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Common Questions: Friends, help me want to move with my wife to America.
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CommentAuthor mersedes.agas CommentTime 1/09/2012 IsOnline quote.
Go to the Marsh, waving flags, get into the tambourine from the riot police (it’s good if there is a video recording), shoot beatings or if 15 days will be given in the cellars of the Lubyanka, then take all the pieces of paper and apply for political asylum at the US Embassy. Just remember, it is necessary that the immigration authorities are sure that you are being persecuted for your views and your life is threatened by a bloody gebnya and Putin personally. For this, it is necessary to tell a good story, if possible, backed up by documents. If you are given asylum, you will be given a residence permit in a year. Do not worry, you will go to Russia to visit the bloody regime through Ukraine, and you will receive citizenship as citizenship. The main gebne does not come across πŸ™‚
You will laugh, but I have a friend here who has graduated from a very good private university. And what do you think? She is engaged in just a manicure – a vocation of the type she has πŸ™‚ In a special enthusiasm, her parents, who gave her something for about fifty dollars πŸ™‚
CommentAuthor alex1112 CommentTime 2/08/2014 IsOnline quote.
question-I live in Ukraine my car repair business-more accurately painting. I want to play in green lotteri.kak will be correctly my specialty according to klassification. and how to confirm my work experience. thanks.
CommentAuthor atofit CommentTime 2/08/2014 IsOnline edited this post a quotation.
For the interview in the consulate, the experience is confirmed by the work book and its copy.
What qualifications? You need a certificate with a secondary education for admission to the lottery.
CommentAuthor Stanley CommentTime 2/08/2014 IsOnline quote.
alex1112, a copy of the employment contract, regardless of whether it is temporary or for a certain period of time, a certificate from work, up to invoices in your name for the delivery of something, most importantly to confirm that you are really working and what you are doing.
CommentAuthor alex1112 CommentTime 2/08/2014 IsOnline quote.
but in case I am a business owner.
I want to play green-lottery.
You are too early on this issue. firstly not the fact that the lottery will be, secondly not the fact that you will win. many things will change over these decades.
CommentAuthor alex1112 CommentTime 2/08/2014 IsOnline quote.
as one movie hero said, it’s not too late for anyone to think about it and never to early. Just looking for any ways to leave.
then it is better first of all to think about the most realistic ways of departure. for example (if we consider professional emigration) – to Canada or, if interested in the United States – to think about the H1B visa, which is then transformed into Green Card and citizenship.
P.S. about the lottery I advise you to remember twice a year – in October (when you send the application), and in early May (when you check the answer). In the meantime, throw this nonsense out of your head.
CommentAuthor atofit CommentTime 2/08/2014 IsOnline quote.
Be you at least someone, show that you have work experience.
CommentAuthor Stanley CommentTime 2/08/2014 IsOnline quote.
If you are a business owner, then provide a certificate of registration and tax reporting, and of course a reference from the bank.) This is subject to official activities.
CommentAuthor alex1112 CommentTime 4/08/2014 IsOnline quote.
Thank you all for the answers. but I will not abandon my goal.
CommentAuthor alex1112 CommentTime 30/12/2014 IsOnline quote.
Dear participants of the forum. I turn to everyone who leaves Ukraine. It is necessary to transfer the parcel to New York. I have a gold ring. The girl waits. On the verge of my name. I’m leaving in the spring. But I can not wait. I do not know if I can ask this, but I hope they understand me and all legally-check proba.pereply impossible because of our customs zakonom.pomogite please.
buddy, do not rush. if he likes, he will wait as long as necessary. and the name put at stake for the sake of pusi is nonsense. believe me, who once too with the ringlet hurried.
CommentAuthor alex1112 CommentTime 30/12/2014 IsOnline quote.
Yes, I’m not that hasty. I promised. My word must be strong.
CommentAuthor alex1112 CommentTime 30/12/2014 IsOnline quote.
I just did not know that we have such stupid laws here.
and zechem promised if there is no clear plan for implementing the plan?
CommentAuthor alex1112 CommentTime 30/12/2014 IsOnline quote.
Well, it happened. but now I am looking for a way out of the situation.
those. do you consider that you give the ring with the brunette to a stranger with a probability to see it again. 0.0001% is it more reasonable than to explain the situation to a girl? By the way, now you have an amazing opportunity to check whether your pusya really loves you or not!
CommentAuthor Stanley CommentTime 30/12/2014 IsOnline quote.
alex1112, do not por a fever, the uaengineer business says.
There is another option, if so it is necessary to ring right now. buy online another with delivery to the USA.
Alexey, do you think under the nickname alex1112 your Moscow oil-side counter is hiding? lol.
CommentAuthor alex1112 CommentTime 30/12/2014 IsOnline quote.
not a tycoon but money is.
CommentAuthor alex1112 CommentTime 30/12/2014 IsOnline quote.
but so far I’ll look for honest people.
CommentAuthor Petrovich CommentTime 9/01/2015 IsOnline quote.
Hello! Honestly, I did not find the topic suitable, and I did not want to create my own for the sake of one question. The question is the following: when moving, you can bring 10Kbax per person with cash. But in the states such amounts are not in cash (Vladimir liked the story about trying to buy a computer cache))). Is it possible after the opening of a current account to put such amounts in cash to the account or do you need some kind of body movements (some help, a US customs declaration, etc.). And one more question: does it make sense to put extra money on a dollar card in Russia, and then cash or transfer to your account in the states, as an option, to use it in the US to pay for something. Thank you in advance and once again I apologize that in the first topic.
Problems with the bank will not be, open an account and put it, you will not be asked anything. Large amounts, say more than one hundred thousand dollars, it is better to have a confirmation of the legitimacy of origin – selling real estate, certificates from Russian banks, selling business, inheritance, etc. I was asked the origin of money when issuing a loan to the house.
Using money from Russian accounts is possible, but it is problematic, in about half the cases Russian cards do not see cash registers and ATMs. Transferring money from Russian accounts to US accounts also alarm American officials. It is better to get all the principal amount at once, than to transfer money in parts for a long term, there will immediately arise questions about the legality of money, be ready to confirm documentary. Large amounts on the accounts will help for example when renting or buying housing on credit, but will be a minus when asking for benefits and free insurance for the first time.

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