For moving to this Swiss village offer $ 70 thousand. How is life arranged there?

For moving to this Swiss village offer $ 70 thousand. How is life arranged there?
Do you want to change your life dramatically and you were always attracted by the picturesque mountain landscapes of Switzerland? Then you are very lucky. A small village Albinen, in the stunning Canton of Valais, offers families a solid amount of money for moving to their remote community.
Image credits: Gerhard Mathieu.
Albinen & # 8212; Quiet, calm city with spectacular alpine views, but, according to the president of the municipality of Beit Jost, families and young people leave here in droves. The population was reduced to an insignificant number of people. only 240 residents, which led to the closure of the local school, forcing the 7 remaining children of the community to travel to another nearby city.
Image credits: Gerhard Mathieu.
And how did the little village in a rich country decide to get out of such a predicament? She decided to bribe some potential new residents!
Image credits: Gerhard Mathieu.
Image credits: Gerhard Mathieu.
This initiative is designed to attract families and people under the age of 45 who seek to buy or build a new home. Each adult will be offered a little more than 25 thousand dollars for their relocation, and each will bring an additional about 10 thousand dollars. This means that a family of four can safely receive more than $ 70 if their investment in the house is at least $ 200,000.
Image credits: Gerhard Mathieu.
Image credits: Gerhard Mathieu.
Before you go to book a plane ticket, let’s enjoy some more beautiful views of Albinen.
Image credits: Gerhard Mathieu.
And a small video from a bird’s eye view:
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