Foreigners will study in Bulgaria for free.

Foreigners will study in Bulgaria for free.
Until May 7, 2009, education in Bulgarian schools for foreign students and students was paid. Annual fees depended on various causes and factors, in particular, the very type of school in which the child was trained was of great importance.
Recently, the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria has canceled the payment of school fees for the children of foreigners who have a residence permit in the country, but are not EU representatives at the same time. It is interesting that the cost of training in Bulgarian educational institutions is quite high. So in a secondary school or a gymnasium, every year 800 euros were paid, a profile gymnasium costed 900 euros, and a sports school today is estimated at 1600 euros for one year of study. The most expensive educational courses were intended for children with visual impairment or hearing. Parents whose children were trained in specialized schools were required to pay � 3,500 for one year of their child’s stay in such an institution.
How was the decree to abolish paid education in Bulgaria.
Justice for the education of children of foreigners was achieved only by the efforts of the Russian citizens themselves, who appealed this controversial decree of the government. They considered that this was a discriminatory fact that was directed directly against all foreign residents of the country, it violated Article 14 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and the Fundamentals of Freedom. As it turned out, this opinion was true and the Russians could appeal against the decision on such a law, won the case and now can receive education for free. True, the Ministry of Education of Bulgaria itself has already hastened to appeal such a decision. However, so far no response has been received to this application, so foreign citizens temporarily stopped paying tuition fees to their children in Bulgarian schools. Recall that this conflict can be quite serious, as soon as in Bourgas today more than two hundred children from Russia are being trained.
Training of foreign citizens in higher educational institutions of Bulgaria.
In order for a foreign citizen to get an education in a Bulgarian university, one can resort to several ways to achieve this result. First, it is possible, for example, to pass training on the exchange achieved between the manuals of the two universities. Secondly, it is possible to obtain opportunities for education through the order of the Council of Ministers. The third way that is available to any foreigner is the payment of tuition.
Candidates for an education in Bulgaria need to have a diploma on the already received (secondary or higher) education. Candidates for exchange training are selected in accordance with the criteria set by the Bulgarian side. After agreeing with the relevant schools, there is a direct acceptance of candidates for training. Foreign citizens must provide all their documents in a translated and certified form in accordance with the existing rules for the production of such manipulations.
In turn, higher education institutions and scientific organizations send out all lists of approved candidates to the Ministry of Education and Science. The purpose of this event is the issuance of training visas in accordance with all applicable regulatory documents.
Bachelor’s degree at a day’s distance costs up to 3 thousand Euros, and a year. Doctoral studies can cost up to 5 thousand euros per year of training.

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