For permanent residence in Finland from Russia: striking Finns.

For permanent residence in Finland from Russia: striking Finns.
The author-guest: Elena Stolyarevskaya.
For permanent residence in Finland, I left, we can say, quite by accident. I have neither Finnish nor Vepsian, no other national roots that could allow official immigration to Suomi. And my husband is Russian, that is, I “did not shine” (as they say, thank God, because differences in mentality between Finns and Russians turned out to be very significant) on the basis of marriage with a citizen of Finland.
For permanent residence in Finland.
The story began with the fact that the employee on the job shared with my girlfriend the story of how her son’s family moved to Finland for permanent residence on the basis of an employment contract.
No, of course, I knew that several hundred “lucky”, mostly from among the students, went every summer to collect strawberries. But this work is seasonal, besides it is physically very hard. And in order to find a job in this way, and then move with my family! For me, it really was a revelation. Moreover, this lady actively agitated to perform such a feat and my girlfriend, painting the charms of overseas life.
Learning Finnish.
It was embarrassing that, for starters, it was necessary to pass a language exam and get a certificate, preferably Finnish. Although I lived in Karelia, which until the mid-1950s bore the name of the Karelian-Finnish SSR, and then it became simply the Karelian Autonomous Republic, where local broadcasts were regularly broadcast in Finnish, but this language is absolutely unfamiliar to me. After much thought, it was decided to start classes with the same tutor who taught the departed married couple.
I admit that the study of the language stretched for a considerable number of years. For the language was difficult for me, and the availability of work with periodically podvorachivavshimsya sub-work did not motivate for an urgent departure “for the cordon.” As a result, the language test was passed (or rather, absolutely brazenly the answers were written off from neighbors on the desk), about which the relevant paper came.
Monument to the Russian Tsar Alexander II against the background of St. Nicholas Cathedral (Cathedral) on Senate Square in the center of Helsinki, Finland. The cathedral was built in the 19th century, when Finland was still part of the Russian Empire. In the same square is the building of the State Council, where the government of the country works.
Search for work in Finland.
Our teacher wrote instead of us letters to potential employers in good Finnish. And we waited. Naturally, most letters remained unanswered, but from the town of Kouvola came the message that we are ready to take to work. As a result, in late 2008, my girlfriend and I started working in Finland.
Kouvola – a small town in the Russian Federation in the south of Finland with a population of about 30 thousand people. By the time of our move there was already a small Russian community, an amateur theater was working, giving out 2 productions in Russian during the season.
How to dress Finns.
In the year of our move (it was the end of 2007) a small room was rented for the celebration of the New Year, where they invited us.
By the good Russian tradition (New Year all the same!) My friend and I dressed up and took our shoes with heels. However, our former compatriots were mostly in everyday clothes and street shoes. To the New Year came the Russians, dressed in disheveled clothes mostly black with a minimum of jewelry! After living in Russia for us it was just a shock!
However, then we are already slowly accustomed. For local Finns to come to work in unshielded or worn out clothes – it’s quite common.
One day a girlfriend told me that she noticed a hole in the clothes of one of her Finnish colleagues and did not know if it was customary to point out such problems. With even more surprise, she reported that the next day the same employee came in the same clothes with the same hole in the same place! It turned out to be beyond our understanding!
Entrance to a flower shop in Finland.
Finns in small towns prefer “casual style”. Young people are very fond of knitted trousers in the style of sports, along with a knitted jacket with a hood. Older people wear jeans with stretched T-shirts of all colors and with all kinds of prints. Often clothes are worn out or stained, but this confuses very few people.
The other extreme is to put on something loosely-obscure faded or screaming colors (apparently, this is a folk-style in Finnish) with a bunch of cheap jewelry. At the same time, the stores are full of decent quality clothes at low prices, not to mention season sales, when branded things can be sold at a discount of up to 70-80%.
For a long time they could not get used to the assortment of local footwear in stores. Finns generally prefer everything simple and convenient. So simple that the most beloved of their shoes are Crocs. It’s something like a multicolored galoshes with a strap and no back. They are worn by adults and children. In Crookes, they can walk at work or away. There are holiday versions of this shoe, for example, decorated with stickers and even rhinestones. There are even Crocuses in fur, though artificial. Finns are convinced that this is the most comfortable footwear and are very proud if the real Crocs (their price can reach 40 euros and above) are not bought in the supermarket. I remind you that the impressions were from the fashion of 2008, then nobody was wearing Crocs in Russia!
Crocs is a popular trademark, loved by Finns. (Photo: screenshot Click to enlarge.)
The rest of the footwear was mostly without a heel, did not pull at the model one, that is, it had a “comfortable shape on the leg”. Of course, in boutiques and expensive shops, for example, in Helsinki, the shoes were very different, including the model, but it is worth it, too!
It is worth acknowledging that recently, even in supermarkets, many shoes appeared on both a small heel and a model. I think that this is due to the fact that tourists from Moscow or St. Petersburg to the growth of the euro considered it perfectly normal to go to Finland on weekends for shopping.
The Russians are shopping in Finland.
A few words about our compatriots on shopping in Finland. Not far from the border with the Leningrad region is the town of Kotka (Eagle), in which mostly poor Russians went shopping. And our tourists are firmly convinced that no one understands them, therefore they speak exceptionally loudly with the use of folk and obscene words!
Another myth was that the products in Finland are of exceptional quality. Therefore, baskets were typed with a horse. I remember one family couple with children who bought food worth more than 600 euros. Among the purchases were about a dozen cans of salmon caviar. At the same time, there was no deficit in Russia for a long time, but they themselves arrived on a hefty jeep. And the purchases were not made in the expensive Stockmann, but in the trivial supermarket.
Such sculptures can be found at the entrance to private territory.
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Hello, the article is interesting! I notice that only stars in Russia are concerned about clothes, and ordinary people walk in anything, not only in Finland, but in China.
The stars both in Russia and abroad also dress just for every day. And goal-oriented people get goal achievement, not hairstyles
After all, we have every day and every day on this earth, and if we invest it in the impressions of others. ” (rags), then to achieve their own goals does not remain.
Good afternoon! I agree with the previous author, it’s only our custom to dress up for work, and for a walk and even a shop. In Europe, people appreciate the simplicity and convenience, and no matter how much this clothing costs.
I understand that every country has its own customs, but still go to work in mint and even with a hole in clothes. even words I will not find, how to indicate my own, perhaps, extreme perplexity. A holiday, the New Year is especially, for that, and a holiday to dress up, feel the proper mood, create it from others.
But, I think that some will still feel uncomfortable in crumpled clothes. You know, my generation is used to walking around in a smoothed & # 8230; By the way, my older daughter basically does not have an iron, I do not fight with her, I do not say how you can walk a mint. But she feels so comfortable, I & # 8211; no, and the younger one also ironing clothes, I’m glad that looks decent.
Awesome country! About Finns you can hear anything but that I did not know before. Most striking is their attitude towards clothing. Everywhere they talk about Europeans who dress for convenience but nobody says that you need to wear a worn or even a leaky thing! But of course this is not the main thing, the main thing is that people came and found their place there. Apparently there as it is in its cozy and calm.
I wonder when it will come to you that there are more important things in life than clothes?
Elena, because there is nothing to do nicely to argue with a man who sincerely worries about Russian beauties, but I will say, clothes have the first meaning. But not the one the Russians consider to be branded & # 8221 ;. And the article is about a village in Finland, so I say that in our village, too, everything is in rubber boots and the gate is not painted. But clothes, and especially for Russian girls, I say jewelry, are of great importance! So I see recently the photo of Polina Osetinskaya-nothing, but plastic jewelry and more watches like to hitch the huge ones-they give everything out. Girls, focus on the style of 60 years, modestly and tastefully. Nothing defiant.
Very instructive article in terms of assessing the mentality. For example, in the best sense of the word. People think differently. For them, the essence of a person is more important, and not his wrapper & # 8221 ;. And it’s good. Crochets, like shoes, are practical and, surprisingly, nice.
I live in Petersburg and often see Finns & # 8211; for them a trip to St. Petersburg, it’s like we go to a neighboring city. What’s nice & # 8211; it’s always very cheerful people with a great sense of humor, who like to chat in English. And they have very beautiful tall men & # 8211; dream!

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