For orchids instead of snowdrops: where to go to Asia in March.

For orchids instead of snowdrops: where to go to Asia in March.
In the conditions of aggravated international relations, Egypt and Turkey have become irrelevant – it means that it’s time to open new directions! Today, tourists are attracted to Asian exoticism and – in the package “# 8211; to the warm sea, delicious dishes, colorful holidays and souvenirs. This article contains non-standard solutions, where to go to Asia in March.
Where to go?
Consider the most suitable country for a holiday in March.
This picturesque Chinese province is famous for its luxurious beaches, unique medical centers and plantations of coffee, tea, bananas and pineapple. Hainan in March – an excellent place for a beach holiday: during the day here 25-27 � C, at night 18 � C, and the water warms to a record 24 � C. Due to the tropical climate in February on the island is still cool, and in April begins rain season.
But in the early spring in Hainan, only 52 mm of rain falls per month, and the humidity decreases compared to winter. However, if you go not to the south of the island, take an umbrella and a light jacket with you.
And even Hainan will not let even the tempted travelers get bored. Travel to extinct volcanoes, rafting on mountain rivers, jeep safari – choose anything to your taste!
In early March, this exotic state, whose banks are washed by the Indian Ocean, attracts all categories of citizens – and young people, families with children, and amateurs of excursions. Here indeed there is something to see: being isolated until the end of the twentieth century, Myanmar preserved the pristine nature and all the splendor of the pagodas and monasteries.
As for the beach holiday, you are waiting for daytime temperatures of 30 � C and night 15-17 � C, and the sea will be like fresh milk – 27-28 � C. An eleven-hour sunny day and no precipitation – what could be better?
Just remember: for family holidays it is better to choose resorts on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. Here, gentle temperatures are set, whereas in the center and in the north in the daytime it is 40 � C or higher. Enjoy the rest – and do not miss the colorful Tabaung Festival!
Beach holiday in Myanmar. Secrets, instructions and routes. When to go, how to get there, where to stay, what and where to try, and also the best beaches and attractions. And most importantly, how to save money and at the same time to have a wonderful rest. The video guide will help you in a modern format.
Most of the Russian tourists going to go somewhere in Asia in March, do not even consider Nepal as an option for recreation. And in vain! This state is attractive for many categories of tourists.
Extremes go to Nepal to climbing – it is here that eight of the ten highest mountains of the world are located, and rafting along the mountain rivers. Fans of excursions visiting the valley of Kathmandu, and then go from Nepal to Tibet to worship the great Buddhist shrines. Even those who would like to combine rest with bathing will be satisfied: although there are no seas in the state, dozens of hotels with swimming pools are at the service of tourists.
The temperature conditions in March in Nepal are various: in Kathmandu and Patan in the daytime 23-24 � C, at night about 8-10 � C. And although ten days of the month will be overcast, the rains will only triple.
But in Chitwan and Lumbina, the daytime heat goes over +30 � C, dropping down to 18-20 � C at night. At the same time in Annapurna and Bhatcapur in the day only 8-10 � C, at nights it can be about zero and even a small minus. Well, in Sagarmatha at this time you can ski on day-8 � C.
Another state that Russian travelers undeservedly deprive of attention. But in Cambodia in March, there are all conditions for a relaxed holiday on the beach: the water temperature is 29 � C, in the daytime it is incredibly warm – 31-36 � C (depending on the chosen resort), at night 21-27 � �. The calm south wind, very little rain – 50 mm per month, moderate air humidity, a light day of 10 hours – beauty! So do not forget panama, cloaks on your shoulders, sunscreen – and boldly go to conquer new lands!
Cambodia is also attractive for gourmets. The unique cuisine of this country was formed under the influence of the traditions of neighboring countries – Vietnam and Laos, but also absorbed the secrets of the exquisite dishes of Paris: the state for a long time was a French colony. Be sure to try kiteo – soup with meat and greens, and a-ping & # 8211; a snack of fried insects.
Banana-lemon Singapore & # 8230; The famous song of Vertinsky was heard by many, but it was a chance to visit this city-state. Many people are deterred by a ten-hour flight, however, the long way is worth it. The hardships of the path will be forgotten as soon as you bathe in the warmest sea (28-29 � C) at a daytime temperature of 33 � C and enjoy an evening walk without wearing a jacket or a windbreaker over your vest: at night in Singapore 26 � C.
Sunny days will be at least half a month, a cool wind will help to get an even tan & # 8230; But there will be a lot of rains – but this is not surprising for the country located near the equator.
From Singapore holidaymakers bring unique souvenirs and jewelry. Sets of spices, hand-painted vases, batik, paintings of stones and, of course, a corporate gift – gold orchids – to give a portion of the savings for such beauty is not at all sorry!

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