For permanent residence in Italy.

For permanent residence in Italy.
To leave for a permanent residence in Italy is not easy. This country closely monitors every incoming foreigner and extremely reluctantly issues a residence permit. But – nothing good happens easily.
And Italy is certainly one of the best countries in the world for life. And certainly – one of the most beautiful. Everyone has their own reasons for loving Italy: melodic language, Italian cuisine, the charming nature of the peninsula, the warm sea and the rocky shore. And if to be a little more practical, you can add a high degree of social security and environmental security – the indicators by which Italy is the leader in Europe.
But here the difficulties begin. The first of these is the language. This problem is much more serious than it may seem at first glance, and it is necessary to attend to its solution at home. In Italy, unlike the countries of northern Europe, unlike many countries with tourism, English is not a solution to the language problem. In English you can more or less successfully express yourself in large cities, restaurants, hotels – and almost anywhere else. Italians do not like English, do not teach it and do not use it. And they will look at you with surprise: in Italy, and in English? Therefore, if you are seriously thinking about moving to permanent residence in Italy, start with the Italian language.
The second obstacle that will arise in your way is visa issues. Getting a tourist visa to Italy BusinessTimes in details will consider in the following material. Those who are thinking of moving to Italy for permanent residence must first of all be interested in the residence permit, the right to permanent residence and the subsequent receipt of Italian citizenship. This procedure is not easy and lasts a very long time. But – there is also a positive moment. Under Italian law, Italian citizens have the right to dual citizenship. The same is provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, hence – no one forbids you to be simultaneously a citizen of Russia and Italy. And to be a citizen of Italy, among other things, means to be a citizen of the European Union, with all the pleasures that result from it.
How to get Italian citizenship? It is obtained step by step. The first step is a temporary residence permit, with which you will live for five years. At the end of this period, you are entitled to permanent residence in Italy. Then, the third step – after five years with a permanent place of residence – the filing of documents for citizenship.
Residence permit – (Italian permesso di soggiorno) is a document that gives you the right to be legally located in the country. Residence permit Italy gives out extremely reluctantly. In order to obtain this right, you have to present a good reason – quite simply, to explain what you are going to do in Italy and prove that you need to move there not only to you, but to them – that you are a very valuable employee, that you have your own business, that you have big funds, that you are in general – a potential exemplary Italian.
Here it is important to note that, unlike many other countries, your own property in Italy is not an automatic reason for issuing your residence permit. The maximum that you get with the purchase of real estate is a visa for 90 days in a half-year.
If you get a residence permit and after five years you want to apply for a permanent residence, be prepared for the fact that you will have to pass the test for knowledge of the Italian language – see the first tip. Finally, if you pass this test and live with the right to permanent residence in Italy for another five years, you can apply for citizenship. In other words, to obtain Italian citizenship it is necessary:
– legally live at least 10 years in Italy.
– Do not have legal proceedings instituted against you.
– do not have violations of Italian law for all 10 years.
– not to have previous convictions on the territory of the first citizenship.
In addition, Italian citizenship can be obtained in the case of marriage with an Italian citizen – but it is not always easier to not always mean better.
Having familiarized yourself with visa issues and figuring out how you will get a residence permit, you can go to the question of financing your life in Italy. Most often, the situation is exactly the opposite: having a business or potential job in Italy, people think about moving to permanent residence and processing all documents. If emigration to Italy is for you an end in itself, then it is worthwhile to think about the source of income very thoroughly. Best of all, if it is your own business – how to open your own business in Italy BusinessTimes wrote in the previous material. If business is not yours at all, and you want to move to Italy, you will have to look for work there. And this will be the main difficulty with this: since business in Italy is often a family business, it is extremely difficult to work there. The state itself supports the family business: tax payments for a family member are lower than for an outside employee, even for an Italian. So work in Italy is worth looking for in advance and best of all – in large international companies.
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And Italy is certainly one of the best countries in the world for life. And certainly – one of the most beautiful. Everyone has their own reasons for loving Italy: melodic language, Italian cuisine, charming nature.
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