fictitious marriage.

fictitious marriage.
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Tell me, this is the question that interests you. If I want to stay in Italy, but for this I have to marry, and this marriage will be fictitious. Will the authorities grasp me or not?
If everything is right to do, then no one will understand. But I’m wondering why an Italian should take such a step. You understand, you just want to become a citizen of this country.
I also think that you can make sure that no one has guessed that the marriage is fictitious. Among my acquaintances there are those who did exactly that. And the girlfriend then married the Italian to the present, and now she is happy.
Fictitious marriages are not uncommon, but the Italians are very cautious and entering into a fictitious marriage will not be easy. And why such a marriage is needed? Marry for real, if you love Italy so much.
In my opinion today it has long been fashionable to get married fictitiously, the best option is to marry normally. And finding a good husband, you will have a family and a residence permit in Italy.
Something I doubt that you could find an Italian who marries fictitiously. They treat the bonds of marriage with awe. You are slightly confusing our mineraltics with them. This is our “means are good” in achieving the goal. And they have another worldview.
Now is not the time when they will check which marriage you are in, fictitious or real. Rather, the question should sound like this: IS IT REALLY TO FIND ITALIAN, READY FOR A FICTION. Given the megacity of the Italians, most likely they will not understand you and navryatli will go to this kind of \ “scope \”. Although there is an exception to the rules.
I have a friend from Moldova 12 years ago, left a fictitious marriage, there were also checks, and the photo she put on the family on the nightstand, showing that they are happy together. Then she got citizenship, and they filed for divorce. She paid him for it about 2 thousand.
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