Feedback on the German language courses in Vienna.

Feedback on the German language courses in Vienna.
The German language course at the University of Vienna is an excellent opportunity to learn a language, live in Vienna, feeling not just a tourist, but a part of this city, to see it “from within”, walk along the corridors of Europe’s oldest university, meet new interesting people from almost all countries of the world.
The atmosphere for the guests is created the most favorable, in addition to simple lectures, leisure is organized as well, which includes various interesting excursions, watching movies in German, additional evenings-conversations on various topics, which helps to “get used to” as quickly as possible in a foreign language (at the beginning of the course give out a printout with a plan of excursions, discos, watching movies, meetings, conversations, etc., and you personally can decide what you are interested in, what is worth visiting, and what you are not so interested in).
Before the beginning of the courses, you need to pass a test, according to which you will be divided into a group with a corresponding level of knowledge of the German language (from A 1.1 to C 2.2). Groups are at least 8, maximum 16 people. The age of the students varies from 16 to 75. In general, of course, these are young people from 20 to 35 years old, but no matter how old you are, I assure you that you will feel comfortable, because classes are conducted in an interesting creative atmosphere, when neither the age nor the nationality of the student is absolutely important. For example, in 2010 German language courses were attended by guests from 70 countries.
Since 16 people (standard group) are quite a lot, so the more actively you behave in the classroom, the better for you, but the teacher tries to allocate time so that everyone will pay attention. For this, the class is divided into subgroups of 2-3 people, in which vocabulary is being developed. But, still, due to the large groups and large amount of information, there is not much time to practice the colloquial skill (I think that this also depends on your German level.) So, in the B2, C1, C2 groups, of course, the students say more , because they already have a good base of vocabulary and grammar.For the initial levels, it is more difficult to talk, but after a month of studying, the perception of the language grows by the ear!)
Basically all the material is worked out in the lessons, but the house is also given tasks.
Execution of tasks on the idea is mandatory, but if you do not do this, of course, no one will expel you, but, first of all, you need to remember that it is you who need to learn the language as quickly and qualitatively as possible, so it makes no sense to miss out on any possibility of studying 🙂 . The only condition, for the entire course time (month), you can skip only 4 days of classes, otherwise they may not allow the test to pass. The final test, if you diligently engaged in the entire course of the course, it will not be difficult! On it I will be all those tasks that are sorted out during the course.
The members of the group quickly find a common language among themselves, as you can find friends in the hostel, which is provided by the administration of the courses. Be active, do not be afraid, in Austria are very friendly and sympathetic people who will always help in a difficult situation!
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