in China, I found so good and close friends that have not been in all the past years in Ukraine. Being an independent person, I can not help but note how much the feeling of professional and timely support from representatives in any matters helps.
I express my sincere gratitude to ESL Global for the cardinal changes in my life. I think that everyone in life has a moment that you want to change something tremendously. Such a stage was also with me, I decided to take a chance, although earlier I had not even thought of going to China. Of course, I heard a lot of reviews about life there, but all of them differed greatly from each other. I will say one thing: coming here, seeing life from the inside, I was more than happy, because you are in an absolutely different world, with a different culture, the perception of the world and the style of life. Who wants to realize, get new emotions – you here! The guys work very harmoniously, starting with the registration of documents and up to help in all kinds of issues and life in China. As for me, this is a big plus, because arriving you are shocked by what happens at all, the guys provide support in all cases. Thank you very much!
�z great zadovolennyam vikoristovuyu mozhnivist vitliitki podyaki company ESL GLOBAL for dopomogu in prachatsevshtuvanny in Pekin. For me, China is a springboard for visions of new horizons – before a lot of ignorance, and in front of newcomers I’m on the lookout! In addition, I vikorastayu expensive time left here for vivchennia chinesekoi movi. Well � on nasamkynets, – the robot for children hocha � was seen on the cob, to finish the uninitiated, that at once I can t �c t���u t�u mozhv�lost kom�n�k��� � ����� – ���� ��� ����� ���� ����� � ����� 🙂 To, htosh in sumn�vah, raju not to call – pack valisi � in the road!

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